Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave talks coaching, draft, Tim Couch, William Green, and more....

ramllov Hey Dave
DavidCarducci Hi Ram
ramllov Great article today on the insider
DavidCarducci thank you. I appreciate it
shanebrowndawg dave, I must concur. Great job!
shanebrowndawg how does rothlisberger(sp??) look? Im assuming good! Hey dave!!!!!
DavidCarducci Hi Shane. Roethlisberger looks as good as ever
DavidCarducci Thanks Shane
ramllov Dave how do you rate the starting defensive front four - Do you see all four of them as starters throughout the NFL?
DavidCarducci I think all four are difficult to rate. I think Courtney would be, but whoever he plays for next year will have no way of counting on him. He just can't stay on the field. I think Warren actually is, but I end up underrating him because his value is so far below what you would expect from a No. 3 overall pick. Lang I think would be a nice guy in a rotation on a good d-line, but as a starter I think he's average, or maybe a hair above. Roye has been inconsistent, but he's probably the best of the bunch.
REDRIGHT Hi Dave I loved your article and typed my appreciation but someone locked it down,,,,,,,,?
DavidCarducci Thanks Redright. I appreciate it.
shanebrowndawg Dave, any news on cutt?
DavidCarducci No news on Northcutt. Tried to talk to him today, but he wasn't interested in talking to anyone. Ran into the locker room, then out.
newdawg dave, you think cb will be playing elsewhere next year?
newdawg and if so, will it have something to do with the fact he was drafted by palmer?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I don't know if he will, necessarily, but I think it's something the Browns should consider. Cutting bait with Courtney. As good as he can be, the fact that you come into a season knowing you simply can not count on him to stay on the field for more than 8 to 10 games makes it worth considering going another direction at DE. You just can't count on him.
ramllov Dave do you see Daylon Mc. being on the team next year?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'd say Daylon is 50-50. I have no real read on what the Browns will do regarding his $1.3-million option.
BoMeister What can we expect in an offensive plan this week? Try smack mouth running again like last week and hold off the deep ball?
DavidCarducci BoMeister, I think it's a good bet that's what they'll do. They never appear to be willing to stray too far from the approach they use ever week. It was hard to believe they managed to stay close Sunday with a gameplan that ran the ball on 16 of 21 first downs. That's a big reason why their third down conversion rate was so poor. They set themselves up for a tough day
BoMeister I think Northcutt is worth whatever the stakes are at right now...he is awesome and a playmaker
DavidCarducci Bo, I agree that they can't afford to lose him, but my worry is that the stage was set for his leaving by Butch's promotion of Andre instead of Dennis. For Northcutt to stay and not start, he's going to demand top dollar, and I don't think the Browns will pay that.
REDRIGHT Is there a law that says on 3rd and 3 you must go with an empty backfield? Especally if you have a weak OL?
DavidCarducci Redright, that play call was alarming! I remember looking at Mike in the press box as soon as I saw White go in motion. We both said ""Sack"". And sure enough, the Broncos adjusted to a blitz that the Browns couldn't handle.
shanebrowndawg will anyone pay cutt top dollar?
DavidCarducci Shane, someone may. I don't know that it will take top dollar from another team if they give him the chance to start and be a No. 1 or 2 receiver.
shanebrowndawg I think we should make him #2 and put morgan at #3.
DavidCarducci Shane, on Davis. Andre has had a difficult time in recent weeks getting off the line of scrimmage. I don't know how much of that has to do with the fact that he's been struggling with the flu
REDRIGHT Dave, We gave KJ away and he played great at NWE. If we give Cutt away, we will go from 4 to 2 Wrs. Only Owens is starting Quality free agent, Do we really want to go down to 2 WRs or does BD have faith in CJ and Frisman? Friz played great, blocking exceptional.
DavidCarducci Redright, I think they would probably look in the draft for another. My guess.
DavidCarducci Funny. I know he was sick though this past week. The week before, though, he had a very tough time getting off the line
REDRIGHT Another #2?
DavidCarducci Redright. maybe. Possibly a #3. The draft should be deep at WR.
BoMeister I sense with the guy Davis picked up for P, Gardocki may not be renewed also
DavidCarducci BoMeister, that wouldn't surprise me a bit either.
DavidCarducci That means Pontbriand better be on his game next year, because Gardocki has pulled his butt out of the fire more times than I can count with short snaps on field goals.
ramllov Dave do the Browns get the TE in the second round and a fullback in the fourth round in this year's draft?
DavidCarducci Ram, no idea. It's so hard to get a read on anything they'll do. I would never have believed long snapper in any round last year. So nothing will surprise me. Maybe TE in round 2, then pass up FB in round four for a good holder (specialist, all he does) to replace Gardocki
REDRIGHT Need a versatile holder! LOL
shanebrowndawg LOL, your killin me dave!!
