A Tastycake-Free Gameballs and Goats

Resigned Browns fans face their fate as the Browns collapse again in front of the home crowd. Otto Graham nearly becomes the first write-in to place in the Gameballs listing, and Tastycake takes it on the chin. So does just about everyone else...

The Week's Results
This week's Gameballs and Goats were easy to do, but not in a good way... so many fans had thrown up their hands in disgust that we had the lowest vote turnout of the year. Who can blame them, after the horrible display of football on Sunday? Still, it's always fun reading the comments and the write-ins. Dixiedawg giving a gameball to "beer", Phelix's inventive Arians-slamming, FGM's Tastycake Rant, and Hiko turning on God himself, it's the fans who make last week's Year 2000 flashback bearable. Thanks to all the die-hards who participated this week.


Player Gameballs
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 30
Tim Couch (2/QB) 26
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 18
---Fans--- 16
Mike Myers (93/DT) 9

Gameball Write-In Votes:
Otto Graham(6), "The Should-Be New President of the Browns - Bernie Kosar", Beer, First half defense, Jamal Lewis, "Me" (2), "Only one more game", Modell Sucks chant audible to the TV audience, All Die-Hard Browns fans, "Merry Christmas"


Player Goathorns
Bruce Arians(OC) 31
Tim Couch (2/QB) 21
---O Line--- 19
Butch Davis (Head) 19
Carmen Policy 16
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 11

Goat Write-In Votes:
Tastycake(2), "The entire organization", Solomon Wilcots, Injured reservists, "The Couch Potatoes", WRs who drop passes, "Every player that just went through the motions", WBNS-TV, Robert Griffith/Quincy Morgan Fight, Brett Conway, "The Cleveland Quitters!", "Everyone-players, coaches, ball boy, and owner", "Bungles for also losing!", "God", "Lack of Fundamentals (Tackling, Blocking and Catching the ball)"

Year-to-Date Totals
  Gameballs Goats Grand Total
Courtney Brown 687 0 687
Tim Couch 704 108 596
Andra Davis 396 30 366
---Entire Defense--- 322 10 312
Andre Davis 229 0 229
Kevin Johnson 215 0 215
William Green 223 70 153
Kenard Lang 97 0 97
Phil Dawson 128 56 72
Jamel White 71 0 71
Fans 117 46 71
Brant Boyer 64 0 64
Ben Taylor 62 0 62
James Jackson 100 41 59
Dennis Northcutt 142 87 55
Jeff Faine 50 0 50
---LB Unit--- 43 0 43
Lee Suggs 43 0 43
Kevin Bentley 40 0 40
Anthony Henry 33 0 33
Chris Crocker 28 0 28
Dave Campo 38 10 28
Barry Stokes 25 0 25
Andre King 23 0 23
Chris Gardocki 21 0 21
RJ Bowers 14 0 14
---All Players--- 14 0 14
Mike Myers 9 0 9
Orpheus Roye 0 0 0
Earl Little 0 0 0
Pete Garcia 0 6 -6
Roosevelt Williams 0 11 -11
Jerry Rosburg 0 13 -13
Paul Zukauskas 0 14 -14
Gerard Warren 88 102 -14
Ryan Tucker 0 20 -20
All Coaches 0 23 -23
Chaun Thompson 0 27 -27
---All Coaches--- 0 29 -29
Melvin Fowler 0 34 -34
---WR Unit--- 0 34 -34
Michael Lehan 0 47 -47
Steve Heiden 0 49 -49
---D Line--- 0 51 -51
---Special Teams--- 0 64 -64
---Officiating Crew--- 0 67 -67
Robert Griffith 0 74 -74
Carmen Policy 0 96 -96
---Entire Offense--- 0 96 -96
Quincy Morgan 34 148 -114
---O Line--- 95 259 -164
Kelly Holcomb 302 501 -199
Butch Davis 11 388 -377
Bruce Arians 0 674 -674

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Other than Suggs, the rest of the team didn't do that much. Little gets a gameball for his 6th INT, and Couch for sticking in there even though he was getting beaten to death almost every play.
