GB&G: Couch Mounts Challenge to CB

With Tim Couch getting kudos for his game against Denver, he has gotten closer to Courtney Brown for the most gameballs awarded by Browns fans this year. Bruce Arians, however, has gotten the most goathorns, and it's not even close...

The Week's Results


Player Gameballs
Tim Couch (2/QB) 109
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 77
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 75
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 40
Andre Davis (87/WR) 11
Butch Davis (Head) 10

Gameball Write-In Votes:

Brett Conway (6), Lee Suggs(3), entire team, Bert Conway (5/K), Butch's Outcasts, William Green,  Andre Davis's Catch, Roosevelt Williams's hits, the downfield pass, "Frisman Jackson's "CANNON", Head Official, The Browns players I'd never heard of before, Larry Zierlien, US Troops for Nailing Saddam!!, prozac, Browns Fans in Denver!. quincy morgan, andre davis. sick with the flu and they both still had 2 big pass catches, Entire team, Frisman Jackson's cannon


Player Goathorns
Bruce Arians(OC) 72
Michael Lehan (39/CB) 47
Butch Davis (Head) 27
Ryan Tucker (72/OT) 20
William Green (31/RB) 12
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 10

Goat Write-In Votes:
Brett Conway(3), "whoever called that f'd up coverage! ", "The Defense in the last minute of the game...", "madden's boy ryan tucker",
3rd down offense, Nebraska Recruiting Office , "Our "We Only Have 10 Plays" Playbook....ughhhh", instant replay, "The chimp that we should have calling plays, John Elway, The OT for giving CBS a chance for The Drive footage, CBS, replay official, BroncHoes mascot and william green for lighting the victory blunt to soon", "injuries", Earnest Byner, The ghosts of Denver, Saddam Hussein, Shanahan,
3 and OUT, Every fan who ever booed Tim Couch, Arians must go!, "Thunder"

Year-to-Date Totals
  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 687 0 687
Tim Couch 678 87 591
Andra Davis 396 30 366
---Entire Defense--- 322 10 312
Andre Davis 229 0 229
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 70 153
Kenard Lang 97 0 97
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Jamel White 71 0 71
Brant Boyer 64 0 64
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
James Jackson 100 41 59
Fans 101 46 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Dennis Northcutt 124 87 37
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Dave Campo 38 10 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Andre King 23 0 23
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Lee Suggs 13 0 13
Orpheus Roye 0 0 0
Earl Little 0 0 0
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
Roosevelt Williams 0 11 -11
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
Gerard Warren 88 102 -14
Ryan Tucker 0 20 -20
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
---All Coaches--- 0 29 -29
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Michael Lehan 0 47 -47
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
---Officiating Crew--- 0 67 -67
Robert Griffith 0 74 -74
Carmen Policy 0 80 -80
---Entire Offense--- 0 96 -96
Quincy Morgan 34 137 -103
---O Line--- 95 240 -145
Kelly Holcomb 302 501 -199
Butch Davis 11 369 -358
Bruce Arians 0 643 -643

