Mock Draft Muncher Weekend Update

The Muncher consumes five more mock drafts, and now provides a composite of 19 mocks found on the Internet.

MOCK DRAFT MUNCHER UPDATE (1/24): The 'Muncher is not a mock draft in and of itself, however it is a "compilation & analysis of NFL mock drafts from various media sources." It provides fans with a summary overview of what the draft experts are predicting.

Long-time 19/BTNG Crew member TBF (TheBrownsFan) cranks the draft mock numbers for us. TBF takes all the mock drafts he can find, and essentially averages their results to find a composite selection of all the mock drafts.

This weekend's update brings the total to 19 drafts crammed into the muncher to create a composite mock draft. Last week's results, which showed the Browns getting Robert Gallery, now are altered to more closely fit to "common wisdom", with Gallery going to the New York Giants with the #4 pick.

Interestingly, however, running backs Kevin Jones and Steven Jackson are showing up around where the Redskins and Lions pick at #5 and #6.

Seeing some running backs move into the Top 10 would help the Browns cause, as the team looks at offensive linemen, safety Sean Taylor, and potentially TE Kellen Winslow. Don't neglect the team's potential interest in a WR as well, as Larry Fitzgerald's entry into the draft gives the Browns a number of game-breaker options should they lose Dennis Northcutt. At present, the mocks show the Browns taking Shawn Andrews.

(Article babbling by Bietz, numbers crunched by TBF)


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