Ask the Insiders forum that you can't get anywhere else on the Internet. Want proof? Check out these recent excerpts featuring info on the Browns coordinator search and problematic defensive tackle Gerard Warren..."> Ask the Insiders forum that you can't get anywhere else on the Internet. Want proof? Check out these recent excerpts featuring info on the Browns coordinator search and problematic defensive tackle Gerard Warren...">

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You can get Browns scoop in BerniesInsider's exclusive <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders forum</A> that you can't get anywhere else on the Internet. Want proof? Check out these recent excerpts featuring info on the Browns coordinator search and problematic defensive tackle Gerard Warren...

MarkTroy:  Insiders-Robiskie as OC... Any indication that the offensive players would favor this move? Any feel for the Robiskie/Couch relationship?

LaneAdkins: There are no problems between Couch and Robiskie... Indications from more than a handful of players are they would like to see Robiskie get the OC job. Hopefully, this answer was straight and to the topic of the question.

MarkTroy: Satisfies me, and in record time. Another related question though. Any indication of the scheme Robiskie would bring? A modified Arians with better play selection, or maybe the old Joe Gibbs scheme?

LaneAdkins: Robiskie is an aggressive coach who really communicates well and has a solid grasp of the game today, IMO. With Robiskie, you have a man that believes in a balanced attack, but will not sit back and accept marginal efforts or minimal rewards. In what may be labeled as an area of concern, Robiskie is more of a vertical attack advocate, I am not sure if this is Couch's strength, if he is the QB.

MarkTroy: Since I still have you. Are relations so bad with BD that this is that difficult? I that the holdup here? Davis ego?

LaneAdkins: This is a make or break time for this organization and Davis' coaching term. He needs to make the correct choice and he, from what I have been told has a very small group of coaches in mind. Davis does have an enormous ego, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the time it will take to name an offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and running backs coach. Davis and Robiskie get along well, I see and hear nothing which leads me to believe there are any issues between the two.

MarkTroy: Robiskie's name is bandied about every time a black HC candidate's name comes up. Is this racial cojecture, or is there substance to these rumors? Is Robiskie that highly thought of in league circles? If so, why has he languished as our WR's coach for 3 years? Great stuff BTW Lane, if I may brownnose you.

LaneAdkins: It is unfortunate, but that appears to be some of the workings with some of the proposed head coach candidates mentioned over the past couple years. Robiskie is a good football coach and believe me, if he were about titles, he would have a greater title, rather than the WR coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Robiskie isn't compensated like a position coach and I am sure he will elevated into a more prominent role heading into the 2004 season. (Mainly due to the organization knowing he is deserving and may eventually opt for increased role and responsibility, but for the time being Robiskie and his family love this area and his kids are into the local sports scene. His son is one of the better WR talents in the local area and will schlorship to a major university after next season.)

RedDawgonBTNG: OK, this is what I really need to know, and the type of question I became of member of this site for... Is Gerard Warren a discipline problem? We are teased with a "team source" saying that he's had other infractions during this season. What is the general nature and frequency of this occurrences? Is there an undercurrent of whispers that Warren is lazy, a pain in the ass, or any other malcontent in the halls of Berea?

MikeMcLain: Warren's tardiness and tendency to nod off at team meetings is a legitimate concern. As one person with ties to the organization said, "A leopard doesn't change his spots." One player recently told me that Warren showed up at about noon the day after the Baltimore game. I think there are some players that are fed up with Warren's way of doing things.

LaneAdkins: Warren had a lengthy meeting with Davis this past week and the 'word' is that it was somewhat unplesant for the underachieving defensive tackle. Warren will not see the 5.5+ million scheduled for the 2004 season with the Browns.

Nasdaq: LA, I see you in the house now: Tollnar & Erickson. what R U hearing re: Tollnar? How bad does Davis wnat him? Is Erickson serious, or trying to get a draft choice out of Davis? Is this a York/Policy thing? Any other names we ought look for?

LaneAdkins: Davis wanted him a bad way and Erickson NEEDS Tollner to run the revised San Francisco offense. The word from the Bay is offensive coordinator Greg Knapp is slowly losing his voice within the organization and could be on the road soon. The York's fully support (hearing insisted) the Browns would not permitted to speak with Tollner if that was Erickson's desire. Also, the Browns OC list is said to be very short with 2 NFL experienced coaches, 1-2 college coaches, and possibly one other possibility not within the game at the present time to be potential hires.

Nasdaq: Lane, as always, you are money. One outside the game.... Hmmmmm. I'm guessing all us Browns fans are crossing fingers it's some guy with a funny name chillin' in NC who used to work here in the 80;s before leaving for Green Bay. 1 - 2 on the college level. very intriguing. Chow? That'd be cool. IU'm sure they could blow USC away $-wise. Chudzinski isn't ready for the leap, is he?

LaneAdkins: The only people who feel Chudzinski is ready are those in South Florida and those associated with the program is some manner. The "Chud-Watch" cam is operational in South Florida, but the screen remains blank at this time. According to Lindy Infante, never say never on a return to the game, but he really doesn't think so. He appears to be finished with the grind. Norm Chow appears to be extremely comfortable at USC and indications are he is not going anywhere.

Grinch: Lane - re Norm Chow - he did interview for the AZ (college) job and based on comments from a recent LA Times article would appear potentially interested in a college HC job. I don't really see him moving elsewhere to be an assistant (including pro) though. His current gig and respect as the top guy in college are too good.

LaneAdkins: Let me rephrase from another thread here.... It is unlikely Chow will leave the college game. Indications are he is comfortable in the college atmosphere and wants to remain in this element.

Netdawg: Lane, Whatever happened to to the rule that if someone in a coaching position is under contract that he could take a position with another team if that position was a promotion? The Tollner thing is a little confusing to me since the 9ers won't "allow" us to even talk to him. Are we looking at draft compensation (low round pick) if they really do want Tollner???

LaneAdkins: There is some langauge that opens-up promotion moves for front-office personnel, but not for coaching candidates. It had been common in the league for teams to permit their coaching personnel to improve their status, a trend has begun with teams holding various assistant type coaches to their contracts. The jist of the Tollner situation is as follows: Some of the play here is between the organizations (York's-Policy) also some is between the coaches (Erickson-Davis), there is some bad blood here. The bottomline to this situation is Erickson needs Tollner's experience to continue with the offensive change in SF. Also, SF may be willing to part with OC Greg Knapp, as Tollner will have much more influence in the SF offense in 2004.

Robdawgie: Could the guy who is out of the game be Rick Neuheisal?? Man I hope so...

LaneAdkins: Have been told that Rick Neuheisal is not one of the options on radar.

Kamala: A great deal of the Robert Gallery supportes have pointed to his being recruited as a TE and having put on so much weight during college. I like him too. IMO, comparisons to Pace and Searcy(sp?) are a stretch. I also am concerned about the kid from Ark. weight fluxuations. MY QUESTION: Has a player like Gallery already hit his ceiling physically?

LaneAdkins: An area of concern according to a couple personnel types I have discussed with about Andrews is his physical health down the road. On Gallery, the feel is his growth from a TE to an OT is nothing out of the ordinary and he has the physical base to add to that base. One team in particular would like to see him add about 10-12 lbs of bulk and improve his strength.

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