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
suitedaddyo With an improved O-line, this nucleus of players will win games like this one.
bendal The whole team deserves a gameball for the way they played Denver. Warren needs to play like this every game, not just once every season. Couch and Northcutt get gameballs, but there were plenty of others who should get them; both Davis', Lang, White, Griffith, etc.
yogi8 Good game by Couch. Got to sign and keep Dennis. My first ever game ball award to Big Money!
fgm Butch Davis- Even though I still think he should relinquish control of personnel and financial decisions, he did one hell of a job today keeping his players together and nearly pulling off the upset. He has shown the last two games that he is not quitting, and we as fans should not either. Tim Couch- Made some good reads today and threw the ball with a lot of zip and accuracy for the most part. Now if we can get him a better OC and OL, he'd be set. Dennis Northcutt- Caught everything thrown to him and nearly had his first punt return for a TD. A solid game overall. Gerard Warren- Two sacks and some good stuffs against the run. Now he's starting to look the 3rd overall draft pick.
gbeachy50310 COUCH: QB rating = 94.9, and plenty of leadership and heart. ANDRA DAVIS: Growing to be a true leader and a force to be reckoned with. 'CUTT: 3 great catches for 115 yds and a 38yd punt return. We need to keep this guy!
lundenberg great game by Northcutt. solid game by couch. Davis seems to make every tackle. should have won though.
dp10451 A gameball for the whole team. With nothing to play for except pride, it would have been easy to mail it in.Great effort ! And a special recognition for a fantastic game by Gerard Warren. I've been waiting for this.
mikehey that's the kind of offense they should run
mmercurio Isn't it funny that injuries actually help our team? Oh, that's right...the playoff team from last year was demoted to second string. Silly me. This explains everything.
frumanchu The Davis boys did an awesome job. Warren had a great game. Couch had some good moments, even if his numbers look bad. Despite Lehan getting burned at the end, the green cornerbacks did an excellent job.
r22weiss Nice game by Couch considering they only threw the ball 18 and only had the ball on offense for 20 min. Made some nice throws today. Northcutt had a great game too. Defense really made Portis work for those 139 yards. Warren showed up today. Nice that he can play when they are playing for jobs for next season. LB Davis keeps showing that he looks like he could become a really good LB in the NFL. The team refuses to quit which is a great sign.
roberto.12 Andra Davis and Brant Boyer's names were being called constantly! These guys work very well together, and I think Boyer is one of the most underrated defenders on the team. Kudos to Gerard Warren, huge game for him. And is it me, or does Keith Heinrich have quite a knack for getting open in the endzone? Northcutt was also obviously a stud, but everyone else will vote for him. Please try not to get tackled by a punter next time though!
edgewater joe Exciting start, but with this season and the way it's gone, the heroics of Couch and Cutt weren't going to defeat the karma of Denver. Kudos to Warren for his best game as a Brown.
neuby03 Couch in '04!!!
revrm19 Timmy and Dennis brought some offense back to our game. If only the coaching staff will let them alone. Andra continues to perform. Good job today guys.
whoknowsmore I was at the game. We played well. The Broncos are just a better team, and have more to play for.
appraiser thank you for playing hard. big money, play that this each week. dennis, i hope your back next year. same for you tim.
doctorfresh Tim Couch: Finally looks like he's ready to lead this team. Dennis Northcutt: Proved today that the Browns really need to look into getting him to stay here next season. Big Money: If you had told me two months ago that I would be giving Big Money a gameball, I would have said you're crazy!
freakofgod83 Gerard Warren - Played Aggressive. Played Hard. Put pressure on Plummer all day long. Andra Davis- one heck of a defensive performance, what did he have like 15 tackles or sumthin. Seemed like he was in or near every play on D today. Dennis Northcutt- One HELL of a performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the best receiving performance of the week save the fact that he didnt get into the end zone.
brownsfan2112 Tim, great effort despite injuries. You're the future of this team. Do what you have to do to stay in Cleveland. I honestly believe if that idiot Davis hadn't started the whole "quarterback controversy" and put undo pressure on both you and Kelly this would have been a winning season. You should have never been on the bench while you we're healthy. YOU should been on the field gaining experience and the trust of your team, fans, and coaches. Dennis, DON'T LEAVE CLEVELAND!! Great game. Receiving and on that return. Gerald? Play that way every game!! Way to be a force inside! Brant and Andra, another great game for you both.
couch2 It's nice to see the players that got us in the playoffs last year get touches the past couple of games. We went to Denver (loud & windy), played the 5th best secondary with a porous line and a questionable running game and basically beat a red hot team that desperately needs the win for the wildcard. There is a lot of promise. If Butch can swallow his pride, finish with a strong draft position and take Gallery from Iowa, we're going right back into contention. Did you know that Couch has more come from behind wins than Elway? It's true - and he erased another 4th quarter deficit yesterday. When that guy plays, we're competitive every time. You rarely see a game where we are blown out with Couch at the helm. The Defense just tired out from being on the field so long. Go Browns!
naxos Tim you did your job and you did it well when called upon Sunday. Nice game. Dennis just has all the right moves to make your mouth drop open and say, duh. A big fatty showed up big on the DL for us. First time I ever remember him standing out for a good performance that was visually evident to me.
mrdna As the announcers beat into the ground: Butch had the team fired up. Surprising myself, here's a game ball.
