Suggs Sweeps the Final 2003 Gameballs and Goats

Lee Suggs got rewarded for his breakout performance against the Bengals

The Week's Results
The Browns came roaring back, and so did Browns fans as they awarded RB Lee Suggs 115 gameballs for his break-out performance against the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday. The anti-Bruce Arians gang awarded him team goat again during this final week, and found themselves rewarded within the day when Arians was released from the team's service.


Player Gameballs
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 115
Tim Couch (2/QB) 58
---O Line--- 27
---Entire Defense--- 13
Butch Davis (Head) 10

Gameball Write-In Votes:
Brett Conway (5), "Win, Finally", "Tim couch's block in the first quarter.. awesome!!!!", "Lee Suggs' orthopedic surgeon", "Browns Fans in Cinci", "The entire D for their performance this year", "Defense, Fans, Me",  "Suggs' spin move that came straight out of Madden 2004!", "Browns Fan's everywhere", "Couch's classy handling of the season!", Lebron James, Bengals, "Entire team and fans for not quitting!", "NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE"


Player Goathorns
Bruce Arians(OC) 66
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 23
William Green (31/RB) 21
Carmen Policy 18
Butch Davis (Head) 13
---Officiating Crew--- 12

Goat Write-In Votes:
This disappointing season", That Knucklehead CBS Color Commentator (Brent Jones) (4), Bengals Fans, Jeff ""I hate the browns"" Triplett, Cravens/Ratbirds (2), "The entire O for their performance this year", "Tim's one-glove Michael Jackson impression..", Injuries
Modell, "Fans who gave up on Couch!",  "ESPN for Modell tribute", "Prevent defense"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
dabrowns31 Couch's third and long conversions where clutch real clutch.. won the game for us
windsordawg suggs is the man!!
gooch923 We won!!! Props to Timmy for making some big throws down the stretch, but even bigger props to Lee Suggs. What a monster game. Next year, I think we'll see a totally different team. Go Dawgs!!!
bendal Offensive line gets a gameball for opening holes for Suggs and protecting Couch for the most part.
dp10451 Lee Suggs gets the biggest damn gameball I can find. He made Willie look like a distant memory. The whole team earned a gameball for not just showing up, but for one hell of an effort. We love ya guys.T immy's numbers weren't great but he came up with some big passes for first downs.
doctorfresh Tim Couch: Another nice, solid performance. I hope he's back next year!!! Lee Suggs: Spectacular. Our new RB!!! Butch Davis: For having his players motivated and excited to play, even though there was nothing to play for. Keep Butch, keep Couch, start Suggs...2004 is gonna be good!
jmatt19534 TC--Again, I'll say it, I hope this wasn't your last game as a Brown. Even though you did nothing incredible, you managed the game and picked up some huge 3rd and long conversions that we needed on that last drive. You're a warrior...a hero to stand in their and take hit after hit. Thanks! Hope to see you next a Browns starter. To think if Butch didn't have his gut feeling... Lee--Absolutely outstanding. You better be the RB next year. Just don't go out smoking and drinking in the off season. Conway--3 for 3, nice job!
ponchdog For all the talk about this being Tim Couch's last game I thought he came out and played like it was his team. Maybe someone should remind Butch that it's O.K. to admit he was wrong and keep Tim. I can remember when Chuck Noll set Terry Bradshaw for most of a season behind Joe Gilliam but he was man enough to eat crow and re-instate Bradshaw the next year... all he did was go on to win 3 Super Bowls and a Super Bowl M.V.P. We could do a lot worse than Couch as we have all seen this season. Tim has said he'd re-structure his contract and all he's done this entire year is react with class. I hope Butch considers these things as he ponders his next "gut " decision!
suitedaddyo So much for 'lack of open field speed'.
ronsicker How about that Suggs
okibrown Incredible day from Lee Suggs. Who said Davis can't draft? Gameballs also go to Butch and Campo. Butch convinced his team to play hard and not hang it up. Campo finally got our D to gang tackle.
