Big Whomping Database Updates!

The Browns may be quiet, but things are buzzing here at Bernies Insiders! We've performed massive updates on our free agent database, and have added new players to the Browns tracker. Here's the details....

With yesterday's signings, cuts, tenders, and trades, we've made some massive updates to our Free Agency Database. As far as we know, Browns fans have access to the only dynamically updated free agent listing which incorporates trades, releases and an active news scanner.

Click away folks - this feature is a labor of love and it's free for all Browns fans. Spread the word.

We're also trying to capture a definitive listing of who the Browns have interest in during this off-season, and why. We started capturing that a few weeks ago with the Player Tracker that shows up in the middle of the front page. We're now taking that a step further by including this page, which captures the reason that we're scanning for information on those players, and the relative level of activity around them.

The tracker page involves a grab-bag of players, from those we've heard definitive interest about, to players the team is likely to have interest in, even if there's no confirmation.

Visitors to this page dating back to 1999, will remember I used to run a "Rumor Central" where we classified rumors as "hot", "cold", etc. I tried that again this year, and managed to confuse a lot of folks, so we've switched over to listing players we think there should be interest in, and are classifying them by level of activity. By level of activity, we mean the "Browns" level of activity. So, even if there are all kinds of teams swarming over, say, Ahmed Plummer, we'll call it "Low" or "None" if the Browns aren't active.

The free agent database and player trackers are usually updated first thing in the morning or late at night. If news comes in during the day, we'll slam it into Hot News or talk about it in the Ask the Insiders forum.

Stay tuned, everyone. The Browns have been relatively quiet, but with the team's penchant for secrecy, things could change quickly. Remember to keep refreshing the front page when you come back so you can see the latest!

- AB

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