adbkil Lehan for a gameball? Well, just call me an old softy, but how many goat votes do you think he got after yesterday. Gotta offset at least one of 'em. It's not like this loss will keep us out of the playoffs! Couch - not a stellar game, but good moments, and great play considering the o-line. Warren - about damn time...
weimer19 Do whatever it takes to keep Dennis Northcutt, he is our best offensive weapon. Couch was decent behind a much improved offensive line how also deserved a lot of credit. And the The Defense has really stepped up.
thespazdawg Holy crap, did I just give GW a gameball?
brent_mar23 Once again, Couch showed that he deserves to be the starter. I just hope it is somewhere else next year, because of the way the coaching staff, front office, and some of the fans have treated him this year. He deserves better than he has got. With all the crap people have thrown his way, he has still acted with class. Davis and Northcutt made crucial catches, and finally showed why this receiving corps is one of the best young ones in the league.
clbr99 A gameball to Dennis Northcutt for an outstanding game. I hope this organization works hard to keep this kid. Without KJ, his stock has definitely been on the rise. Dare I give a gameball to Gerard Warren? He actually showed up today. Think of his value if he played this way every week. It's scary. And props to Andra Davis. Another game another 100 tackles. AD is having a probowl season. Too bad no one else in the league can recognize it.
seiks Lots of these. Timmy for actually throwing the ball down the field and for his one interception being a really good punt. Big Money for earning his Yoo-hoo and twinkies. Griffith for the best game he's had in Cleveland. Andre' Davis making one hell of a catch and Williams for showing something.
clevelandfan Tim Couch - Proved yet again why he should have been the starter going into this season, and why he should be the starter next season. Dennis Northcutt - two words...Great Game!!! Gerard Warren - Wow, it took 14 games, but he finally woke up...but too bad its way too late.... Brett Conway - Nice 48 yarder at the end, just wish he could have made the 38 yarder at the start, and we have a 'W'. Head Official - Not sure of his name, but I really like that guy, he explains his calls very well and accurately, too bad he can't do all Browns games.
dixiedawg Another nice defensive effort - thank goodness Holcomb wasn't around to blow it. Keep Couch, keep Cutt, cut Bruce.
invinsor (1) Tim Couch. Why start developing new, when you have a guy who can play. If he has some semblance of O-line protection, he can get it done. (2) Sunday's O-line Overachievers. They actually managed to create some time for Tim Couch, which basically kept them in the game. Now, can we actually focus on this area THIS off-season?! (3) Andre Davis. More of a symbolic recognition. This guy played through the flu and made a beautiful TD reception. That's football.
vick Everyone should get a game ball, they really hung in there and fought hard.
james_t_h Tim despite all the BS we put you through you still play with more heart than anyone on that roster...Andra Davis, pro bowl?...Poor Arians has no Gameballs and I think he actually did a pretty good job calling the game until OT...Had to write the OL coach in, just because he has to have the hardest job on the team, having to deal with a line of Centers and Guards and being able to compete...
montgocc Everybody deserves a separate gameball this week. They did play their hearts out and it shows that once we have a good offensive line that can actually protect our quarterback and form holes for our running back, we'll be in the Super Bowl in no time!!!
porters Big Money earned his paycheck today . Northcutt was explosive. Tim managed the game well and is this teams future QB.
theoz Couch has proven he is the Man.
sapphiresmd Dennis Northcutt continues to be our biggest offensive weapon. PLEASE try to resign this guy next year. Because it's the season of giving, Gerard Warren gets a gameball. Good game, Gerard (ouch! that hurt!). And finally, a gameball to Keith Heinrich. All he does is catch touchdowns!!
browns_beer Couch once again was amazing, Northcutt's return at the end of the game put us in a position to win and Quincy must be using some new kind of stickem since he is finally catching the ball.
lynxis Northcutt played his butt off, Couch showed good command. Above all the others, Andra Davis... wow... played his ayce off!
section 527 dawg 1. Looks like D Northcutt is playing for his contract....nice effort. 2. Well, LOOK at that! Gerard Warren DOES play for the Browns after all. 3. Andra Davis is the ONLY player that deserves a sniff at the Pro least HE doesn't have to mug for the camera, Earl Little!! MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Props for the US and coalition troops for Nailing appropriate that he was hiding in a dirt infested hole.....
kosark9 Keep COUCH!!
erass This team is getting the best test of character then any can get. To all the Butch bashers, there is a method to his madness and he definitely has not lost this team. The offense needs to figure out what scheme it will run based on the personnel and get an identity!!
bfan99 For once, we had first round picks playing like it. We have to resign Dennis!
aqib Couch showed again why he should be the starter. Warren showed up and finally played like a #3 pick should and Lang justified his dancing for once.
mbuce -Gotta go with Couch.....managed the game well, even though they don't let him from the coaches or not, 1 pass attempt in the 3rd is ridiculous...kept fighting even though handcuffed by the coaching staff. -Was that a Gerard Warren sighting......? would like to give more, because i felt everyone played hard!
jacooper96 Northcutt & Davis made some big catches. Davis made a really nice catch on the TD. Couch - thank you for looking downfield.
nebraska dawg This was a damn good game. Warren was the best player on the field yesterday, Browns or Broncos. He was a dominant force. Lee Suggs will be the starting running back next year.
cstevens It could have made the whole season, to take a playoff chance away from the Broncos, yet why would any thing good come out of this season. I am bleeding orange...
