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Trivia Time: Championship Edition

As rival team fans tell us (endlessly), the Browns have never been to a Super Bowl. It's up to us to inform them that NFL championships didn't start with the Super Bowl. Roger Gordon provides us with some trivia to ponder about those championships as we await another Browns-less Super Bowl. Answers will be posted this evening in this article and in <A HREF="">The Watercooler</A>!


The questions for Trivia Time are provided by Roger Gordon, author of Browns Facts and Trivia, a 300-page compendium of all the Browns trivia one could ever hope to know! For more information on Roger's book, click this page to see more details!


  1. Cleveland won all four AAFC Championship games from 1946-49. In only one of the games, they actually trailed on the scoreboard. Which game was it?
  2. What Los Angeles Rams receiver scored on a 73-yard pass play from Norm Van Brocklin late in the game that broke a 17-17 tie and lifted the Rams to a 24-17 victory over the Browns in the 1951 NFL title game?
  3. The Browns yielded 17 points in both NFL Championship game losses to the Lions in 1952 and ‘53. There was another similarity in the games in that a Browns running back had 15 rushes for 104 yards in both games. This Indiana University product also scored Cleveland's only touchdown of each game with a third-quarter run, a 7-yarder in the 1952 game and a 9-yarder in the ‘53 affair. Who was this running back?
  4. What was the halftime score of the Browns' 27-0 upset over the Baltimore Colts in the NFL Championship game on Dec. 27, 1964, in Cleveland?
  5. What Baltimore running back scored on three touchdown runs in the Colts' 34-0 pounding of the Browns in the 1968 NFL title game in Cleveland?


1. On Dec. 22, 1946, in Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Browns trailed 3-0 and 9-7 before beating the New York Yankees, 14-9.

2. Tom Fears.

3. Harry Jagade.

4. 0-0.

5. Tom Matte.

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