roberto.12 Lee Suggs - The future of our running game. Obvious gameball. O-Line - Good job! I have to give these undersized, overmatched guys kudos for sticking it out this season and opening up a few holes today. Butch Davis - I don't know what he said before the game, but somethin motivated these guys! Why can't he coach like that every game though?
redright Couch managed a winning game. Suggs proved Fuller right; maybe we don't need Green. Dre proved he should be the #1 receiver. Butch would not let the team quit and Zierlien got the OL together.
thedude99 Arians must go
seibu1 Suggs- This kid proved why he still should have been a #1 pick. Welcome to Cleveland Lee. Wanna stay for awhile? Lang - Quietly had a solid season with 8 sacks and consistent pressure. Added a sack and a half in a great performance Sunday. O-Line - A mashed together unit of nobodies and backups came together and had a great game considering the circumstances. They will never all play together again, but they can be proud of their effort this day.
brinkcle Suggs looks like he could be a big time NFL back. Please God, let William Green get his life together. Jamal White made some nice gains, so gotta give some props to the o-line, and Butch finally got his team to play four quarters in a all but meaningless game.
thespazdawg Did you see Pontbriand with the ST tackle? How about Todd McNair for getting Suggs ready all season?
optidawg Suggs...what can you say. put the Browns on his back and carried them to victory. Couch made a number of good throws to keep drives alive. Avoided any serious errors...nice game Tim! Andra Davis continues to impress...
edgewater joe Suggs -- DUH! Bodden gets one for shutting down Chad Johnson, and kudos to the D for tightening their belts after that godawful first series.
invinsor (1) Tim Couch - for his final drive as a Brown. (2) Lee Suggs - William who? (3) Bob Griffith - There, I gave you a gameball, Robert. Now get lost.
revrm19 Lee was fantastic!! Forget William and let's go for '04 to the playoffs. Timmy played a very good and heady game. If the coach has the proper gut feeling, Tim will be back as starter next season. Brant continues to impress as the unsung worker on the defense. Others deserve mentioning, shoot, give a gameball to the whole cotton-picking team!! Way to end the season.
clevelandfan Lee Suggs - Lee just may have earned himself a starting job for next year. Very nice performance!!! Tim Couch - Nice solid start (again) by Timmy. Time to hand over the reign to Tim, drop KH in the offseason, and find an OC who can plan an offence around Tim. O-Line - Great, gutsy performance by a very beat up line. Bring on Mr. Gallery in round #1 in April. Defense - Effort was 180 degree turnaround from last week. Fans - Tough season to get through, but even Browns fans could be heard loud and clear at Paul Brown Stadium. Me - Sat through every second of football this season...and wouldn't trade it for the world (yes I want the wins, but I remember the 3 years without Cleveland football)
fleabag Although the Browns o-line was banged-up for much of the season and their running game was near the bottom of the league in yardage, I give them a game ball in this win today. Suggs is the third different back on the roster to rush for 100 in a game this season and the fourth, James Jackson, had a 94-yard game. The o-line deserves some props in the season's final game. Tim Hower aka Fleabag
chucksjeep77 tim couch, will green + lee suggs, andre davis, quicy morgan, tucker, verba, faine. only 3 more needed 2 line 1 tight end. if we dont keep northcutt we have cj jones. hate to see northcutt go
epenn5 McNair someone needs to get a little credit for the way our back ups have played since Willie went down. Might as well be you. Conway thanks for stepping up for us. Good luck next season. Great job Lang and Roye. Lets hope it wasnt the last game as a Brown for either of you.
tkbrowns Enoch was a definite presence on the o-line. He just needs to improve on pass-pro. Lee, outstanding game, let's see how he can do week in week out.
bowdowntothesilverbullets The whole offensive line did great, showed a lot of toughness and pride! It's been a while since I've been excited watching a Browns running back, great job Lee Suggs! Tim Couch played a steady game and is a much better qb to handle the running game than KH. The WR's did a good job blocking down field also. Good play calling by the coach's. The defense also showed a lot of pride too. Hats off to Butch and the rest of the staff for having the Browns ready to play. Good victory, and I enjoyed it !!!!!
