Mock Draft Muncher: Uncertainty Increases

The MDM is now showing a greater level of disagreement about the Browns likely pick

While the eyes of the football world are on Indianapolis, TheBrownsFan remains hard at work. He is hunkered down inside a non-descript, windowless building deep within the Technology Campus in Cleveland, Ohio. If you were able to get past the intense security apparatus we've established, you would see...

Alone in a darkened room, a young man stares at a computer monitor. The only sounds you can hear are the soft whir of the cooling fans of the bank of computers on the wall behind him. Dim red LED lights and the glow of monitors are the only illumination, but it's enough to see that the man has a head painted half-orange, half-brown. He is wearing orange shoes as well. Occasionally, the young man can be heard to mutter things like "ADP trends normal".

Suddenly, there is a loud "Ah Ha!!", and the added whir of a laser printer starting to hum. "I have it! They are all fused into one!". The man bolts from the room.

Then, the next day, this article appears.

TheBrownsFan has done it again, dawgs. He has successfully fused 32 mock drafts into a single picture of what draft wonks (anointed or self-appointed) feel the 2004 draft will look like.

For a full look at the print-out of the Mock Draft Muncher, CLICK HERE.

The 32 mock drafts are again suggesting that Shawn Andrews will be the Browns pick, but support is fading somewhat as the mocks mention eight different players as possible picks. Andrews is the Browns selection in fifteen of the mock drafts.

Kellen Winslow, Jr now has seven selections at the Browns spot (always, for some reason, assumed to be the 8th pick). The third most selected player is Robert Gallery, who falls to the Browns in three mock drafts. Also listed as possible selections for the Browns (number of mocks in parentheses) are: Roy Williiams (2), Tommie Harris (2), Ben Roethlisberger(1), Sean Taylor (1), and linebacker DJ Williams (1).

According to the Mock Draft Muncher, the top ten picks in this year's draft will be (drumroll please)...

1. San Diego / Eli Manning
2. Oakland / Larry Fitzgerald
3. Arizona / Ben Roethlisberger
4. NY Giants / Robert Gallery
5. Washington / Kellen Winslow
6. Detroit / Sean Taylor
7. Atlanta / Tommie Harris
8. Browns / Shawn Andrews
9. Jacksonville / Roy Williams
10. Houston / Kenechi Udeze

The 32 mock drafts which now feed the Mock Draft Muncher are: Huddle Report, Scott Wright, Draft Notebook, About,, Hail Redskins, Draft King, Draft Studio, NFL Draft Blitz, Football's Future, Great Blue North, Rob's Scouting, Wide Word of Sports, CBS Sportsline, QI Sports, The NFL Forum, On The Clock, NFL Draft World, Ask The Commish, 900 Football Links, Friendly Bet, Wrigley Draft, Draft Central, NFL Draft Center, Sports Dialogue, Fantasy Insights, Saints Revolution, The Red Zone, Ourlad's, Falkon Online, NY Football Digest, and Fox Sports.

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