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Here's some of the stuff we've been muttering about recently

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I haven't Babbled in two days, so, naturally there's a lot of babble backed up. You wouldn't believe how uncomfortable that is.

Fortunately, there hasn't been any real news over the last couple of days, a fact readily seen by the emptiness of the Daily Newswire. The Newswire has had some technical glitches this morning, but we'll get it set up as soon as our web hosting provider gets the problem fixed.

Even The.Raw.Feed has only been spitting out references it picks up regarding Kirk Ferentz (Browns line coach in the Belichick era) and Nick Saban (Browns defensive coordinator in the Belichick era).

Oh, yeah, and Belichick himself, who's the NFL Coach of the Year.

Perhaps it's seeing the later success of the monumentally unpopular Belichick is keeping us from calling for Davis' head after the 5-11 season. We Browns fans are a grumpy lot these days, but we've got a good grasp of history, and seeing what Belichick and his staff have done post-Betrayal give me, at least, some pause. I imagine that's true for a lot of fans.

While we may be sparing Butch from our ire, Bruce Arians got run out of town on a rail, nearly a thousand fan-generated goathorns in hand, and replacing him dominates Rumor Central right now.

First, let's talk about Ted Tollner, who jumped to the top of everyone's watch list after Bruce Arians was shown his walking papers. Last Friday, Lane gave Ask the Insiders denizens the heads-up that the Browns had tried a couple of times to get permission to talk to Tollner and that the Niners are bouncing the Browns all the way up to the ownership level. Lane also mentioned Gene Knapp as someone who might move on out of San Francisco, but not to the Browns, as Tollner is given a larger role running Erickson's offense.

We get some of that same stuff today from the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi, who offers up that Knapp might be headed to Detroit.

We also have Grossi trying to stop the "rumor" that the Browns might go after Phil Savage. It's not so much a rumor as a hope - and was actually kicked-off by Grossi's fellow columnist at the Plain Dealer, Roger Brown. I started tracking it in Bernie's Insiders Rumor Central because, well, I have no pride when it comes to mongering. Thanks for ruining our fun, Tony. Party pooper.

The references to Knapp and Savage are in Grossi's "Rumor Central" area of his Sunday column, which is labeled "Browns Insider" on their Internet site. He really should get a better editor or something... those names are so, well, lame. You would think that, in today's media-crazy world the Plain Dealer would come up with branding that isn't so weak. I mean, that's just pathetic, it's so.... oh, wait.... just remembered something. Never mind.

Another reference to the Browns showing up recently suggests that, while Pete Garcia appears safe, the Browns could be looking to make a change when it comes to college scouting. Finally, as we've been saying here, there's nothing to rumors that Randy Lerner is looking to deal the franchise. That stuff was too weak even for me to run with, which is saying something...

: Terry Robiskie season has broken out at last here in Cleveland. His name remains in contention for the OC job, but will also continue to pop up as a candidate for positions elsewhere in the league. With Bill Callahan being tossed out the door of the Raidahs, Robiskie has already gotten press mention as a candidate in the Bay area. Robiskie has been a big topic in Ask the Insiders.

COMING ON MONDAY: Tomorrow, we'll hit with some little-reported nuggets from recent public statements by Carmen Policy and Butch Davis.

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