lukedawg12 Suggs proved what I had suspected...first round talent taken late b/c of two of which he still had when he was drafted...way to shake n bake out there ran for more yards than Tim threw for hahahahahaha...of course usually that means you only probably have to run for about 47 yards ;) Way to end the season on a high note Brownies!
stonecolddawg Tyrone Rogers played his ass off all year.
neuby03 An entire team effort! I was really impressed with the patchwork offensive line. This team could have had every excuse to lay down and play dead but they fought to the very end. The off season has a little bit better taste left in everyone's mouth win a W in the fianl game. Lets hope it carries over into next season.
yogi8 Lee Suggs. Looked nice in that #44. Tim Couch made two tremendous critical throws on 3rd down and long situations after the Bungles had taken the lead. Led to Suggs 2nd TD. I'll also give a Gameball to Joaquin Gonzalez who did very well in only his 2nd or 3rd start!
naxos Game balls to everyone. I love this team and can't wait to see them again next year. I will be going through 8 months of withdrawls. Specials props to the man Lee Suggs who showed us all that yes, he can definitely run and to Tim Couch who just deliver every time he had to. Great game. Lets see some more of this next year.
chas dawg Did I mention Lee Suggs should get a gameball?
jacooper96 Suggs was huge!!! Couldn't pick out any individual on D,so I will recognize the entire D. After the first drive, they pretty much controlled the line and took the game to the Gals. Tim Couch ... if he is done in Cleveland I am glad it was with a 'W'.
dixiedawg Nothing like watching the Browns win on your birthday! Great effort from a team that many people expected to simply fold up. Can't wait for the draft - get us some O-linemen and a new OC, Butch.
jsinct Nice to know the Browns can still win a game late in a meaningless matchup. Although, this was the Bungals... So I guess an asterisk is in order.
furer keep Couch!!!
hgteric Loved the way Suggs ran the ball today...then again, William ran this way in game 16 last year. It looks like he has speed/power game that we've been waiting for. The 'Nati's D was ranked 22, though...Couch was steady and ran the game plan effectively - really showed up on 3rd down and proved what he can do with time. He IS our QB! The defense shut down a good power running game and put pressure on Kitna.
clbr99 Lee Suggs gets a gameball today. The future looks bright for this kid--I really like what I see here. And if Willie Green comes back, we've got a great one-two punch in the backfield. Also a gameball to Tim Couch, who probably played his last game as a Brown. Thanks for the memories, Teeum, wish you could stay and work behind a better line. Finally, a gameball to the entire defense. At the beginning of the year, everyone thought the defense would be our achilles heel, but it turned out that our defense was probably our best unit. I'm looking forward to seeing what this defense does next season.
adbkil Lehan and Bodden both made big plays in coverage. At least one of these is gonna be a keeper, if not both. Regarding Couch, I turned to my wife just before Tim's drive in which he completed back to back 3rd and longs and stated that despite it being unfair, this drive may determine Tim's future. Well, that remains to be seen, but Tim came through with some big throws and convinced me yet again that he deserves to be back next year as the starter. Honorable mention to Conway for two long FG's and to the offensive line and of course Suggs
