Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Mega, mega kudos to Dave Carducci who waded into a standing-room-only Chat Room on Monday night and handled our questions on about three hours sleep. It was a great chat, not only for Dave's answers but for all the draft talk and debate. Here are Dave's answers - join us next time to get in on the Browns talk!

DavidCarducci Hi guys.
southbeach hey Dave
Stov dave
Swerb Hey Cardooch.
VTBrowns Who will the browns look at or OC
DavidCarducci VTBrowns, I heard a name yesterday, and for the life of me I can't remember it right now. FEEL A BIT STUPID, but I was exhausted when I heard it. Older guy, in his late 60's. Has ties to San Fran and to Norv Turner.
severedheadofkellyhokum Ted Tollner, Dave? What are the chances?
petegarcia You mean Tollner Dave
DavidCarducci That's it.
DavidCarducci Don't know how true the rumors are
DavidCarducci But it makes some sense
severedheadofkellyhokum Butch tried to hire Tollner when he came aboard in the first place... ahead of Arians
DavidCarducci Severedhead, the only thing I know about Tollner is that he's a good fit in as much as he has ties both to Carmen and Butch
dwrose David, What do you think about pick #8
DavidCarducci Dwrose, I don't know if they'll get who they want at No. 8. Could be a case where they settle for best available, then go for Carey, Pape or Joseph in round 2
Daydawg David- estimate the odds of couch returning
DavidCarducci Daydawg, right now I'd say 70-30. Although, listening to Policy it sounds like they really do want him to be back
petegarcia Dave....I think we could all see this coming with Arians....I did not like seeing Todd McNair go....any insigth on that at all....I thought he was a real up and comer. I kind of feel like with him gettin booted that Robiskie doesn't have much of a chance to land this O-Coord. job?
DavidCarducci Pete, I'm a bit surprised by McNair, I thought Zeirlein would be a possibility. The rumors that Butch and Robiske don't always see eye to eye could hurt his chances. But Robiske's willingness to go witht he party line, even though he didn't completely agree with the decision to dump KJ, could have made their relationship a bit better
dwrose Dave, the Browns won't keep all four RB's. Which one is left out in the cold, White?
DavidCarducci I think White is a very real possibility. But JJ's inability to stay on the field when he gets a chance to play could hurt him
Swerb Dave, what is your take on Zeirlein?
DavidCarducci Swerb, it's hard to say. I don't think he's had much to work with. At that same time, I've seen other coaches get more out of less. This is his only real NFL job, and he's an older coach, so I've always thought there would be better options out there. Plus, he had no ties to Butch prior to being hired. He came recommended.
petegarcia Dave how does Robiskie feel about couch....what would his hiring do to the QB situation
DavidCarducci Pete, I think Davis' statement that they need to find a coordinator who will fit a system to the quarterback would mean that Robiske's feelings for or against Couch may not make any difference. From what I've seen, Robiske and Couch have a good relationship. Arians came in with a very set system. Robiske's the type who can adjust to the personnel. That was a knock on Arians, that he didn't fit the gameplan to the personnel
Greg --- suggestion--- Dave... how 'bout you take a few minutes and get info out here on what you know about the coaching changes or anything around today's announcement that you know... then people can ask questions off of that... Then we can move towards the draft or wherever people want...
DavidCarducci Regarding the coaching decision, there isn't all that much to say. This was expected. Arians said last night that he expected to be back, but looking at him, the strain in his face and reading his body language, I almost felt like he didn't believe it. Regarding the free agency decisions, I thought Northcutt's words and actions today spoke volumes. Basically, he made a gesture with his hands that said ""it's all about the money. He motioned with his hand, rubbing the thumb against the other fingers, as if to say, ""Pay up"".
ramllov Is griffith gone?
DavidCarducci Ram, my gut feeling is yes. Davis has hinted that they may have to reevaluate what they want in the secondary, as you've all read.
petegarcia Dave...of these three...Sean Taylor, Kellen Winslow, or one of the two O lineman which do you think is least likely and most likely to be there....personally I think Taylor will def. be gone but that we have a very good chance at landing Winslow....ideally landing Vernon Carey in round 2?
DavidCarducci I think Carey is a good bet for round 2, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see Shannon Snell. I know they are really high on him. They actually don't appear to be as high on Winslow as you'd think. My gut feeling is that they still get Gallery. I have a feeling Andrews will move ahead of him during the offseason workout stuff
buddog Which of our TE/h-backs will be back?
DavidCarducci Buddog, it's a good question. I think that'll all be worked out in training camp. Although I'd be surprised to see Shea return, simply because you can't count on him being on the field.
ramllov Dave if the first choice in the Draft is not Gallery, say he is gone, what do they go for?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Andrews is the choice if they can't get Gallery and he's not available. There are no guards I'd want in round 1. If Northcutt is gone, maybe they go with one of the Williams'
SharkDawg So will we get a true FB this offseason and drop the whole H-Back position?
DavidCarducci SharkDawg, I would be willing to bet that you'll see a FB. Maybe a Mike Karney early in day two of the draft
marinedawg Andrews agent is Poston brothers, which is bad news
DavidCarducci marinedawg, that is bad news.
FEVAH Ben Miller is a good FB ...right?
DavidCarducci FEVAH, honestly it's hard to say. He has the makeup of a guy Davis would love. I actually like RJ Bowers as well. I also wouldn't mind a free agent like a Dan Kreider
robdawgie Any truth behind the Green/Johnson rumors???
DavidCarducci robdawgie, I doubt it
petegarcia Dave....I'm a little nervous about drafting an O-lineman that high in round 1 and then expecting him to be that much of a help the first year/ I would much rather see them break the bank for Walter Jones or Orlando....even if they have to over pay a little...what are the chances we land a big time FA?
