Browns Report Card vs. Ravens

The report card isn't any prettier than the game was....

Here is the Browns Report Card following their 35-0 loss to the Ravens, as seen by TheInsiders...

PASSING OFFENSE: D -- The Browns never got anything going, mainly because Tim Couch didn't have time to breathe. Baltimore's relentless pressure made it a long, miserable day for Couch and the passing offense, which totaled 133 yards. Couch was sacked five times and knocked down six or seven more times.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- At times it looked like Lee Suggs was the only player on the field playing hard consistently. Suggs ran well and earned the respect of the Ravens, but it wasn't nearly enough to give the Browns a win.

PASS DEFENSE: D -- Anthony Wright only threw for 90 yards, but that was all he needed to do. The Ravens controlled the game with the run and only needed Wright to protect the ball and not make a big mistake. Wright did that, and kept some drives alive with short throws.

RUSH DEFENSE: F -- For the Browns to call Jamal Lewis' days against them a fluke is absurd, but that's what the Browns did. Lewis ran for 205 yards against the Browns after gaining 295 on them the first time the teams played. A fluke? Hardly. This was good, hard-nosed football against a defense that couldn't handle the physical element that the Ravens bring. This was not a fluke, it was a defense giving up way too many big plays on the ground.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D -- The return game provided no big plays and the coverage units were average. Special teams did little to win the game, or to lose it. But the team's kick returners took some serious shots from Baltimore's aggressive coverage units.

COACHING: F -- For the first time all season it looked like the Browns quit. After playing the Ravens close for a half, the Browns collapsed after Jamal Lewis broke a big run for a score. From that point there were only a handful of players on the Browns who were giving it their all on every play.

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