dixiedawg Yeah, here's my gameball comment. When the hell do pitchers and catchers report?
theoz Playing behind that line, with that coaching gives couch a game ball.
dawgyk Timmie is AWESOME !! We need to give Timmie at least 5 more years! The progress he has made the last 5 years is nothing short of phenomenal. Just IMAGINE all the Superbowls, the Pro-bowls. No-one will even dare to mention Montana, Elway, nor Unitas in the same breathe as Timmie - they will be LONG forgotten !! As a matter of fact, FORGET Tolkien's, Return of the King - Timmie is the TRUE KING !!
photocitydawg Here's a gameball for Couch. He's one tough SOB. And a gameball for Northcutt. At least he caught the ball. And finally, for the fans, for putting up with this crap.
aqib Couch gets a gameball for staying in the pocket taking hits and delivering the ball well. How many drops did he have today? Mike Myers made some plays and it was fun doing impressions of the doctor from the Halloween movies: "this man is not human. He was pure evil" Lee Suggs ran well at times he gets the third ball because I have to give out three and I would have given one to KJ but he is not an option on the drop down menu.
gooch923 I gave my gameball to Tim Couch only because the o-lone is a joke, receivers were dropping passes, there is no running game, and the play calling (Bruce Arians) was a horrible. Tim Couch has had nothing to work with for years. If he goes somewhere else (Pittspuke or Dallas) he'll be a pro-bowl player. F Kelly Holcomb
sjhannah I gave a game ball to Tim Couch just for hanging in there.
r22weiss The fans for hanging in there in this horrible season. No member of the Browns organization deserves one today.
fgm Fans- For coming out in this damn cold weather and sitting through this sh!##y game. The fans will always show up no matter what. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the team. Me- For sitting through this game in the bitter cold while I'm still getting over the flu. Yes, I am a warrior. Thank God I feel fine. Otto Graham- Although I never saw you play, I want to thank you for being a great QB and a champion on and off the field. You embodied what a being a Brown should be all about. Rest in peace, number 14.
jsinct Do I have to award a Gameball... 35 - 0 even if you are trying, is pathetic.
brownsfan2112 Good job Lee Suggs, with a half way decent line in front of you, you would have ran for 200 yards. I still give Tim a ball for the abuse he had to endure. Sometimes I think you tried to make things happen when they weren't there. It's commendable, but also foolish. But I don't care what anyone says, your the future of the team. I don't care who the q.b. is, when your under that much pressure, you can't get anything done. Good job D. At least in the first half.
naxos This was an ugly game to watch. The few bright spots I thought were the running of Lee Suggs. The play of Tim Couch when he wasn't getting scraped off of someone's shoe and the big hits by Ben Taylor. Unfortunately none of these efforts were able to compensate for the rest of team.
weweber3 I have to pick three?
sapphiresmd Lee Suggs gets a gameball today for playing probably the best game of anyone on the offense, which doesn't really say much. Anyway, at least he got some touches and had some really nice runs. My other gameball goes to the fans--namely my sister and I who sat through three waves of fans leaving the stadium in disgust. It was much too cold outside to sit and watch that "performance" by the team.
clbr99 The gameball this week goes to Otto Graham. No other QB can or will be able to boast playing in 10 championship games, especially when those 10 games are the total years you play the game. To have a legacy like Otto Graham in Cleveland Browns history is truly an honor. Thanks, Otto.
joe brownlee Fans -- For having the stomach to put up with the debacle that has been the 2003 season.
appraiser the only one who really deserves a gameball is the fans that have backed this damn team for years. the losing is getting old, but we keep coming back...but for how long?
clevelandfan Tim Couch - Keeps taking a beating behind a crap o-line, yet keeps getting back up. Has the heart of a lion...just hope the F.O. can actually get him a decent o-line if he is the one to throw the ball here next year. Fans - For staying and watching that horrible display of football yesterday. Me - Watched every last minute of Browns football since they've been back, and will continue to do so. I love this team through thick and thin (just not Policy and Butch) Merry Christmas - Christmas get a gameball this week, the one good thing to come out of this week...Have a good one!!!!!!
