Browns Announce Signings, NFL Europe Allocations subscribers have known most of this for several weeks, but the Browns officially today announced additional roster signings (such as Joffrey Reynolds, pictured) and allocations to NFL Europe. It's a large group - nine new signings were announced and a whopping total of fourteen players are getting to learn more about dollar-to-Euro exchange rates...

The Browns today officially announced a number of roster signings and allocations to NFL Europe. has reported most of these signings and allocations since the end of the season, but two players we had previously not mentioned were included in today's announcement by the team. had previously revealed the post-season signings of QB Todd Husak, WR Richard Alston, DL Corey Jackson, RB Joffrey Reynolds, DL Cedric Scott, DB Ricky Sharpe, and DB David Young. Added to that list today by the Browns are WR Hugh Smith and PK Derek Schorejs.

Hugh Smith is a small (5'8" / 165 pounds) wide receiver out of South Florida who spent some time with the Baltimore Ravens during their 2003 training camp. The 24-year-old receiver snared 131 passes for 1,523 yards and ten touchdowns while at South Florida. His size and speed might also lend him to returning kick-offs, which he did 10 times with an impressive 29.2 yard average while a senior at USF.

If the name Derek Schorejs looks at all familiar, it's because he spent a little time with the Browns prior to the opening of the 2001 training camp. He has also attended training camp with the New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, and Jacksonville Jaguars, although he has yet to land a regular season role with an NFL team. Schorejs' name might also be familiar to Ohioans as he kicked for Bowling Green and went to High School at Westerville North High School outside of Columbus.

As we reported several weeks ago, the Browns are looking to max out the total number of exemptions that they can claim from NFL Europe. As opposed to the last several seasons, when the Browns sent a handful of players across the Atlantic, this year the Browns are seeking 10 NFL roster exemptions, and sending four additional players over.

In addition to the nine players mentioned above, the Browns will be sending DL Felipe Claybrooks, P Derrick Frost, QB Nate Hybl, OL Chuck Klabo, DL John Nix, and LB Mason Unck to Europe. David Young is the only recent signee not allocated to NFL Europe.

NFLE exemptions allow the Browns to keep specified players later into training camp without having them count against the team's roster limits. The names of ten players the team wishes to have exempt is listed here.

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