Ask the Insiders forum. Here's what we've heard on Drew Henson, Erron Kinney (pictured), and much more. Join us on's message boards. We're growing more and more every day... come on in and talk Browns!"> Ask the Insiders forum. Here's what we've heard on Drew Henson, Erron Kinney (pictured), and much more. Join us on's message boards. We're growing more and more every day... come on in and talk Browns!">

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Get the latest from the weekend conversations in's exclusive <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum. Here's what we've heard on Drew Henson, Erron Kinney (pictured), and much more. Join us on's message boards. We're growing more and more every day... <A HREF="">come on in and talk Browns</A>!

Rich: Peter King was on a New York Radio show and ststed that the Browns a really going after Drew Henson. I know that it has been speculated but insiders do you have any new information. Thanks in advance.

Lane: Same story that I have reported for the past month, the Browns are actively evaluating all their QB options and the general feeling is Henson is going to be a player in this league.

The team has yet to schedule a workout for Henson, but from what I have been told, one member of the organization knows enough about the player that the team may not bring him in and generate the focus and opportunity to bid against themselves, if they choose to go down that path.

Mike McLain: I don't think there's any doubt that the Browns' interest is more than a passing fancy. If they could work out a deal that won't rip apart the salary cap down the road, they'd gladly part with a second-round draft pick.

Getting Henson's people to agree to a deal that isn't exorbitant on the back end is at issue.

Housebot: It seems like the biggest share of cap money we will have to sign FA's will be from Couch being cut. It also seems like it will be done after june 1st for maximum savings. Does this mean that we will be severely limited as to who we can sign until AFTER that date? If not, can you explain this situation to me? Thanx

Mike McLain: Actually, the Browns have set a March 3 deadline for getting something done with Couch's contract. Agent Tom Condon says he hasn't heard from the Browns, which is kind of strange.

Whatever transpires, it won't drag on until June 1.

Fleabitten: Insiders Only! Why did Ricky Ray sign with the Jets? It seemed that a lot of teams had interest in him, ones that need a starting or future starting QB. Why go to a team that is set for a long time? Am I missing something?

Lane Adkins: Almost everyone I have talked with about Ray stated he is a prospect that will not be ready to play in the NFL in the immediate future, but has a future in the game.

Art Bietz: We've been told Davis met with....

.... DE Greg Taplin of Michigan State earlier this week. Tony ranks him as a "two star" player, nothing to get thrilled about, but Davis made room for him in his schedule...

Davebu: I've seen a couple articles that Northcutt might file a grievance with the NFLPA? What would the basis of such a grievance be? It would be totally inappropriate for the club to void his contract without his input, would it not? I can certainly see why a renegotiation would be coming, but I can't imagine what grounds 'Cutt would have to stand on if he really didn't live up to the terms of the contract he signed.

Art Bietz: The flippant reply is "desperation".

It's always possible that they could contest the wording of the contract. Clearly, with millions of dollars at stake, I imagine that Northcutt's agent would try anything and everything to enable his client to void his contract. Stanley wasn't returning calls as of yesterday, so we're not sure what the angle is he hopes to use to erase his mistake.

Lane Adkins: I have talked to one of the particulars in this fiasco and Northcutt does not have any basis to become a free agent. Simply, the paperwork had to be filed with the Browns and it was not.

Moony: I read an article where Indy OT Adam Meadows was one of the cap casualties to make room for Manning's eventual contract.
I checked the free agent tracker but I think it's just too soon to expect to see him rated there yet. So I was wondering, is he a RT or LT (I think he's a righty, but I'm not sure). Also, though he is 30, how high does he rate compared to other available OT's? My instinct says that if he was expendable enough to be cut in a year that OT's are at a premium, then he is most likely not worth pursuing. Thoughts, comments?

LaneAdkins: Meadows is a right-side of the line player, which had some struggles in the past two-seasons that led to his demotion.

Still adequate, Meadows will garner some attention in the free agent market due to the average crop of players that will be available.

JMazzulo: Lane and Mike, What are your thoughts on Erron Kinney TE Tennessee? He is big (6-5, 280) and is a better receiver than anything we currently have on our roster. Do you think the Browns will have an interest in him? It seems to be a good fit in my opinion, His size allows him to be an effective blocker and he is athletic enough to make plays in the passing game, I also don't think we'd have to break the bank for him.

Lane Adkins: Erron Kinney is a physically inposing talent at the tight-end spot. he catches the ball well and is above average in the blocking game. I have yet to hear any interest on the Browns part, at times getting information from, about, or on this team can be a trying tale. A contract for Kinney should not break the bank, but he is looking for a deal that would pay him between two and three-million a season, on average according to representatives close to the player.


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