Ask the Insiders: Is Drew on Radar?

Your webmaster is an Ohio State grad and loyal Buckeye, so it's painful putting this picture up on the front page. If it's Browns-related, though, I make exceptions, and in this edition of ATI highlights, Bennis asks a question that needs to be asked: If the Browns are all over Ben Roethlisberger and grilling Cody Pickett, then what about Drew Henson?

Bennis: Insiders/anybody........what's the deal w/ Drew up b-ball, re-entering 04 draft, signing w/ Texans-trade?????.....any interest by Browns??

Lane Adkins: Personnel guys in the Browns front office toyed with the idea of selecting Henson, but chose to select a player that would compete for a roster spot (They didn't expect him to play football in the near future at that time)

Henson intrigued them at that time and I do not see any reason he would not now.

VBF: Lane, Butch praised Boyer many, many times last year for his veteran leadership and play at LB and on ST. A players "value" to a team is relative. And with the mediocre talent level on the Browns, relatively speaking, Boyer is "good". Is Chaun Thompson expected to make the leap that Andra Davis did last year thereby stepping into the shoes of Boyer thus making Boyer needed less? Or are the Browns really serious about signing him?

Thanks in advance!!!

As always, outstanding job, Lane. Keep up the excellent work.

Lane Adkins: Thanks VBF..........

The team has high hopes for Thompson and admits he was somewhat overwhelmed in his rookie season, but acknowledges he made good progress as the season wore on.

This team did not have enough of a positive veteran presense in 2003, Boyer was one of the few veterans that kept the masses together.

Boyer is a class act and will mosy likely be missed.

Gorilladog: Siders, If Ron Wolf is indeed on board, do you think that may increase the likelihood that the Browns go after a guy like Chad Clifton from GB? I would love to see the Browns land this kid and be able to focus on other need areas in the draft. From watching him play, he is one of the better five or six LT's in the league.

Lane Adkins: I don't know if the Wolf involvement would be that intense, but Clifton is one of the top-four offensive left tackles available in free agency.

Clifton will come much cheaper that say Orlando Pace or Walter Jones and he is playing some of the best ball of his career.

Indications are the Packers are working with his agent to retain his services, as he would like to remain in Green Bay, but in today's NFL, you just never know.

Amore: Lane - if Winslow or Taylor were available at 7/8 with Gallery gone - would that be the pick?

Lane Adkins: I certainly would not be surprised. It appears that Gallery will be gone and it could be close on Taylor. Winslow is a player many teams like, the question will be do they value the tight-end position enough to nab him within three first 8-picks.

Mike McLain: I think San Diego might trade down and grab Gallery, if possible. If that doesn't happen, I'd be surprised if Gallery gets by the Giants at No. 4. I think it might be wishful thinking to project Taylor at 7 or 8. Taylor might be the best defensive player in the draft. I could see him going to Detroit at 6. Winslow should be on the board. However, it's possible that Joe Gibbs, who likes quality tight ends, might pick him.

DawgPounder12: Any chance we might be looking at these guys, both in my opnion are great tacklers or is their respective teams looking to franchise them, or maybe they might be too costly?

Lane Adkins: Safety could be a priority fill for this team, but I don't know if they are high on Darius. He has battled some inconsistency and we have that on the roster already. As for Winfield, he is a very, very good corner. Could be interesting if the team intends to sign a shutdown corner, rather than let the progression of youth on the roster attempt to fill this void.



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