Ask the Insiders forum! Get the very latest on the potential trade for Drew Henson (pictured), Courtney Brown's recovery from surgery, Buckeyes drawing the Browns eye, talks with the Redskins and more!"> Ask the Insiders forum! Get the very latest on the potential trade for Drew Henson (pictured), Courtney Brown's recovery from surgery, Buckeyes drawing the Browns eye, talks with the Redskins and more!">

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Here are excerpts from this afternoon's conversations on our exclusive <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum! Get the very latest on the potential trade for Drew Henson (pictured), Courtney Brown's recovery from surgery, Buckeyes drawing the Browns eye, talks with the Redskins and more!

From Lane's combine report earlier today

Defensive tackle Tim Anderson from the Ohio State University garnered a significant amount of interest from teams seeking an active interior lineman. Anderson met with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Green bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Redskins, and Chicago Bears. Despite not being able to workout in Indianapolis due to a pulled hamstring, Anderson is expected to be 100% for his personal workout at Ohio State. Team representatives in attendance at the combine believe Anderson is a third-to-mid round selection.

Highlights from Ask the Insiders

jb42776: We already know Pace is off the market. Clifton is likely to be resigned by the packers. Any work yet if Jones will get the tag. IF not what is the browns interest and seattles cap situation.

Lane Adkins: Walter Jones will be tagged if negotiations being conducted to not result in a new, long-term deal by the 24th of the month.

AB: Just to add to Lane's remarks, Holmgren was quoted today as saying tagging Jones was "a slam dunk" if there wasn't a new deal in place.

Howldawg: I have heard it said that no team can even talk to Henson unless they agree to certain conditions. Can anyone tell me what those conditions are or could be? I know this part will be purely speculation but am interested in your opinions. Also If the Browns are seen to have a serious interest in Henson, would Condon use that to sink any possible deal with Couch? With this as a possibility how serious can the Browns get about discussions for Henson?

Lane Adkins: On talking to Henson, a team must basically agree to the parameters of dealing a draft selection in the 2005 draft to the Texans. As for Condon, Henson, and Couch............. Hard to tell, Condon is a good agent and is known for being fairly realistic at the end of the negotiation process.

Regardless of what has been and possibly will be reported in the next 24-48 hours, the Browns are seriously considering Henson. Also, the team has spoken with the Redskins more than once recently. I don't know with any certainty if the talks were on anything more that Champ Bailey, but the opportunity to discuss Patrick Ramsey was present.

Truedawg37: What's up with Courtney Brown 2nd knee surgery and does not seem to be too much discussion on this WHY.

Lane Adkins: I inquired about the status of Brown's knee late Saturday and was told by one of his teammates that the surgery was nothing serious and he is up and about. He is expected to be fully ready for mini-camp sessions. Also, the surgery for the torn biceps injury is coming along very well and he is expected to fully recover from the injury.

Mike McLain: From what I've heard, the knee surgery wasn't a major procedure, and he should be full go long before training camp. The important thing is that the knee that had he microfracture surgery on held up last season. Also, the biceps injury wasn't nearly as bad as the biceps tear suffered by Ross Verba. If Brown is healthy going into the season, look for him to get more playing time than he did last season. He has to be on the field on passing downs more than he was in 2003.

bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay: From the Houston Chronicle: He [Charley Casserly] reiterated that a number of teams are not only interested in Henson but also are agreeable to the Texans' trade parameters: a second-round pick in 2005 or a conditional third-round pick in 2005 that could rise as high as a first-rounder based on Henson's rookie performance. But the GM declined to say exactly how many teams had agreed. "More than a couple, and I'll leave it at that," he said. Could the Browns be one of those teams, Lane?

Lane Adkins: Indications from those close to the Browns are the team that is hedging on furthering discussions about Henson.

bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay: Well, I'm disappointed, but thanks for the info, Lane. Any chance the path they take involves Tim Couch? Scared off by the contract? Something else?

Lane Adkins: Not certain, I am of the opinion the team is weighing many options at the QB position and is close to a decision on the path they will take.

bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay: Well, I'm disappointed, but thank's for the info, Lane. Any chance the path they take involves Tim Couch?

Lane Adkins: He is definitely in the mix, but I am far from sold that he returns for the 2004 season though.

Mike McLain: The draft-picks part of the the equation doesn't seem to be a major stumbling block. The Browns are concerned about the escalators in the contract that would be a big hit to the salary cap in later years.

Fleabitten: Since the bungels all but said Carson Palmer will be their starter next year, would we go after Kitna? Seams like he would be a major upgrade over TC. BUT what would it cost, and would he be a good fit for the Dawgs offense?

Lane Adkins: I don't really know if Jon Kitna would really be an improvement over Tim Couch. Knowing how Davis really has issues with a QB that does not protect the football, I am unsure as to what interest Davis would have.

Bennis: per "the red zone"- seahawks near deal w/ redskins exchanging rb-shaun alexander for redskin cb-champ bailey.........insiders, anyone??-this is a huge deal...

Lane Adkins: Upon inquiring about this rumor tonight, I was told it is purely speculation and nothing is in the works between the Redskins and Seahawks.

Robdawgie: Portis for Bailey and second rounder... Great trade for Denver....they can plug any RB in there and be awesome.

Lane Adkins: Portis to Washington appears to be the real deal. We noted in a combine article that Portis has serious issues with the Denver front office about his contract, so this move does not really come as a great surprise. Washington with Joe Gibbs back will put together a sound offense. The Redskins are active in their pursuit of immediate improvement.

Nutz75: If Cliffton is signed by the Packers, who else is on the Browns wish list? Jon Tait, in one of your articals, is said to be more of a RT than a LT. So who else is there?

Lane Adkins: The pickings of talent to improve the LT position for this team in FA become quite questionable. After Clifton and being 'reserved' on Tait, I do not see a major upgrade there.

Skippy54345: But in the draft, besides Gallery and possibly Andrews, is there a left tackle that you would want the Browns to take a look at?

TeeBowen: Brad Hopkins of the Titans is a free agent, and cheaper, too. He's the only other good one for the money. If not, move up in the secnd round and get Jacob Rogers from USC.

Lane Adkins: The odds are that Hopkins will be available, but I do not know if it is in the plans for the Browns to again overpay for a lineman on the downside of his career. Hopkins is servicable, but I do not believe he is much more than that. Jacob Rogers could have a bright future in the NFL, but I do not believe he is a guy that you can plug in right away and feel comfortable.

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