jmatt19534 Timmy--Wow! Imagine if the fans who were booing him would have shut their ignorant mouths, we could be 7-7 and playing for something real right now. Carmen Policy finally admitted that there was no way they could send Tim out at CBS against the Colts on opening day. So, can I retract all my goats from Butch and give them to those of you who booed Tim! No wonder the guy is so great on the road. NOW shut up and let the kid play. Big Money--That's the big game we've been waiting for. Bret Conway--What a clutch couple of kicks when we needed them the most. It was nice to finally see kick offs go out of the end zone...even if it was in Denver
redright TIM COUCH, BUTCH DAVIS, PLAYERS, Honorable mention...Larry Zierlein and Dave Campo............COUCH played well behind a makeshift offensive unit and played as if he really believed he was going to win.....BUTCH DAVIS, coached a team of mismatching parts that had every reason to lay down to a position where they could have, should have won....Players...gave their best; none have laid down.....ZIERLEIN what a job he did getting that line ready......CAMPO, had the defense playing a winning game with fill-ins.
tree We need linemen, period. I want a line that dictates to the defense, who will throttle a defensive line even when they know what play we are running. It's be nice if they could pick up a blitz once in awhile.
spicydeigo I forgot Gerard warren play the best game of his career, hopefully he and the rest of the team will continue to improve and gel, like they have in the last 1.5 games, even though we lost i see some good things starting to take place w/ this team. go browns..
duckrunbrown Stick with Couch. He is on the verge of being a really good QB.
mrgrinch I refrained from giving a gameball to Warren for the sacks, because I would have had to give him a goathorn as well for the times I saw him pushed back by a single blocker.
jeffdsp Tim had another good game and showed what he can do if Arians would let him open up the offense, and a little protection from the o-line. Big Money finally showed up...he showed what he's capable of doing against a good o-line when he really puts forth the effort. And my first gameball to Butch Davis this season. First of all, he took some Pepto and put Couch in, second, he tried to pull out all the stops in this game to try and beat a much better team...and it almost happened. Just too many injuries to overcome. And also some bad calls from Arians (surprise, surprise)! Now, just do the bold move in the off-season and give up a 1st and 3rd rounder to sign Orlando Pace to come back home and anchor this offensive line. This would be a pretty impressive line with Pace, Verba, Faine, Stokes, and Tucker up front...think about that for a while!!!! Now fans, show up in force this Sunday at CBS and let the Ravens know how we feel and truly be the 12th man, because the Browns can beat that team. It's the last game of the year at home, let's make it a good one.
mamadawg It was a much better look this game. This team is made of fighters. Keep fighting boys. All good things come to those who wait. And we are due a doosie! Jamel, you have great moves man, but you need to keep the speed going forward. Stop jumping backwards. That little hesitation gets you every time.
splinterasu Another good game against a quality opponent. Now lets knock the Ravens out of the playoffs!
chucksjeep77 doesnt it seem funny. the beginning of the year policy says we are taking a couple steps back to move fwd next year. then couch is benched to try Holcomb. Arians play calling is suspect and his boy Kelly sucks and is benched. i believe the fans forced this to happen while being down on couch. our o-line is terrible and joe montana would have trouble playing here. but we push and push for tims head. now they bring tim back to look like a saint over holcomb. fans realize maybe tim isnt that bad. policy brags him up this week. tim pleas he loves cleveland and wants to stay will redo his contract. when actually that was the plan all along. make him think he sucks while the talent around him is getting better. he thinks he has to stay to be successful and lower his pay. he falls back in favor with fans because we realize there isnt anything else out there better. unless we want to suffer through another rookie who God only knows what will happen there. 3 to 4 more years of sucking. so we get o-line help we got a good defense we got good backs we have good receivers. couch will come around with more talent to support him. we got our man. end of story. its all politics
merhardt Thanks for not folding the tent and showing up to play.
buzzard510 Outstanding game should have been a win!!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Arians for putting the offense into a hole and forgetting where it was in the second half. Tucker for whiffing on the last sack of Couch that killed the drive. Lehan for falling down at the absolutely worst time of the game.
yogi8 Lehan gets the obvious goat but who was supposed to be back there with him? Gave the DB coach a goat (Pagano) cause he's associated with them.
glennchannell Third and 3 inside 2 minutes and on the opponent's 22 yard line and Bruce Arians calls for an EMPTY BACKFIELD?!? A play action pass might have been a decent play there, but not just announcing to the defense "Hey, we're not even going to TRY to run!"
fgm Michael Lehan- Nice coverage on Lelie on that last catch...not!!!! THis guy should be mutilated, castrated, have his head severed, etc. He cost the Browns the damn game!!!!!! Ryan Tucker- Once again, you're being paid to block. Why the hell did you let that guy come untouched and sack Couch right before the FG?!!!! Pay more attention, you dumb @$$!!!!! Bruce Arians- Although he did call for some deeper pass plays(which was shocking!), he still went into the usual predictable pattern of run on 1st, run on 2nd, pass on 3rd on a few drives. This guy needs to go and soon!!!!! Chris Gardocki- First, he kept punting the ball in endzone. Then, when the Browns needed a booming punt in OT, he hangs it short. Thanks a lot, Chris!!!
phelix17 Bruce in Haiku:
Offensive weapons
They say we have them in spades
Bruce neutralizes

