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Are You Ready for Trivia Time?

<B>NEW FEATURE!</B> Think you know your stuff? Think you're a hard-core Browns fan? Then try out these brain-bogglers, courtesy of <I>Browns Facts and Trivia</I> author Roger Gordon! Answers will be posted this evening in this article and in <A HREF="">The Watercooler</A>!

TRIVIA TIME (CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION) is proud to debut a new feature: Trivia Time! The questions for Trivia Time are being provided by Roger Gordon, author of Browns Facts and Trivia, a 300-page compendium of all the Browns trivia one could ever hope to know! For more information on Roger's book, click this page to see more details!


  1. On Christmas Eve 1967 in the Cotton Bowl, the Browns were beaten badly by Dallas, 52-14, in the Eastern Conference Championship game. The two Browns' touchdowns were receptions from the right arm of Frank Ryan. What two players were on the receiving end of those scores?
  2. The Browns gained a measure of revenge from the Cowboys' loss the year before in the Eastern Conference title game on Dec. 21, 1968, in Cleveland. The Browns beat Dallas, 31-20. What Browns linebacker returned a Don Meredith pass 27 yards for a touchdown to give Cleveland a 17-10 third-quarter lead?
  3. What Browns rookie defensive back returned a Craig Morton pass 88 yards for a touchdown that iced a 38-14 rout of the Cowboys in the 1969 Eastern Conference Championship game in Dallas?
  4. What Browns running back scored the first points of Cleveland's 23-20 overtime loss to Denver in the 1986 AFC Championship game in Cleveland?
  5. The Browns' defeat to Denver in the 1989 AFC Championship game was their third loss in four years to the Broncos in the conference title tilt. The final score was 37-21. However, the Browns trailed by only three early in the fourth quarter. What was the score entering the final period?
  6. The Browns lost just four games - including postseason - in the entire four-year existence of the All-America Football Conference from 1946-49. Name the two teams that handed the Browns those four defeats.
  7. The Browns had only one losing season in their first 28 years of existence, from 1946-73. What year was it?
  8. The Browns have won two road playoff games in their history - and they were both by the same exact score. What score was it?
  9. The Browns won 10 games in 1972. What did all 10 victories have in common (besides the fact that they were all wins)?
  10. The Browns began the Forrest Gregg head coaching tenure by losing their first nine games. They ended Gregg's tenure by dropping five of six games. What was the Browns' record under Gregg in between?


  1. Tight end Milt Morin caught a 13-yarder in the second quarter to cut the Browns' deficit to 24-7. Paul Warfield was on the receiving end of a 75-yard pass play in the fourth quarter for the game's last score.
  2. Dale Lindsey.
  3. Walt Sumner.
  4. Herman Fontenot was on the receiving end of a 6-yard pass play from Bernie Kosar.
  5. 24-21.
  6. The Los Angeles Dons and San Francisco 49ers.
  7. 1956 when the team finished 5-7.
  8. 38-14. The Browns beat the Rams in the 1951 NFL title game and the Cowboys in the 1969 Eastern Conference title game.
  9. The Browns scored in the 20s in all of them.
  10. 17-9.

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