Coaching Moves Not Over?

Don't look now, but there is the still the possibility of some changes in the Browns coaching ranks

With the door firmly closed on the Raiders window of opportunity, and assistant coaches leaving in droves, the Oakland Raiders aren't being viewed as a dream job these days. Norv Turner is the latest head coaching candidate to talk with Al Davis, and there is considerable speculation that he will simply become the latest to turn down the Raiders.

If Turner shoots down Al Davis, there is still a possibility that new Browns offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie will be courted for the head coaching job.

Our sources are telling that Robiskie wouldn't be inclined to take the position if it is offered, but that the team has a fall-back position in case Robiskie does decide to take the job. We've been informed that the team would look to pursue Norv Turner in the event that Robiskie leaves. The team would likely dangle a second title, something along the lines of "Assistant Head Coach" for Turner. Butch Davis has worked with Norv Turner before, when they were both on the coaching staff in Dallas, and Robiskie is considered a Turner protege.

Also, over the weekend, there were various rumors starting to pop up about the team trading up to the #2 spot in the draft. This would require a deal with these same Raiders. Our sources are telling us that there's absolutely nothing to the rumor.

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