D C's love Brucie
Plan for him in their spare time
Browns are their bye week

No raunchy language
I won't stoop to doing that
Even though Bruce s*cks c*ck

Where the hell was Suggs?
Five chances inches and goal
Thank God for offsides

It's first and twenty
Everyone knows what's coming
Draw play for two yards

Used to love Sundays
Now Bruce makes me hate the day
Movie on Showtime?

Here's a waste of time
Bruce hides his mouth calling plays
Any child still knows

Please, Butch, fire this guy
Couldn't coach my high school team

Here's an idea
Up the middle for no gain
Frustrating bastard

Here's the bottom line
Bruce makes us a laughingstock
Take goatee elsewhere

gbeachy50310 ARIANS: Pulling out all the stops can generate some awesome performance. Too bad we haven't been doing this all year. I hope you are packing your bags and looking for another job. How about Nebraska? MORGAN: You were laying on your butt instead of blocking when we needed you. Don't worry, we saw you. You'd better be looking for another home, too, pal. LEHAN: You need to keep your feet when the game is on the line.
lundenberg arians:i liked that we finally decide to through deep, but feel free to mix in some other things. stop running the sorry @$$ flea flicker. we don't have the line for that play. lehan: nice coverage late in the game. i couldn't understand why we drafted him, but i know why now. he shuts down the big play late in the game. butch: why haven't you quit yet? please stop showing up on sunday's. tucker: could you please block somebody.
dp10451 Welcome to the NFL Mr.Lehan. You can't give up big plays like that. And Mr.Conway, you can't have missed opportunities. You make the 38 yarder and we win 20-17.
19kosar19 I am a big Butch Davis fan, but I was really disappointed with the poor defensive play calls down the stretch. Having Lehan in man coverage with under 40 seconds left and no timeouts was a blown call and essentially cost us the game.
dabrowns31 none good game guys...
mmercurio C'mon Nebraska. Help us out. Take Butch off our hands. He knows how to recruit thugs. Make him an offer he can't refuse!
frumanchu special teams blew. that fake was pathetic
r22weiss Bruce Arians is showing that he needs to be sent out of town. Come on man, they are so predictable when they run the ball. The Browns had no running game yet they continued to try to run the ball down the Broncos throats. 26 running plays and only throwing the ball 18 times...ok 21 if you include the other ones throwing the ball. Kind of hard to move the offense and control the clock when you run on 1st down, run on 2nd down ,then on 3rd down don't get the 1st down and then punt. Sometimes you have to throw the ball. Yes the OL wasn't that good but they did fine today. Couch looked good but for some reason they don't let him throw the ball as much as Holcomb. Think Arians is playing favorites? Here's what's funny...Holcomb throws the ball 30+ times against Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and the browns only get 6 points, yet Couch throws the ball only 18 time today and the Browns scored 20. Also about Arians, what's with the 3rd down play late in the game with the empty backfield? Are you trying to get the QB injured so your pall can get back in there? Special teams also has a letdown on the long runback that led to a Portis TD in the 4th Quarter. Lehan also blew it in the end of the 4thQ, but the WR did make a nice catch.
roberto.12 Lehan - Sorry bud, the DBs played great all game, but it only takes ONE play to lose the game. Butch - I'm going to take a guess and say that he was behind the soft defense that PREVENTED US FROM WINNING. I guess we still haven't learned. Chaun Thompson - Because you are currently a wasted draft pick and i'm not really upset at anyone else.
edgewater joe Those last four offensive play calls made this at least the third game (Indy and the Pittsburgh home game -- and if you want to throw in San Diego, be my guest) Arians has had a direct role in losing. Lang got faked out of his jock on the last drive. Policy gets my third ball because he said this team would be a Super Bowl contender in five years, and he lied -- and should be forced to walk the plank for it!
revrm19 Lehan can't stand on his two feet to defend perhaps the most important play all day! Campo never saw a situation where he liked a blitz! I'm afraid to say it, but newly arrived Conway gets a goat for missing the FG that would have given us the win in regulation.
whoknowsmore It is tough on Lehan, but welcome to the NFL. You get beat in the secondary you lose the game. Arians play calling sucks.
appraiser can not get beat deep that late in the game. try to block the guys rushing.
doctorfresh Jamel White: He does far too much dancing. Just get the ball and's a fairly simple concept. Bruce Arians: Predictable playcalling once again. Def Backs: Got beat a lot on the deep ball.
traveldawg Conway - What A weak @$$ kicker! Phil - You don't need your arm to kick!!!
naxos My goats have to go to the O-Line. Tim was getting mauled back there. We need to go OL in the draft and in free agency. Bruce, once again unimaginative play calling is what cost us the game at the end. A couple of typical lets run on 2nd and 10 thrown in there just for fun. Carmen, if you are in charge of anything take charge and make sure Butch gets rid of Bruce and reconnect this team with its past.