fgm Butch Davis- As badly as I was chastising him after last week's game, I have to praise him highly this week for finally admitting after the game that he learned a lot of harsh lessons this year and that he needs to start doing things differently as a coach. After reading his humbling remarks, I think he deserves one more year to help right the ship. Lee Suggs- I thought I was taken back in time and saw Leroy Kelly or Earnest Byner streaking down the sideline yesterday. My only question is- William who? OL- This patchwork unit did one hell of a job yesterday, especially Gonzalez, who I think could be a soild LT, and O' Hara, who had the key block on Suggs long TD run. Kenard Lang- Was in on 2 sacks and was pressuring Kitna for most of the day. Where was this effort the whole season? He did have that stupid face-mask penalty though. Lebron James- Yeah, I know. He doesn't play for the Browns. But I was at the Cavaliers game last night and saw Lebron in person for the first time. And he did not disappoint me. 32 pts, 10 rbs, 9 assts, and two electrifying steals and dunks in the last minute of the game. That was the most fun I had at a Cavs game in a loooooong time. Lebron IS the real deal!
fortunato Tim Couch threw one of the best blocks I've ever seen a QB make in the first quarter when he sprung Jamel White for an extra 10-15 yards. How many QBs in this league do that? I thought Holcomb won the job at the start of the year, but Tim is a true leader. As a former O lineman myself, I'd want him in my huddle anyday! Here's hoping The Browns and Tim can come to a deal. He's at least as good as half the QBs in the playoffs with better talent around them.
mrgrinch Suggs! Over 100yds just in TD's! Phenomenal! Couch reacted well, didn't get rattled, didn't press, kept the game smooth.
appraiser looks like some guys are getting ready for next year. thank you for playing hard. that is all we can ask.
pvtscratch if the season started yesterday, we would be undefeated
mamadawg I was happy to see the offense be able to score against a 27th ranked defense. The whole team needs a game ball for showing alot of heart and not giving up. Hold your heads up high boys, your Browns!
r22weiss Lee!!! Boy can he run with power and quickness. Nice to see the coaching staff using him. This gives him a nice game for him to end the season and build for next season. You also have to give credit to the offensive line because they got holes for him to punch through and he got through with speed that William Green can only dream of. Yes it's one game but let's give Suggs a chance to win the starting job. Tim Couch once again did a good job doing that the team wanted. He only threw the ball 18 times but alot of them were big completions on 3rd down. Tim...please restructure!!! The entire defense showed up today and did a nice job keeping Chad Johnson out of the game and everyone else too.
cstevens it only took preseason and 16 games to make a defense think, to little to late BA.
buzzard510 Outstanding effort for a weakened line and a rookie back
darkcell What else is there to say, I knew he should have been playing as soon as he was healthy enough.
erass It was great to win for a change! Don't get to excited about the offensive lines play in this last game. The Bengals were ranked 22nd against the run and played the part. Tim Couch did not make mistakes that hurt the team and the defense played tough. I'm not sure firing Arians is the answer but I have lobbied to change quarterbacks coach. They need to get one of the two top rated tackles some how but it won't be easy from the 7th or 8th spot.
aqib Couch gets a game ball for his clutch third down conversions. Suggs it goes without saying. The OL played its best game of the year knowing that many of them will either be on the bench or elsewhere come September 2004.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
dabrowns31 where the hell was Morgan? haha comical
gooch923 I have nothing to bi@#$ about. We won.
bendal No goats today; the whole team played well!
dp10451 I still don't like run,run,then have to pass on third and long. Lee saved your ass Arians.Oh, two last words for Bruce Arians. SEE YA!
doctorfresh My only goathorn is for the soon-to-be-fired Arians. Some of his calls, as usual, were mind-boggling dumb. Bring in Norv Turner!
jmatt19534 Butch and Bruce--where was this all year? Oh wait, when Tim was on the bench it was there! Tim beat the Bengals, Steelers, Raiders, and played well enough to beat the Broncos and Rams with an injury ridden line. I wonder if Tim would have played against Indy, Pitt the 2nd time, and the others. Carmen--go away! You are a gravy train!
phelix17 With special thanks to the Pointer Sisters... Fired
I'm riding in my car, I turn on the radio
The Browns are getting beat, thirty-five to O I yell
I don't like it, this crap's getting tired
Therefore Bruuuuce, youuu-uu're, fired.