REDRIGHT Looking for another WR in the draft means we are not sold on Friz? CJ Jones, King? Wouldn't getting another WR in the draft signal another failed draft?
DavidCarducci Redright, not necessarily. The thing to remember about the combination of Friz, CJ and King is that really the three of them amount to one seventh round pick (or was it sixth round? I've forgotten when King was taken). Anyway, both Friz and CJ were undrafted guys
shanebrowndawg dave, will butch FINALLY address the OL in the offseason?
DavidCarducci Shane. I would hope so. If you listen to him, that's the way he appears to be leaning. But then I thought he'd address it in the past, too.
newdawg i would hate to have to develop another wr. outside of kj, it takes time.
REDRIGHT Could he benefit from having a WR's Coach? We need Offensive coaches, WR, RB, QB, I like the OL coach. Thoughts?
DavidCarducci I think Friz and CJ are interesting, still need a chance to grow and develop, though. Both are far from ready to produce on a regular basis, and neither can be expected to step right in and give the Browns what Northcutt gave them. King is just a marginal player, and to be honest, his celebrating in Seattle really turned me off. That's neither here nor there, though
SRQDawg Hi Dave, Any dirt on if or how we might pick up a QB?
DavidCarducci SRQDawg, no dirt yet. It'll be interesting to see how Tim finishes. When I talked to Carmen on Sunday, he really sounded like a guy who hopes Tim plays well enough to make the Browns consider keeping him.
newdawg EWVERY YEAR, we are supposed to fix the oline. EVERY YEAR!
shanebrowndawg why not this year i guess?!
DavidCarducci Shane, the only reason why not is that the Browns may want to add a few good special teams players with versatility, maybe a good holder, another average tight end to play fullback....
SouthDawg is crocker in the dog house?
DavidCarducci SouthDawg, actually I wondered the same thing, considering he wasn't in as much as I had expected in nick and dime situations. He said today that he's been beat up recently. Some minor injuries.
ramllov Dave will we see more of Chaun Thompson this week?
DavidCarducci Ram, I hope so. At some point they have to prove that pick was not a waste and give him a chance to develop. The guy has all the tools physically, but so far he just doesn't look like he ""gets it""
SirPaul do you think Croker has actually Played to his field time this year?
DavidCarducci SirPaul, I think Crocker's been better than I expected. He hasn't made some plays that have been out there to make, but he also hasn't killed them when he's been out there. Still not a third-round value yet though. I still look back at the MAC coaches I talked to who basically all said ""We knew about Crocker. Thought he was pretty good. But we didnt' throw away from him by any means."" All were surprised he went in round 3
ramllov Dave, I thought I read that Williams CB, was a third round pick that Chicago made a year or so ago, is that right? What is his upside?
DavidCarducci Ram, well, he's versatile. Looks like he can help on special teams. Has some speed and decent size. It's been hard to get a read on him, but he played fairly well Sunday I thought
BoMeister maybe some suggs time to see what #4 can do...he may be near the top next year the way Green is playing out
DavidCarducci Bo, I'd like to see that. I like what I've seen of him in brief glimpses.
ramllov Dave Lehan looks like a starting CB of the future, He appears to have a higher upside that Crocker.
DavidCarducci Ram, I think that may be true as a CB. Crocker may ultimately be a S. Possibly in place of Griffith. Lehan has really been struggling with a bad shoulder. Impressive that he has played as well as he has
newdawg Dave, Williams is supposed to have 4.65 sped. that is truck slow for a cb in the nfl.
DavidCarducci Newdawg. Is that true? He appears to play faster than that, though
DavidCarducci That surprises me. I hadn't gone back to look
REDRIGHT Dave are you saying there is a chance we won't have Griffith next year?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think there is a chance. yes
REDRIGHT What will ARIANS' game plan be this Sunday against the ravens?
DavidCarducci Redright, my bet is run, run and run some more. ""You have to try to control the ball by running the football. You just can't abandon it.""
ramllov Dave this defense has been pretty impressive, with Griffith gone and another year of experience for the guys, should the improvement continue?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'd like to think so. Overall I like the scheme. I like the speed. I'd just like to see a few more true playmakers. Fewer reaches in the draft. I'm guilty of thinking Chaun Thompson was lightning in a bottle as well from believing all the reports I heard. But it's time to start drafting guys who have shown they can do it at a high level.
REDRIGHT Can our OL block well enough for a #3 Rb to run or do we have toestablish the runwith the pass?
DavidCarducci Redright, I would think you'd have to adjust to setting up the run with the pass, considering what Tim did manage to do with the few opportunities to throw on first down last week. But then, changing to fit the personnel isn't something this staff does. They are bound and determined to stay with the same philosophy no matter who is in there.
REDRIGHT Dave can Chaun be a situational pass rusher like Jamir was?
DavidCarducci Redright, you'd like to think so. So far, though, when he's been given that opportunity to blitz, he's been easily picked off by running backs
ramllov Does Suggs have 4.25 speed?