mrdna Holcomb deserves more horns for the Rams game.
adbkil Arians and Smith - I warned everyone of these toxic twins who worked together in New Orleans to insure the Saints never won a playoff game and no one wanted to listen, instead focusing on "tom moore, peyton and this great offense we will have". Bruce sucked at Bama, sucked at Miss. State, sucked at New Orleans and now sucks in Cleveland Instant Replay - I have hated it from day one. I hate it even when we benefit. I really hate it when we don't...
weimer19 Lehan tripping on the pass to Lelie was a disappointment in an enjoyable game to watch.
thespazdawg See Phil, The browns can kick a touchback off a kickoff. No flags, no run backs, no field position. It is perfectly legal and warranted. Griff, you had one nice play. The rest were you getting beat by Sharpe. I might blame campo, but then there would be no asst coaches left, so you get it.
brent_mar23 Arians must go. Arians must go. Arians must go. He absolutely SUCKS!!! Davis must go. Davis must go. Davis must go. He positively SUCKS!!! Policy must show backbone and fire Davis. Policy must show backbone and fire Davis. Policy must show backbone and fire Davis.
clbr99 A big goathorn to injuries. Why does Cleveland lead the league in players on IR year after year? And why does no one in our secondary ever play? Considering all the rookies in there, they've done a nice job. The other goat goes to Bruce Arians. HE MUST GO.
seiks Yeah Dave maybe you want to realize that having a defense that covers a tight end is a good thing. First New England, now Denver. Lehan had a bad break but he missed the ball. Butch for not taking the wind instead of the ball even with his offense not scoring against the wind.
clevelandfan Michael Lehan - not a good time to give up a 49 yard pass play. Carmen Policy - Changes better be made in the off-season. Butch Davis - Glad he pulled out some new plays, but why wasn't it done 13 weeks ago?
dixiedawg I'll admit it, I did not see the game because of prior obligations (read: Christmas junk). However, Bruce Arians and Pete Garcia get goathorns out of habit and William Green gets one because this was the time he was supposed to shine.
invinsor (1) Bob Griffith. Can we please trade/release/waive/catapult this guy already. His INT was great. Too bad it was his first big play of the year. He got burnt the rest of the day. (2) Bruce Arians. Boo. "Hey the pass is kind of working... I know! I know! I'll run Jamel "Mack Truck" White up the gut." If I found the play calling predictable, you can bet your lunch money that the Broncos did too... which watching that game, it appeared that they did. (3) Will Green. He has bigger issues to content with, and I wish him the best with that, but I won't pretend that the outcome might not have been better had we had him around in the backfield...
james_t_h Griffith has to be the most overrated player on this team, all he does is get beat and miss tackles...He did have one good pick, but that hardly makes up for the amount of money buried in that loser!!! Lehan, I like you but DAMN!...Lang you are a DE, KEEP CONTAIN!!! Especially in OT!!!
montgocc You know what's great, I had to really stretch for that third goat. I hate the refs in every game though, so maybe it wasn't that big of a stretch.
porters None given out . Tucker is spared for not blocking anyone on Couch's sack by Conways fg. Lehan will be spared by playing reasonably well in a tough situation being a rookie.
sapphiresmd Our junior varsity o-line had another bad game. It's very sad when the offense has to call a flea-flicker just so Couch has enough time to throw the deep ball. Bruce Arians, you get a goat for continually calling the most retarded play for a given situation. Overtime was the perfect time to go back to your famous "incompletion-rush for no gain-incompletion" play calling. Finally, I hate to pick on Michael Lehan and give him goathorns, but it would have been nice to see him make a play on the ball and stop Lelie from making that catch at the end of regulation. Lehan was just getting beaten all day.
browns_beer How do you let Denver's WR get behind you in the 4th with 34 seconds to go in the game when you are up by 3 points? As for Tucker nice block at the end of the game. My grandmother could pick up a blitz from the outside better than your big stupid @$$.
lynxis NO goats imho. Seems like everyone did what they could do and put their @$$es on the line. Good Game brownies There could be a case made for Michael Lehan but im not gonna sick a goat on him.
section 527 dawg Hope you feel VEEERY good about coating your team a hard fought gutty victory, rookie! Now Go Carry somebody's bags.....YOU are buying the donuts for the team for the rest of the season!! Hey Conman Policy....hey Bitch Davis....4-10.....we are MUUUUUCH better than we were last year, right??? F U Both!!! Hey Saddam......F U 10000000 times as much! Thanks for coming......hope you enjoy having your eyes cut out, fingernails ripped out, and naked @$$ body dragged thru the streets by the Iraqi People!! THEN Maybe we'll let you have the needle.....
kosark9 More play action .. it apparently works!
erass It was difficult to hand out the goathorns with such a great effort. Couch stared down his primary reciever more often then not (QB coach not coaching him away from that tenancy) and the defense couldn't stop Denver when it really counted. Conway missed that field goal that could have changed the outcome as well.