lostminds54 a few players did not quit
jmatt19534 Tim--I hope I didn't just watch your last game at CBS as a Brown. If I did, I'm afraid you'll be back as a Steeler and light us up when you are surrounded by runners, receivers, linemen and coaches that know what they are doing. Lee--I sure hope to see a lot more of your running and heart in the years to come. Dennis--You're the closest thing we have to a playmaker. Please resign!
mamadawg Defense has a lot of heart. I love you guys.
dawgiestile No Score = No Gameballs
section 527 dawg The ONLY ONE that deserves a gameball is Otto - You will be missed and were the definition of a winner - RIP.
whoknowsmore Bring on the Draft! At least Myers wants to play next year.
berto Suggs - The future back of the Browns is here! Just wait and see what he does with some blockers. The question is what we do with William Green. Barry Gardner - Good performance after a disappointing overall year. MIke Myers - I like you!
cstevens I still love what the Browns mean to me. My only wish is that everyone is safe and can enjoy the holidays with loved ones.
bfan99 Tim Couch for even agreeing to go back in when playing behind the worst offensive line in the history of the NFL. Northcutt had another great performance and the fans who showed up for the game only to get screwed once again.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
edgewater joe Disgraceful. Shameful. Embarrassing. Otto Graham rolls in his grave. The five-year plan of Carmen Policy is an abject and total failure and HE HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!
bendal Morgan gets a goat for running short routes (where have I heard that before) and dropping passes that hit him in his hands. The offensive line for its total lack of pass protection even before the starters got hurt, and Griffith for proving yet again he cannot tackle Lewis.
dixiedawg Hey, I'll say it. I'm really drunk. Wasted. My gameball went to beer, so a big, fat goat to being sober and a goat to watching this crap Butch Davis calls football. If Satan were human, he'd be Butch Davis and Bruce Arians would be his succubus. I don't even know what that means. My God, 35-0? Fire everyone.
theoz The team quit, and the fans quit. Time for regime change.
dawgyk Tim-me is AWESOME !! We need to give Tim-me at least 5 more years! The progress he has made the last 5 years is nothing short of phenomenal. Just IMAGINE all the Superbowls, the Pro-bowls. No-one will even dare to mention Montana, Elway, nor Unitas in the same breathe as Tim-me, they will be LONG forgotten !! As a matter of fact, FORGET Tolkien's, Return of the King for, Tim-me is the TRUE KING !!
photocitydawg Warren - the guy has made all of his incentives and is in line for a huge raise, and he can't make it in time for a team meeting? Jerk And I could do without any more "Quincy Morgan football."
aqib Quincy: Catch the damn ball!!! If he is not outside in Berea catching 300 balls a day from the end of the season until training camp I don't want him here next year. The OL kept us from even making this a game. Couch was under siege all day. Bruce Arians will keep getting goathorms from me until he is no longer here.
lukedawg12 Although many more than Tim deserved goathorns...i have always hated him and i have to balance out all the #@*&# morons that gave KH goathorns last week. Get a life people. Kelly will be back next yr...your loser won't. It makes me sad that this is the penultimate (that's second to last for all you not smart people) time i will be able to give timmuh goathorns. thanks for killing us for five miserable yrs, tim. but today wasn't your fault....just did it to make up for these idiot fans.
gooch923 The o-line makes me want to puke! I am more mad at the offense than I am at the defense. Hey Bruce Arians, when your o-line is that bad and your playing the Ravens D, the #1 thing you don't do is run to the outside.
sjhannah What the heck kind of tackle attempt was that?
