Return of the Mock Draft Muncher!

Here is the first edition of the 2004 Mock Draft Muncher, based on 14 mock drafts as of 1/19/04.

THE MOCK DRAFT MUNCHER RETURNS! The 'Muncher is not a mock draft in and of itself, however it is a "compilation & analysis of NFL mock drafts from various media sources." It provides fans with a summary overview of what the draft experts are predicting.

Long-time 19/BTNG Crew member TBF (TheBrownsFan) cranks the draft mock numbers for us. TBF takes all the mock drafts he can find, and essentially averages their results to find a composite selection of all the mock drafts.

Although currently there are only 14 mocks being munched, the number will soon grow to 40 as draft day approaches. We will also be including greater detail in subsequent versions of the Mock Draft Muncher. By the time the 2003 draft rolled around, there were nine web pages of stats and views into what the mock drafts were saying.

Offensive line advocates will like the initial results, which show Robert Gallery being available to the Browns with the eighth pick in the draft. Expect results to change as we get through the scouting combine and private workouts, however!

The first edition this year has a listing of the top picked at each draft position for the early mock drafts (as well as the second and third favorite picks). It's too big to fit on a typical article page so...


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