On to Other Options

With Ted Tollner out of the picture, the Browns search for an offensive coordinator have moved on to "other options". While Terry Robiskie (pictured) is the only candidate to have interviewed, another name keeps coming up as well...

Butch Davis' first choice to become the Browns new offensive coordinator fell through, so now it's on to "other options."

Ted Tollner, who is the quarterback coach for the San Francisco 49ers, was Davis' top choice.

Davis actually offered the job to Tollner three years ago, but he preferred to stay on the West Coast. That's when Davis hired Bruce Arians.
But Davis fired Arians the day after the season -- after he had given Arians a contract extension through 2005.

Tollner has one year left on his contract, and the 49ers do not want to lose him. San Francisco denied the Browns request to interview Tollner.

Tollner has an excellent rapport with 49ers quarterbacks Jeff Garcia and Tim Rattay, and Tollner also could be in line to be coordinator if Greg Knapp leaves.

So the Browns turn to the rest of their list, and one name is receivers coach Terry Robiskie.

Hiring Robiskie would bring Davis instant credibility in the locker room. Robiskie is liked and respected by every player on the team.

It would also seem to help Robiskie's career. He has head coaching aspirations, and it seems easier to become a head coach as a coordinator.

But Robiskie doesn't necessarily agree. He worked as a coordinator for three years in Oakland, and he's been an interim head coach for three games in Washington. He feels his resume is complete, and if a team wants to hire him as a head coach he thinks he's ready.

Robiskie interviewed with the Browns on Jan. 7, but Davis is considering others.

He's keeping a tight lid on the names, though one that keeps surfacing is University of Miami offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.
This seems like a reach since Chudzinski has no NFL experience, but the Miami connection keeps it alive.

Chudzinski has also spent time with the Browns staff, who often bring college coaches in for some time to help them learn how pro game plans are developed and games called.


  • Browns owner Randy Lerner shot down rumors that the team is for sale. Lerner said dignifying the rumor with a comment would only add to the ridiculousness of the situation.
  • Team president Carmen Policy said late in the year that the team was considering enhancements to the personnel department. He did not elaborate, and Lerner has not specified. The "enhancements" do not seem to indicate a General Manager, though. Despite much public outcry for one, the team remains committed to Butch Davis handling all personnel decisions.
  • The 2004 schedule has Davis matching coaching wits with Joe Gibbs of Washington, Bill Parcells of Dallas and Bill Belichick of New England.
  • QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "There are less holes today than there were three years ago." -- Coach Butch Davis, on the state of the team following his third year.


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