Third and eight, you throw an out for two
Another one yard loss, the plays you call just chew
The O was 'sposed to rock, but we're always mired
Therefore Bruuuuce, youuu-uu're, fired

You had no clue right from the start
A plan so lame any team could tear it apart
You stand on the sideline with that clueless pose
While the Brownie O woes posts those zeeee-rooooes.

Well, Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah
Could call better plays, this you cannot deny
For a real O C, the fans are so wired
Therefore Bruuuuce, youuu-uu're, fired Fired
Ooh, fired

Gonna get fired
Ticking down to fired
Nothing personal but you're fired
Want you, want you fired
2nd and twenty draw play, fired 3 and out fired
Turn in your clipboard, fired
Check out those classifieds, fired
What are we waiting for, fired

ponchdog Warren got blocked like he was the Bengal O-Line's BITCH. Too bad Bentley can't tackle as well as he talks.
ronsicker Butch Davis just because I don't like him. Might as well throw in Bruce Arians
okibrown By far one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen...and most calls when against the Bungles! Another reason why Bruce is a moron...the 3 chances from the 1 to score and the WR screen yet again that lost about 8 yards! As for Jamel hopefully he gets traded quickly so he can move on in life.
roberto.12 William Green - Idiot. We don't need you. Quincy Morgan - Looks like he just isn't capable of being a good #1 receiver. I can't wait until the complaints start coming. Shut up and get open. Bengals Fans - "WHO DEY" ?? Go home you front-running idiots. We true fans stick with our club through thick and thin. You go 0-2 against us next year.
redright Time for Arians to go, If this game was about who wants to play for the Browns, Warren is gone. Green didn't make any bad plays today but he is taking a seat on the bench for not being here. Can you say Wally Pip?
thedude99 Arians must go
seibu1 Arians - Please go away.
thespazdawg Last time ever...bye BA you sorry sorry man you.
optidawg Still not happy with the play selection. Arians has not shown the ability to create an effective game plan much less adjust during the game to the action on the field. It's time for Arians to go and take his designated QB with him...
edgewater joe One more for Arians out the door -- the play-calling in third-down situations when the Browns were moving the ball showed what a nitwit he turned out to be. Morgan dropped a couple of more balls and should be Arians' valet. Policy gets one until the Browns actually DO get a Super Bowl contender -- or he quits/is fired, whichever comes first.
revrm19 Ariens, how about getting a job in Baltimore as OC? Your dreadful, unimaginative straight ahead goal line calls are ridiculous! Quincy should learn that he is supposed to catch what hits his hands. The officiating crew is awful. No pass interference on the Bengals, but we'll take it.
clevelandfan Carmen Policy - This goathorn is for the endless spinning we've heard for 5 years...please leave Carmen! Butch Davis - Needs to put personnel decisions in the hands of a GM (Ozzie Newsome anyone), and stick to coaching only. Bruce Arians - THROW OUT THE SCREEN PASS TO MORGAN!!!!!! You probably won't make it to next season anyway....burn his playbook! Earl Little - His goathorns are for his public pleading for a Pro Bowl nod....Please Earl, learn how to tackle first.
chucksjeep77 good bye : Robert Griffith- we will miss your blown coverage and missed tackles, bruce arians- your run-run-pass and passes 7 yds behind los, barry stokes- you are a back-up face it, jamel white- you have danced behind the line like metcalf to many times, kelly holcomb- thanks for showing the fans couch is the man, come on 2004
epenn5 Brent Jones CBS for his laughable hissy fit when the original "good " call against Bodden turned out to be Offensive PI "They were just hand checking each other!" Officials those were some of the worst calls I have ever seen. (Thanks) Andra' Davis thanks for letting Wali Rainer were your jersey the last 2 weeks for old times sake. Sorry Willie, get better soon. We miss you.
tkbrowns Gerard was out ran by Mike Vick.. errr... Jon Kitna. Late to a meeting last Saturday, fall asleep during films on Monday, $5 million/yr and second highest paid DT in the NFL. Doesn't add up!!
lukedawg12 I enjoy nothing more than ripping you couch knob-slobbers to shreds....and besides....should this be his last game as a could i pass up the would-be last ever opportunity to give him goathorns?! I couldn't! hahahahahaha...9 completions...8 completions...2 td's in 3 games...BEN WHERE ARE YOU!??? Please tell me Tim that you can only ruin 4.5 years of my Browns life...PLEASE GO!!!!! Brett Favre had 111 yards today...and that is what we call a HORRIBLE game had 115 and guys will praise you...sad.