r22weiss I think we all know what the problems are with the team. yes there are a lot of injured players here but come on. There is no offensive flow at all. yes the OL has a lot to do with it. But we are well too predictable about when we run the ball. It's no wonder that the offense can't move the ball when you try to pound it down the opposing teams throat but you don't have the offensive line to do it. Suggs looks like he could be a force at RB but you need to have balance to win the NFL. look at the St. Louis Rams...they balance it out very well with their good WR's and Marshall Faulk at RB. I', not saying that our WR's are as good and the Browns definitely do not have a RB as good as Faulk but the point here is their offensive flow. It all comes from coaching and the Browns have no identity on the offensive side. They can't deside if they want to be a running team or a passing team. Also...i think AB's column on the 2 drop passes by A Davis and Morgan is right on. They make those catches and this game could be very different. Yes they weren't perfectly thrown balls but they should have been caught! As a WR you have to catch everything near you...sometimes it's not going to be a prefect throw by the QB. As for Couch...it's a shame it might have to end like this for him as a member of the Browns at home. It's hard to judge a QB when there is no offensive line to protect him or give them a good running attack. This team needs some changes and they need to shake up the fabric. I do not think Davis needs to go but the Offensive Coordinator should be thinking about what he has done here. They also need to become more fan friendly. This ownership (i.e. Policy) is so worried about the rowdy fans in the stadium that they take all the fun out of being at the game. This could be 1 reason why the Browns don't win at home. You want the fans to get rowdy and have fun. Another reason is that the stadium is too corporate. Get rid of the Scoreboard brought to you by AOL....just say here's the out of town scoreboard. And why do they have the weather guy from channel 3 there always talking about the weather in the 1st half? If i wanted a weather report I'd watch TV!!! Just tell me the out of town scoreboard and stuff about the game. This is football.
fgm Bruce Arians- Is there anything else about this guy that I haven't said that would be new and refreshing, other than he has the IQ of a Tasty Cake, a playbook that seems like it was drawn up on an Etch-A-Sketch, and that he basically sucks big @$$ donkey (ed: anatomical reference)? Oh, did I also mention that he needs to get the hell out of Cleveland? I'll personally escort his @$$ to the airport. Carmen Policy- For being a lying, deceitful @$$hole who spits on every fan and is ignorant of the great Browns tradition. And he lied to the fans about getting Tasty Cakes!!!!!! Offense- Everyone on this unit gets a collective goat. There is no one singled out. This unit needs some MAJOR overhauling during the off-season, starting with the firing of that freaking moron Arians and continuing with drafting and signing OL and getting a mobile QB. Butch Davis- All I'm going to say is this: You helped create this mess- NOW CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!! And make sure you have Carmen holding the dustpan!!!!! No Tasty Cakes- What the hell was up with Mr. Announcer Guy saying that all fans will receive a free sample of Tasty Cakes on their way out of the stadium, and then they're nowhere to be found? Where were the damn Tasty Cakes?!!!! You lied to us, Carmen!!!!! First, you took the fun out of going to a Browns game, then you take away our Tasty Cakes!!!!! We as fans should band together and start a riot!!!!! It'll be anarchy!!!!! We won't quit 'til we get our Tasty Cakes!!!!! We want what was promised to us!!!!! WE WANT OUR TASTY CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phelix17 Top ten reasons why Bruce Arians is still a Browns coach:
10. Butch is waiting for the fun holiday firing season.
9. Arians has photographs of Carmen Policy at Michael Jackson's house.
8. Can't risk alienating the goatee wearing audience.
7. In an opposite parallel universe, Browns score like crazy and go to the playoffs.
6. "Incompetent? Oh, I thought you said he was incontinent! Now we're stuck with 10 gross of Depends."
