Total Access Pass customers who make services like this possible!"> Total Access Pass customers who make services like this possible!">

Free Agent Database Debuts is happy to announce the availability of our new Free Agent Database. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only regularly updated listing of free agents and associated news items anywhere on the Internet. This article contains a description of the database and some tips on how to use it. Many thanks to <A HREF="">Total Access Pass</A> customers who make services like this possible! is proud today to offer yet another blatant mis-use of technology: The 2004 Free Agent Database. The result of weeks of frenzied computer software mangling by webmaster AB, the free agent database should provide Browns fans with the most accurate and timely listing of available players anywhere on the Internet.

Built on much of the same technology behind our Raw Feed news scanning service, the Free Agent Database is, to the best of our knowledge, the only regularly maintained database of NFL free agents anywhere on the Internet.

While there are some NFL sites that offer a listing of free agents, the Free Agent Database goes a step further by performing two different kinds of updates on a regular basis.

Each day, we look through NFL news items to find released players who may be of interest on the free agent market, and each hour around the clock, our web robots scan NFL Network for new Hot News and articles on free agent players.


1. Free agents can be listed by team, by position, and in two different formats: a news view and a list view. The list view provides a quick listing of the players and their status. The news view provides more thorough information, including the latest Hot News and Articles on network.

2. The Free Agent DB is a free service, and can be used by subscribers and non-subscribers alike. You can help us maintain the accuracy of the listing for all fans by contacting us if you hear of late-breaking signings or player releases. There is a link at the bottom of each page to let us know of any inaccuracies you spot, or optionally to insult AB's player rankings.

Many, many thanks go out to our Total Access Pass customers, who make free services like the Free Agent Database, Tipline, Newswire, and our message board forums possible.

3. Finally, like much of, your experience with the free agent database will be made better through frequent use of the refresh button on your browser. Because the database updates hourly, you want to avoid letting your browser be "lazy" by caching a version of the page from earlier in the day. Most browsers will only check for new versions of a page once per day, and will therefore miss the many updates performed in the free agent database and the front page of

By occasionally refreshing the page in the browser, a new copy of the page will be retrieved from the server. A timestamp is on all pages of the database, so you can tell if you're looking at an out-of-date copy.



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