DavidCarducci Pete, in some cases I would agree, but a stud tackle like a Gallery or an Andrews probably could be ready to step right in. They appear to like Beasley as well, and if he develops in the offseason, you could see Beasley at LT, allowing either Gallery or Andrews (if they are drafted) to learn at LG in year 1, which is something some coaches like to do
FEVAH DAVE: what OL FA and/RFA's could we possibly go after?
DavidCarducci FEVAH, there aren't many FA's I'm interested in right now. The top ones, like John Tait and Orlando Pace, will probably end up sticking witht heir old clubs.
DavidCarducci Sorry, I meant Shannon Snell from Florida. Supposedly they like him. Don't know if that's true
DavidCarducci I haven't seen him play
jmazzulo920 Dave, What about a DE like Will Smith? or Maybe David Pollack in round 2, I don't think we can count on CB to be back next season, what are your thoughts on the DE situation?
DavidCarducci If Smith is there in round 2, I'd consider him.
Hamster Dave, do you see any QB in the draft that the Butch would take if he has the chance?
DavidCarducci I haven't heard of any quarterbacks yet that they would be interested in. Although a prjoect like a Matt Scahaub, who could drop because of his junior-year injury, is a possiblity in day two.
DavidCarducci Of course, they have to make room for a holder on the second day of the draft.
revRecluse What about Ben Troupe in round 2, Dave?
DavidCarducci I know they love Troupe, so I think that's a very real possibility in round 2 as I said earlier
SharkDawg Why hasn't Crocker had much playing time while Bodden, Lehan, and Williams have? Is he exclusively a safety now?
DavidCarducci SharkDawg, it's a good question. I think they see him as a possible project at safety rather than corner. From what I hear, they won't go after projects like Thompson or Crocker this year.
Stov MOve Henry or sanders to frre saftey
DavidCarducci Stov, Sanders would make a nice safety if he could stay healthy. That problem though means they probably won't re-sign him.
newdawg Dave, have you any idea who the extra talent evaluator may be???
DavidCarducci Newdawg, Absolutely no idea, and Davis kind of wiggled out of that question today. made it sound like he had no idea what Carmen meant.
Hawkeyebart1 Dave any idea if Gallery or Andrews will fall to us at 7 or 8? If not what will it take to trade up into the 2 or 3 spot to get one of them?
DavidCarducci Hawkeyebart1, I honestly don't know right now. My bet is that Gallery may slide there. I have a gut feeling, based on talking to a few people I trust, that Andrews will move to the top of the class after the combine and all the workouts.
Hamster Is there any interest in either Peterman or Carey. We need a guard as much if not more than a LT
DavidCarducci I haven't heard anything about interest in Peterman. You mean LSU's Peterman, right? I have heard they may like Adrien Clarke, though
redright DAVE, JUST tell us what players you like that the Browns may be able to get in FA or the Draft, please.
DavidCarducci In free agency, there aren't a whole lot of guys I'm very high on. I wouldn't mind a fullback like Dan Kreider and maybe a tight end like Kleinsasser. I don't like many of the O-line options, considering the true studs will likely return to their clubs. I'm more interested in the draft, and if they can get Gallery in Rnd 1, Troupe in Rnd 2, Adrien Clarke in round 3, Max Starks in round 4, Mike Karney in round 5, Matt Schaub in round 7, and maybe a Patrick Kabonga in round 7, I'd be happy.
dwrose David, that is a draft board I would like to see.
DavidCarducci ALthough, that won't happen (what I said earlier. They'll go with some defense in there)
redright THANKS, DAVE. who is going to get a very close look for staying with the team?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think you'll see a lot of retention. They'll lose Northcutt, and because of that, they could look for a WR, like maybe a James Newson or an Ernest Wilford at some point. Boyer should be back. They are already talking with him and Gardocki. They'll match McCutcheon, which is not something I thought they'd do a few weeks ago.
Stov I beleive this season was a real eye opener for Davis and hell become a better coach for it
DavidCarducci Stov, I hope you are right. There is a different demeanor about him, but we'll see if he also follows through on his words
Guest20 Dave - Is Couch coming back?
DavidCarducci Guest20, I believe he will be back. I think he won back some people on the staff and in the front office with the way he handled this whole season. his willingness to rework the deal and the fact that while he may not be the savior everyone hoped he would be in 1999, he is still far from the problem
JerseyDawg browns didnt waste anytime with Arians, Dave how long before the Couch situation is settled
DavidCarducci JerseyDawg, Couch said he wants it to get done soon... but I heard today they won't work on it until after the Super Bowl
Guest191 if we can get a good tackle in round 2, Sean Taylor is the big safety Davis is looking for
DavidCarducci Guest91, and you can bet Davis knows plenty about Taylor. I like 6-3 back there helping the corners, and I like the way he plays
JerseyDawg Dave, if Gallery is not available, what do you think the browns strategy will be in rnd1 ?
DavidCarducci JerseyDawg, it could be a number of directions. If Andrews is there, you take him. If not, like Guest91 said, Taylor is an option. I don't like any of the G's. If you lose Northcutt, which they will I believe, maybe you look at a Roy or Reggie Williams
JerseyDawg Dave, how would you rate the browns priorities going into the draft/FA
DavidCarducci JerseyDawg, I would say in this order ... LT, RG, SS, WR, TE, DE, DT (if they don't pay Roye), CB, FB
DavidCarducci Basically JerseyDawg, they have a ton of needs
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. Have to get up early and drive to Detroit!
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone. Have a very happy New Year!

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