Fuller, Zeus Return to the Scene

Two former Browns were back in Cleveland, and happy to tag the Browns with a big loss

CLEVELAND –  This was an eerie feeling for Orlando Brown even though he's 6-foot-7 and weighs in at 365 mean-spirited pounds. 

The Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle was standing on the 30-yard line at Cleveland Browns Stadium before kickoff of the Ravens' 35-0 win over the Browns on Sunday.

This was the offensive tackle's first game in Cleveland since Dec. 19, 1999, when the former Brown was struck in the eye with a weighted penalty flag tossed errantly by referee Jeff Triplette. During warmups, Brown ventured out to the exact spot where the bizarre incident happened.

"I walked to the spot where I got hurt and I kept saying, ‘I got to shake it off,' but it rolled through my head a couple of times," Brown said. "I kept telling myself I had a job to do. An incident like that you can't help but think about it. I just thank God that I can see.

"I made it through and I'm a better person now. It's hard emotionally. That was the most pain I ever had in my whole life."

Brown said this game brings some closure to the accident that damaged his eyesight and started his feud with Browns executive Carmen Policy.

Brown claimed that Policy attempted to persuade him to sign a waiver of his right to sue while he was still in the hospital. Policy has denied the charge in several interviews. Brown eventually received a lucrative, confidential settlement of a lawsuit he filed against the NFL.

"I done let it go," Brown said. "It will always be in the back of my head. I ain't got no bad blood with Carmen. It's a business and I understand that's how a business goes. I won't forget it happened. I got kids, man."

Meanwhile, Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller was cut last winter by Browns coach Butch Davis in a salary-cap maneuver. He said contract promises that were made to him weren't kept by Davis.

Fuller was on the winning side Sunday as the Ravens' nickel back.

"It's gratification considering we made the playoffs and we were all getting old and they kicked us out," Fuller said. "Butch did what he wanted to do. They're getting the results they want."

Aaron Wilson writes for BynersInsiders.com and the Carroll County Times.

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