5. Browns fans get quick pass through Purgatory for suffering done here."
4. He's going to get brilliant any day now.
3. Real offensive coordinator would inflate fan expectations too much.
2. Browns secretly make billions selling "I hate Bruce" merchandise.
1. Bruce makes same exact deal with devil and now has reserved parking space next to Art Modell in hell.
jsinct The coaching staff is out coached just about every week. When they're lucky the Browns lose by a little, when they're not, the Browns have a day like today. Vote Arians off the Island... Puhleeeze
brownsfan2112 I cannot communicate the hatred I have for the coaching staff. butch, you destroyed any chance of a winning season with your self serving "q.b. controversy." It's the same reason you don't want a g.m. You want all the glory, thinking you can do it all. And I'm sure if we we' re winning that's exactly what you would say. Not like now, where you look for a scapegoat every week and don't take a bit of blame for you or your dimwitted coaches. (campo and arians, both there because of you.) Why don't you take some advice from Spurrier, at least he will admit his faults, and not find some one to blame. How the hell did you win as a college coach? If you didn't know, in the NFL, a q.b. is not supposed to lose his job to a injury. If you would've started Tim and not held your self-gratifying press conferences on your "gut instinct", this team would be back in the play offs. And your insights towards personnel? Chaun Thompson? Waste of 2nd round pick. Release Kevin Johnson? He's only getting about 100 yards and a couple of t.d.'s each game in a new offense as the third receiver. But he's no good for the team. He can't run routes. I think he saw you for the charlatan you really are. And that's why he's not here. But good for him. Away from this horrible coaching staff he'll have chance to show what he is capable of. And next year when he makes the pro bowl, every analyst in the sports world will say, "why is butch davis a coach in the NFL?" But hopefully by then you will have committed suicide or gone to Nebraska or followed that weasel policy to the west coast You both are destroying a talented team. And everyone knows it. How many times have i heard analysts and announcers praise the depth of offense, especially the wide receiver corps? You want to know something? I'm tired and my hands hurt from try to show the disgust and the contempt I have for bruce and his buddies. Can't make adjustments and don't know how to you use the talent on the team. PLEASE RANDY, FIRE THESE BUMS BEFORE THEY CAN DO ANY MORE DAMAGE!! Get Ozzie Newsome as a g.m., get Bernie Kosar in the organization, (q.b. coach), and Dennis Green as a head coach. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET butch HANDLE THE DRAFT OR THE PLAYERS GOING INTO FREE AGENCY!!!! All you have to do to understand that butch davis is not the coach for this team is to listen to this statement; "We are ahead in our plans for this team." Good plan "coach". What every team has in mind. Get more talent and lose more games. And I don't want to hear about injuries. Yes, we have to many, but several other teams have quite a few too. And look at New England, over forty different starters this year and only two games lost. Wonder why. THEY HAVE COACHES THAT WANT TO WIN AND DON'T CONCERN THEMSELVES WITH PRESS CONFERENCES ON THE NEXT STELLAR MOVE THEY MADE FOR SELF GRATTIFICATION. Randy, it's time to clean house and get rid of rats.
naxos Bad game from a lot of bad players yesterday. My goats go to almost everyone but as usual the blame can be squarely place on Carmen's shoulders for letting the team get to this point.
weweber3 I can only pick three?
sapphiresmd In order to balance the universe and cancel out the gameball I gave him last week, Gerard Warren gets a goat. He's so good, he can skip practices and team meetings! And, goathorns all around to Bruce Arians and Butch Davis. Wow, I know we're not a good team, but it was a bit unsettling watching the Browns go through the motions yesterday like they didn't even care. Sigh. Mercifully, one more game left this season.
clbr99 A goathorn to all players and all coaches. I've seen some eggs at the stadium, but none like yesterday. Going against a team that brings out the venom in all fans, you came out flat and uninspired. Look, you wonder why the stadium was empty? If you don't care, why should we? And a goat to Tasty Cakes, who CBS pimped the entire game and then delivered to only about 1/4 of the fans. After that crap, a Tasty Cake would have been nice.
evdebs What we have seen this year is the basic problem with letting your head coach also be the GM. The Butch Davis drafts can now be put in the books as unmitigated disasters. The only thing larger than the mistakes the Browns have made over the past three years, has been the pile of bulls**t Carmen Policy and Butch Davis have served up every April as they raved how much smarter they were than every other team as they located their gems. When we compare the nine picks Davis-Garcia have selected in rounds 1-3 over the past three seasons to the same players drafted by Baltimore or Cincinnati it is embarrassing. Worst of all, Davis's drafting has gotten worse over the three years. Chris Crocker in the 3rd round? Ryan Pontbriand in the 5th round? What next, a holder in the first round? We should fire Davis after the season so he cannot destroy another draft. It is especially important to fire him because he is desperate now, so he will almost certainly draft for need, rather than the best player. Even when he drafts for need, however, he invariably takes the wrong player. Gerard Warren over Seymour? Morgan over Chambers? Green over Portis? Lerner-- these guys have laid an egg. They must go, starting with Carmen Policy. Don't delay the inevitable.