bfan99 please, please draft offensive linemen. Bruce needs to start playing Suggs.
aqib Every time I see Couch play well, Davis gets a goathorn for benching him in the first place. I said last week Bruce gets one every week until he is gone so I am giving him one again. Plus there were some play calls that make you go "huh?" Lehan gets one for that last play before the field goal. If he keeps his feet its game over. Brett Conway is a write-in for missing the 38 yard field goal early.
mbuce i only give the horns to Arians this week.....a lot of players made small mistakes, but none that should overshadow a solid one play/player lost this one for us
jacooper96 Arians has to be relieved ... getting a new offensive scheme and struggling a little bit cannot be any worse than being up to speed on his system. Lehan ... don't want to give a goat, but players have to make plays, and he didn't. I don't know if that sack on the last drive was Tuckers fault, but I do know that the guy ran right past him and he didn't go after him and wasn't even engaged with another block. Shanahan was stupid to continue with Portis, and if he is hurt badly it would serve him right. How much more accurate is Elam from 35 to 27?
nebraska dawg Arians needs to get something out of this offense, 12 first downs in a whole game? That is pathetic. The O-line stinks. Davis gets goathorns from me because he hasn't addressed the O-line well enough. Policy gets horns because he is a snake. Leave Carmen!
cstevens I still do not like Tim Couch.
jmatt19534 Every fan--see gameball comments under "Timmy" for explanation. You'll probably need it! Kelly--It just seems like the right thing to do. I'm still all screwed up with my sleep because I went to the Monday night game from Indy. I'll never forgive you for that one! Lehan--You've got to make the play on a pass of that importance.
redright BRUCE ARIANS, TODD MCNAIR, BRUCE ARIANS, BRUCE ARIANS......ARIANS, can't call plays. what chance do you have on 3rd and 3, empty backfield, game on the line?....... TODD MCNAIR can you coach Jamel to run? not dance? ARIANS again can you game plan? co-ordinate and offense? CARL SMITH why Carl Smith? If you have seen Pennington or Brady, they have been coached to get on the ball and gun it. Each has lost the drift and each is capable of putting it in there now. They couldn't a year ago...coaching. It's why you have a quarterback coach.
darkcell run on 1st down and get 3. Run on second down and get 1. How many times have we seen this happen, and if Bruce is on his way out, then why is this still happening?
tree Lehan's poor defense of the pass can almost be forgiven. The Browns lost the game on poor playcalling and bad pass protection in the previous offensive series. All we needed was 3 yards to win the game. We left our QB exposed without even threatening the run telegraphing the fact we we going to pass, and our line is unable to manhandle anyone on the interior for short yardage up the middle, neither can they pass protect when a "W" was right in front of them!
duckrunbrown Over all the O-line pass blocked OK. But in OT, Tucker let the blitzer fly by untouched. Plus the run blocking left a lot to be desired.
mrgrinch I give Butch and Bruce a pass this week only because this seamed like improvement, over all; almost like the team was coming together in some ways. But I still can't understand why it's so hard to WRAP UP !!! Is it uncool to tackle or something? I'm positive we've lost 3 or 4 games on tackling alone.
jeffdsp My only horns this week are for Arians...stupid play calls. We were beating them deep the whole game, but he'd rather run on 1st and 2nd down and then let them blitz the hell out of us on 3rd down and have about 1.5 seconds to get a pass off...not enough time. No horns for anybody else because this team played their butts off the whole game.
mamadawg Until this team addresses the offensive line, gets a line that can protect the quarterback and a power running back that can help pick-up those first downs, and a decent offense coach, we can continue to see what we already have. We the fans can see it, you don't?
splinterasu Nice missed field goal, and way to cover on that last drive of the 4th quater.
merhardt Butch and Carmen go if they don't work on the O- Line in the off season and give couch one last chance
buzzard510 Fake punt on the 40 yard line. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING !! OR WERE YOU? Giving the ball to the Broncos on the 38 yd line. That sealed our fate. RW getting burned for the long gain killed us.
