Dave Burkey Looks at the Browns and Bears

Dave Burkey takes a look at the upcoming Browns/Bears tussle and how the decisions in the 2001 draft could haunt the Browns.

Da Bears are 5-1 and all alone atop the NFC Central, fresh off a
victory over the 49ers.

That's right, the Chicago Bears. The Bears who had the keen foresight
to draft both David Terrell and Anthony Thomas in this year's college draft.
Terrell and Thomas both easily could be wearing Cleveland Browns uniforms,
as this corner had recommended just prior to the draft.

Ok, so the Browns are 4-2 themselves. Butch Davis and everyone
associated with him have obviously done a slendid job. Yet, both Terrell and
Thomas would look awfully good in the brown and orange.

If the Browns had taken Terrell with the 3rd overall pick as many had
expected them to,they would not have Gerard Warren at defensive tackle.
While Warren has had his moments and defense is the name of the game, it
takes skill players on offense to put points on the scoreboard.

Besides Warren, the Browns have James Jackson and Quincy Morgan instead
of the two blue-chippers from the hated team up North, called Michigan.

Anyone who watched the A-Train run rampant in the Rose Bowl certainly
should have known this guy could duplicate his efforts in the NFL.
Apparently, few scouts qualify as experts.

Too slow was the knock on Thomas. He only experienced great success in
college due to a bunch of elephants blocking for him at Michigan, so they
all said. Funny, even some of the greatest NFL running backs of all-time
needed superior blocking to gain consistent yardage.

The naysayers had the same concern about Earl Campbell when he came out
of the university of Texas to play for the Houston Oilers during the Bum
Phillips era. Campbell, of course, was a holy terror and the consummate
workhorse for several NFL seasons.

The Browns' James Jackson has more speed than the A-Train, but Thomas
has both the power and strength to run right through some linebackers,
something Jackson will rarely, if ever, accomplish.

So, who would most teams rather have, Terrell or Morgan at wideout?

Morgan, while catching two long touchdown passes from Tim Couch thus
far this season, was replaced in the starting lineup this past week. It was
a move which had to be made, as Morgan has lacked any consistency
whatsoever, and has looked very tentative in going after some of Couch's
deep throws. Fortunately, the Browns also have Northcutt, Dawson and Jammi
German in their arsenal.

Sunday, everyone is about to find out which team is better off for
having drafted the players they did.

A loss leaves the Browns at 4-3, still far better off than in their
previous two seasons. But, the Bears would be 6-1 with two young studs on
offense who both could be playing for Cleveland.

Everyone loves Butch Davis after the stunning victory over the Ravens.
And rightly so. Yet the NFL presents a challenge week after week.

Make no mistake, the Browns are back. Yet, if the A-Train and Terrell
were to lead the boys from the Windy City to victory Sunday, the pain will
be felt from more draft day blunders.

Browns defenders don't want to feel Davis' wrath if they dare let such
a scenario become reality.

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