joe brownlee Policy -- Five years and this franchise is back where it started. WBNS TV -- It was an awful game, but this is the team most fans in Columbus follow.
appraiser i am giving everyone a goat too. even the "gameball" players get one. i am so sick of this bull****. it is time to look at everything, and everyone. owner: do you really want this team, and what will you do to make it better? if you don't care, then sell it to someone who does. front office: what the hell are you doing? you have taken the fun of the game away with your bullshit stadium rules, plus you give us little talent, and then you lie about it. coaches: get a clue. you can not evaluate talent and coach. at this point i would be happy with just one of those. take a long look in the mirror, and if you say i just don't know....then get out. players: damn. i am sick of seeing guys run wild on us. fricking secondary can not tackle. linebackers are so far out of position. offensive just plain sucks. aaahhhh.
clevelandfan All players - goathorns for everybody except Tim Couch (he was really the only one that tried). Everybody else is on vacation already All Coaches - suck. Carmen Policy - Please leave and take your coaching staff with you. Robert Griffith/Quincy Morgan Fight - Grow the hell up you fools.
lostminds54 The Defense quit and the offense gave up in the end.
jmatt19534 Butch and Bruce--I don't have the energy to go through this again. You stink! Get out! Conway--Could you at least try to make a FG next week.
Dawgalong PSL's $1,750.00 DTV gameday package $195.00 Season tickets $950.00 Sweat shirts, hats, etc. $200.00 Devotion to the Browns 100% Spending this kind of money even though I live in Shreveport, La. and getting humiliated by Dallas and N.O. fans every day because my team sucks...........WORTHLESS!!!!!!!! A.B. Have a great holiday. Sign me Dawgalong
mamadawg What more is there to say. They need a line.
muskiedawg01 Great tuck and roll by Little on Lewis's 72 yard TD. After seeing the replay, I almost think that Little was trying his best not to get in Lewis's way.
dawgiestile We are Jamal Lewis's Biatch
section 527 dawg Please fire Butch - please Fire Butch - this team should be renamed the Cleveland Quitters..... Nice effort, you F**KS!!
berto Butch Davis - How many more injuries are there going to be? Did you bother to condition this team?? Bruce Arians - I guess you'd rather not leave on a good note, eh bruce? At least you rallied us to a field goal attempt! You can put that on your resume as you touch it up this offseason. WR Unit - How about you morons catch the ball and quit looking for flags every time you make a mistake?? I don't think I'm the only one missing KJ (and the Couch/KJ connection).
cstevens I have nothing to say.
bfan99 Little and Lehan for missing crucial tackles again and the o line whose members would not even be on the practice squads of any NFL teams.
hiko For hating us.
mrgrinch Is Butch getting a clue yet? "It is the No. 1 objective of this organization and me as a head football coach that we have to get better and give our running back and our quarterback a chance to make plays" NO SH*T!!! Only took you 3 years to figure that out? If the first draft pick in April isn't a LT, with another o-lineman with the 2nd or 3rd pick, Randy ought to get rid of Butch on the spot. Gerald "I Can Be Double Teamed By One Guy" Warren gets the wrist slap no start for being late for a team meeting, but plays most of the game. Let's see... Warren, 1 tackle, no assists, 1 sack; Roye 6 tackles 1 assist; Lang 5 tackles, 2 assists; Myers 4 tackles, 3 assists; Garay 2 tackles, 1 assists; Word played, no stats; Claybrooks was inactive. Now the question: Of the defensive linemen, who's gonna get paid the most next year? Then there's the tackling. Isn't this something that high school coaches teach? Is it beneath NFL coaches to teach it or something? If so, maybe we need to hire a high school coach or two. (Add a couple for teaching blocking and catching the ball as well.) If you can release your leading receiver for not blocking, you can bench a defensive starter for not wraping up and a starting receiver for not catching the ball!

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