freakofgod83 I Totally don't understand why this team has self-destructed to a 4-10 record this year. Sure, the offensive line is weak and we have plenty of injuries, but with the talent we do have playing every week you'd think they would be able to work together to compile a record of better than 4-10. Heck, the offensive line held pretty dang good today against a tough D, so the entire team should be strengthened by that. I say something needs to be done about butch Davis. I don't understand why these men cant work together better as a team, so it has to be the way he and his coaches are running the tea. During the first quarter they looked like a freaking high school team. Bruce Arians- The O did better today, but i did NOT like that play-calling series during the Browns' possession in overtime. 1st-down: a pass up the middle tipped and incomplete. 2nd-Down: a run by (I think) Jamel White up the middle for a gain of one. 3rd-Down: a pass up the middle overthrown that would have been short of the first down. JEEBUS CRIMEDY!!! ARIANS, you have got to make better playcalling selections when the game is on the line like that!!! RUN THE BALL ON FIRST DOWN!!!!!! You might get only 2 or 3 yards but at least it wont be a wasted down and you'll keep the defense guessing. Use the entire field in you pass routes, don't just go short and up the middle when you need to get a good drive going in overtime. Is it just me, or did i fail to see any receivers in motion or any play-action passing when the Browns had the ball today?! Instead of sticking to the basics, they try stupid things like little shovel passes from QB(?!) Brant Boyer on 4th and Two. Any decent offensive coordinator would have led the browns to at least 30 points and the win today. Bruce must go. Brett Conway - I wanted to give you a gameball, but decided to give you a goat instead just because you missed a 38-yarder early in the game that could have been the difference.
brownsfan2112 Usually I would immediately go right for the jugular of Bruce and butch, but not tonight. I'm aiming for you, Campo! Yes the defense was on the field entirely to long. Most of the time you want to blame the offense, and granted Arians is THE WORST O.C. in the league, but i saw something different today. You kept them on the field because YOU DON'T BLITZ ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many third and long or second in long did Denver convert or at least get within a yard or two which turns into an easy first down via a run play? Something our o.c. has yet to grasp. My point being with Daylon and Henry out, why would you give Plummer anytime to throw the ball? I think you blitzed a total of three times today! and twice resulted in a sack! Duh, third and fourteen, rush three drop everyone back twenty yards so we don't give up the big play. I'd rather you do that so the defense can at least get some rest. And your incompetence to make adjustments during the game really showed when Denver, with no time outs and with less than a minute to go scores. Why? NO PRESSURE ON THE Q.B.!!!! You've got second if not third string secondary players in and you give Plummer the chance to go long?! If it we're the Patriots, Dolphins, COWBOYS, baltimore, Panthers, or Bucs, I guarantee they would have brought a linebacker blitz each time to make sure there's not enough time for anyone to get deep, especially when the only need a field goal to tie it up. Davis got rid of quite a few quality players for more speed and athleticism. And i love all of our new linebackers, but turn them loose! Put the fear of God into the opposing quarterback when they decide to drop back. Look at what the blitz did to us today. TAKE THE DRESS OFF OR GET OUT OF THE BOOTH!! And I will say it one more time, BLITZ YOU MORON!!! Arians, how can you look your self in the mirror? At first i thought you might play with reckless abandon, which i think is what this team needs, to have a little fun, instead of your your run of the right tackle or run up the middle or your passing "screens" WHICH HAVE NOT WORKED ALL YEAR! And another smart move, put Lee Suggs in, 2 carries, almost 30 yards? Don't put him back in. Play Jamal who dances more than Campo. White needs a hole the size of Davis's excuses to gain more than a yard. Suggs doesn't know the plays? I think he knows how run up the gut, a hell of a lot better than white. Short yardage is his specialty. Pitch out and let the backs your there speed. I said it before and I'll say it again, lack of using the talent on this team. Heinrich and Mustard need to be utilized and groomed into the offense. They can bring so much to this team. Both good blockers, great hands, and athletic. And we need a fullback, and holy sh*t, we got one! Unfortunately Bowers is injured, but when he's healthy he's just a blocker. The man had one hell of career RUNNING the ball in college. But you know, our is just fine with it's single back, two receiver set. After all, the best Browns team in recent history didn't need a running fullback, (Kevin Mack) or a tight end who doesn't receive. (Ozzie Newsome). If they just would have blocked they would have won the Super Bowl! Sarcasm? Your damn right. This offense better than it's shown this year. In the hands of a good o.c., and everyone healthy, they would be in the top five of offensive units. Play to win, not lose, davis,ariens. Actually, I should hope it doesn't matter now. The people of Cleveland and Browns fans around the world have seen the true face of butch and bruce, and don't want them here. They both have detrimental to the team and hold them back and keep them down. Davis and policy are only trying to save they're careers after the fiasco the started with the q.b. controversy. Policy, go to the west coast, butch, go to Nebraska, and Arians, how's about Hell? And for now on, my fellow Browns Fans, we cheer on our team, now matter who is playing in that brown and orange uniform? Because they deserve it, and we ARE the best fans in the world!!! GO BROWNS!!!

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