DavidCarducci Ram, I'm not sure what Suggs' true numbers are. He's quick, though. I like the way he gets to the corner. plus, for his size, he runs very well between the tackles. Maybe he is a James Brooks type in that respect
SouthDawg ca we get Ozzie to come back home to draft for us?
DavidCarducci SouthDawg, it would be nice.
REDRIGHT Do we have the largest collection of stupid ball players or do we just have some sad coaches?
DavidCarducci Redright, I hate to answer that question. Nothing like burning as many bridges as I possibly can :)
ramllov Dave do you rate Couch staying at about 50 -50?
DavidCarducci By the way, I have to wrap it up early. In about 15 minutes or so. Flying to Boston tomorrow morning at 6:30 ... Then back just in time to get to the game Sunday morning.
DavidCarducci Ram, I would have said 5-to-95 a few weeks ago, but 50-50 might just be a good bet
shanebrowndawg speaking of kj, are the rumors floating around about willie and kj's girl true? Dave, you don't have to answer if you don't want to and I would understand.
DavidCarducci Shane. That's not something I really can comment on. I've heard so many different things regarding William and his girl, and all are just rumors.
SouthDawg Dave if the team is losing early to you think the crowd will turn on them
DavidCarducci SouthDawg, I wouldn't be surprised. The home crowds have been less patient lately. More people shouting things like ""We deserve better"" as the team passes through the tunnel, where as in the past, the fans were pretty darned forgiving.
CoolHandLuke hi i need to get in line to ask questions? never been here before
DavidCarducci No CoolHandLuke, ask away ... Hope you brought plenty of hard boiled eggs, though
CoolHandLuke haha yeah i like eggs david
SRQDawg Dave, what are your thoughts of an offensive line consisting of - LT -1stround or FA, LG-Verba, C-Faine, RG-Stokes, RT-Tucker?
DavidCarducci SRQDawg, I think that would be an improvement if the LT is a Gallery type. I've talked with several former players, scouts and coaches, and the thinking on Verba is that he doesn't have enough quicknes to play G. Doesn't move well enough
Guest297 Dave, could you address my situation...and why are you headed to Boston?
shanebrowndawg to get some chowder.
Guest297 you mean chowdah
DavidCarducci No. I have to cover a college basketball game at Boston College
CoolHandLuke David i have to ask about the couch thing....what do you say he has to do to stay? one good game out of these last two or both?
DavidCarducci CoolHand, I think two games where Tim manages the game and makes few or no big mistakes will force the Browns to at least consinder keeping him. His willingness to rework the deal is a big part of it. I don't think it will take big numbers from Tim though. Just steady and consistent, playing within the framework of the gameplan
CoolHandLuke yeah and i think he can do that
DavidCarducci I hope he can. I still believe in Tim, and I think he deserves the chance to see this through if he wants to.
Guest297 Dave, does Green play here again?
DavidCarducci Guest297, my best guess is yes. Although there are some in the media who don't believe so. My gut feeling, though, is that he will simply because Davis can't afford to give up on such a high-value pick. To get just a year and a half out of that pick would be a huge blow.
REDRIGHT Dave, why can't Jamel run into the line? block? Does he want to be here next year? Does he think he is good enough to stay without being a full time back?
DavidCarducci Redright, It's hard to get a read on Jamel. he's been in shutdown mode with the media for most of the year, and hasn't appeared to be very happy here. From day one he didnt' believe the Browns really wanted him, even after they tendered him the max
SRQDawg About Tim's contract I keep hearing ""rework"" or ""restructure"" but it seems pretty clear for Tim to stay there would need to ba a healthy paycut, has Tim expressed himself as being open to that?
DavidCarducci SRQDawg, he's said he's willing to talk. Ultimately, players don't really take major pay cuts. They just defer money
Guest297 What would it take for Policy to hypothetically turn on Davis?
DavidCarducci Guest297, Good question. I think what Carmen said a few months ago was true. If it doesn't work out with Butch, it's going to end up being a mutual thing where they both just agree that it's not working.
blance3459 Is it reasonable to infer from Mary Kays article in the PD it sounded like Green checking himself into rehab was an effort at being cleard to play for next season?
DavidCarducci blance, I think so
DavidCarducci Guys. I have to run. Still have to do laundry and pack before heading for Boston
ramllov Happy Holidays
CoolHandLuke thank you for your time david, and have a safe trip
blance3459 Have a safe trip Dave and enjoy the chowder
Guest297 Godd luck Dave. If you want to have lunch, I'm thirty minutes up on the North Shore.
artbtz See ya Dave!
REDRIGHT Have a great TRip. Boston's a fun town and BC is a friendly campus.
DavidCarducci Thanks guys.
newdawg later dave4.
DavidCarducci Take care!
SouthDawg see ya dave
SouthDawg rest in peace Otto.
REDRIGHT SD Otto was The

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