Carmen's Couch Conference

Tim Couch (pictured) better get ready for a big dose of Carmen Policy. The Browns team president is headed to Florida to talk with Browns once, and possibly future, quarterback. Here's some of the usual morning webmaster nattering from Art...

Here's some of the usual nattering about the contents of recent news stories.

Carmen's Couch Conference

A couple of stories on Tim Couch showed up on the newswire this morning, thanks to comments made by Carmen Policy and a couple of Browns players at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards banquet. The essential spin on the stories is that the Browns feel that something can be worked out with Couch... if... he's willing to re-do his contract.

We've been reporting for weeks that the Browns approach to dealing with Couch's restructuring would first involve a meeting between Couch and the Browns, and then the nasty bit of dealing with his agent and talking dollars.

Policy provided a little more information on the upcoming meeting itself, in widely reported quotes to writers who were invited to the banquet and the Renaissance Hotel here in Cleveland. 

"We'll deal with the practicalities, not talk money, but we'll talk style, opportunity, what's expected of him, what's expected of us,'' Policy told reporters, "We'll also talk about generalities relative to his contract."

He went on like that for a while.

Translation: The Browns are looking to see if Couch is willing to commit to making less money before they start burning a lot of hours on re-defining his contract. Otherwise, he and his $7.6 million salary will be sent packing.

To demonstrate his commitment, Policy is willing to fly to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to meet with Couch. "I want to meet with Tim on his own turf," Policy told reporters.

Translation: It's really freaking cold in Cleveland right now.

Later this year, we'll hold the Greater Cleveland Webmaster Awards. As usual, it will involve a value meal and a somewhat frantic-looking guy mumbling to himself. It's a very exclusive event.

Shark Attack

One of the other stories on today's newswire has to do with the NFL asking the US District Court to push off having to follow a ruling allowing underclassmen (namely, Maurice Clarett) to enter the NFL draft until they can appeal. The upshot, if one of the courts agrees, would be that the NFL doesn't have to deal with this issue in the 2004 draft, since the draft will have come and gone well before the appeal will be heard.

The NFL, as we speak, is air-dropping a battalion of lawyers onto unlucky courtrooms to try to make the Clarett ruling irrelevant until 2005.

I guess you know it's the off-season, when the word "lawyer" shows up more than words like "football" or "game". Either that, or the Raiders are coming to town.

Scurry, Scurry, Scurry

Given the dearth of real Browns news these days, your friendly neighborhood webmaster has been mangling things up behind the scenes. One of the things we're doing is trying to upgrade our player bios and information pages. A couple of them have already rolled off the presses and are available now. You can check out, if you're so inclined, the new format on player pages for Richard Alston, Chad Beasley, Kevin Bentley, and Leigh Bodden.

See ya on the forums!

- AB

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