tresselisgod had a hard time but still think that Morgan hasn't shown much, he did drop a pass i think. warren is still not doing much and i just feel that policy hasnt been doing a great job.
yogi8 Can't think of anyone deserving. Good bye Bruce!
naxos Its been a ruff year and I still give my main goat to Carmen for allowing things to get like this. Bruce Arians play calling is still to predictable and I believe we need a change here.
chas dawg No real goats, they sacked it for pride! Well done!
jacooper96 I hope this is my last Arians Goat!! Morgan ... how does an starting NFL wide receiver drop as many passes as he does. Brent Jones for whining at the end of the half about how the Gals had worked so hard this season and are getting screwed by the officials (offensive pass interference)
dixiedawg Not to nitpick, but Quincy Morgan couldn't catch a bus if he were sitting at the station. I'm going out on a high note here, so I won't mention how much I hate Bruce Arians (even though he still gets automatic goathorns for the rest of his Browns life.)
jsinct I think the team will be advertising it's Offensive Coordinator position vacancy real soon....thankfully.
hgteric Kelly...for being a one-hit wonder but is it really his fault? Butch's gut is so big, he apparently listened to the wrong part of it when he made Holcomb the starter. He deserves the goat of the year by far - the entire 2003 season was a complete waste because he chose the wrong guy out of camp based on one performance. He and Arians version of the NFL offense is so offensive. The plan today was to run on first and second down, knowing "it might put us in a lot of 3rd and long"...nice strategy Bruce, glad Suggs covered your rear. Who would want to be the QB in a system like that! FIRE ARIANS, FIRE DAVIS, FIRE POLICY!!! BRING BACK THE REAL BROWNS!!!!!!
s146r23s13 Policy gets the nod for giving us Butch the GM
clbr99 Bruce Arians gets a lovely parting gift--one last set of goathorns. Thanks for a long year of stupid playcalling. I truly feel sorry for whichever team you end up with next season. Also, a big honking set of goathorns to the Ratbirds who got into the playoffs. While I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at the Bungles yesterday, it's sad that the Browns had to help freaking Art Modell get into the playoffs. Beware, Ratbirds. Your time's about up.
reddawgonbtng William Green is the latest version of Wally Pipp. Lee Suggs, meet Lou Gehrig. Green may need to smoke a bag to get over the fact his @$$ is grass.
fgm Roosevelt Williams- Dude, holding the WR is not the way to play man coverage. Bruce Arians- Although I give him props for sacking up and answering questions from the media yesterday, his play calling still sucks and he needs to go. End of story. Brent Jones- Would it really hurt this guy to not root against the Browns one time in his sorry life?!!!!
mrgrinch Morgan... 1 catch, 6 yards early in the game, then... nothing but drops. The refs... just when I thought that they were biased, they proved to be just incompetent with a couple calls in the Browns favor that even I had a hard time rationalizing. Or maybe they were just hallucinating. (Do they drug test officials?) ESPN's halftime blow job... well they're owned by Disney, and Disney has hired a child molester to direct a movie in the past, so should I really expect any integrity
appraiser i just don't feel like giving out any more goathorns this year. lets decide who is in and who is out for next year, and move on!
pvtscratch FIRE BRUCE!
mamadawg Despite very poor officiating in the first half the Browns were able to pull it out. I saw some prevent defense sneaking in there and was terrified. When are they going to learn.
r22weiss Arians still had some bone head calls in this game. Why run the ball up the middle 3 times when you are at the 2 yard line trying to punch it in? WHat about play action pass or a QB sneak? They were still too predictable on offense. Butch Davis did let everyone down this season and hopefully he will.
buzzard510 Butch sounded like The Evangelist. I have sinned (BOOHOO). Time for you to step down, take Arians with you. Carmen, now is your chance.. WE NEED A GM. Butch don't know d##k
erass To little to late Bruce
aqib Was Morgan even there? Oh wait that's right he dropped another pass. Butch gets one every time Couch comes through. As for Bruce Arians, no goathorn section would be complete without him getting one. I said I would give him one every week until he is gone so this is the last one for you Bruce, I have plenty of boxes from my move to help you get packed.

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