Mock Draft Muncher: The Williams Factor

There is a hint of hope in the Browns quest for LT Robert Gallery...

Let's say you are a Browns fan. You are intelligent and remarkably good-looking, so you have the fine taste to hang out on Therefore, you already know that the Browns are slavishly devoted to upgrading their offensive line, including arguably the most critical offensive line position: left offensive tackle.

Let's also say that you have been keeping close track of events, perhaps by frequently visiting the free agent database, and that you realize that the top three offensive tackles have gotten franchise tags, and the fourth - who hasn't even been playing left tackle - has gotten a transition tag. You also realize that the apple of your Draft Day eye, Iowa LT Robert Gallery, will probably go to the New York Giants, who didn't have the bad fortune to win their final game of the season. Some say he might even go higher.

Therefore, it's very easy to describe the sensation you're feeling now: your head feels a little heavier than normal, there's a slight gnawing sensation at the pit of your stomach, and you find yourself occasionally breaking out into hot sweats.

There is a name for the sensation that you're feeling. It is known as "impending doom".

But.... wait! Is there hope on the horizon?

Perhaps so, according to the latest Mock Draft Muncher. While the results are unchanged from last week for the Browns, a glance at the results shows that those mock drafts that incorporate the addition of USC WR Mike Williams as showing a ripple effect that pushes Gallery to the Browns.

Take a look at the "second most selected" column on the right side of the page. It shows Williams and Larry Fitzgerald going #2 and #3, with the Giants then selecting QB Ben Roethlisberger instead of Gallery. After the Lions and Redskins nab Hurricanes Kellen Winslow and Sean Taylor, then Gallery falls into the Browns hands.

Interesting stuff, courtesy of TheBrownsFan and the thirty-seven mock drafts currently used in the Mock Draft Muncher.



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