Ask the Insiders? The answer to this and more of life's eternal mysteries can be found in this installment of highlights from's exclusive forum, where the latest on the Browns free agent quest is shared and the occasional smiley-face emoticon is used. "> Ask the Insiders? The answer to this and more of life's eternal mysteries can be found in this installment of highlights from's exclusive forum, where the latest on the Browns free agent quest is shared and the occasional smiley-face emoticon is used. ">

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Oh my. Who is this gigantic fellow? And why is Lane Adkins talking about him in <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A>? The answer to this and more of life's eternal mysteries can be found in this installment of highlights from's exclusive forum, where the latest on the Browns free agent quest is shared and the occasional smiley-face emoticon is used. <IMG SRC="">

Amore: O'Hara & Stokes, with ties to Tom Coughlin's coaching staff, both signed with the Giants. Chris Palmer was Coughlin's right hand man in Jacksonville and hand picked Couch for the Browns. Kerry Collins has a few years on him and the Giants are thought to be thinking QB somewhere in the draft. Wouldn't Couch be a interesting consideration for Coughlin and the Giants? Lane - thanks for all the updates this morning and your great up to the minute reporting in this most interesting offseason!

Lane: Actually, the Giants have been mentioned in 'quiet corners' as a potential suitor for Couch, as the G-Man and Kerry Collins appear to have contract issues.

TheGerm: With the Giants now picking ups Stokes and O'Hara what is the liklihood they bypass Gallery in the draft? They now can keep Petigout at RT and have Stokes at LT.

Lane: I do not believe the signings of Stokes and O'Hara will impact the Giants thought process on Robert Gallery. If a team is looking at a LT, which the Giants have been linked to, Gallery would be a no-brainer.

JonSheep: Absolutely, the Giants may be headed for their own QB issues.

DCBrowns: Insiders... Who has or will show serious interest in Lynch? Where do the Browns stand?

Lane: Jets..........Jets.........Jets...........  If the unexpected happens and he doesn't land there, then....  Colts............Colts..............Colts

VTBrowns: Well he is in Seattle this weekend.

Lane: Lynch owes it to himself to see what opportunities are available. The Seahawks are working hard to improve their defense. At the present time, the Jets and Colts are pushing for Lynch, with the Jets being the frontrunner.

Lynch has already had discussions with New York and Indy personnel, now he is making his rounds to ensure he is comfortable with the presented options.

JDailey: Insiders...are we going to upgrade our DLine?? I mean we arent that good.....CB is injured when he sneezes...GW doesnt look like he tries, Lang is getting old....Eukban guy is a bust and is only for depth in my opinion....why are we ignoring that area as well...

Lane: I wouldn't say the team is ignoring the defensive line, but it is not the priority the QB and offensive line positions have been.

The team is of the belief they have added depth in Ekuban, teaming him in the rotation and depth with McKinley, Garay, etc, the team is not in a dire straits position right now.

Granted, Brown is oft-injured and Warren has not played to espectations, but Roye had a solid season and Lang was better than average.

Wonderbredd24: Is it just understood that he's playing Left Tackle again or could he be moving inside if the Browns are able to get Robert Gallery?

Lane: Verba will be the LT, unless the team obtains a LT that can step in providing the team the opportunity to move Verba inside.

Sharkdawg: Lane, do you have any inside information concerning contract offers to any of the recent visitors? How highly do they regard Coleman?

Lane: he organization discussed brief contract/numbers parameters with the reps for three players that have been through Cleveland recently. Late Friday evening, we had heard the organization were to or had offers ready to be put on the table for two free agent players.

Pat Dye Jr (Coleman's agent) expects to hear from the Browns this weekend or on Monday, from what we've been told. BTW, Dye is a good-guy and good rep, if Coleman wants to play here and the team offers a reasonable contract, he'll get it done.

Sharkdawg: Thanks Lane

Lane: Welcome........ An agent that I have a good relationship with tells me the Browns are/will be negotiating against another team for one of the offensive lineman. Also, the team is expected to bring in another lineman and possibly a DB this upcoming week.

MarkK: How serious are the Browns about upgrading the safety position? Are they serious about Tongue in particular?

Lane:  am under the impression the Browns have not entered into negotiations with Tongue. I do not believe this does not indicate a serious interest, but rather the team having other commitments are priorities.

Mark K: I would love the Browns to replace both safeties. Griffith is not what he used to be. The only thing that runs well on Little is his mouth.

Lane: The Browns have been looking and evaluating the safety positions for a reason. Griffith's play in comparison to salary is in question and Earl Little always appears to be a guy on the bubble. I'd rather see the team dispose of Griffith first and obtain a safety of impact.

Brotherbone: 1-10 how good is this guy. Sounds like he is an elite lead blocker. Is he a Sam Gash? Help us out a little insiders, give us a rating. We (myself included) are already calling this guy a cement truck over in pure football....

ArtBtz: Dunno about Lane, but I'd give him an "8". I'm very excited by this acquisition - which is LONG overdue in my opinion. The comparison to Sam Gash is interesting. They're about the same size, and neither handles the ball very much. I wouldn't look for Smith to be the pass catcher Gash was in the middle of his career, but he will definitely be able to pave the way for whoever is carrying the rock.

Lane: Two NFL personnel evaluators tell us that Smith is a solid fullback, possibly as good as any playing right now. Don't expect anything from him in the passing game (receiving) and nothing from him toting the rock, but he will deliver a shot to a lineman and will knock a linebacker on his ass. Tough player and one that really enjoys blowing people up. Great signing for this team.

JDailey23: LoL I hope he lays someone on his ass....what's your take on Winslow...i bet you he can knock some people on their ass! I would like to get him if we cant move up to get Gallery

Lane: Winslow is a tremendous talent. He has the speed and quickness for a team seeking a tight-end that can get downfield and be an impact player in the passing game. He isn't the type of tight-end that will be an impact participant in the blocking game, but he is serviceable. The knock on Winslow is his attitude, he is a unique character, but should not hamper or be a deterrent in the locker room.

Brando413: Hey guys who would you prefer, Claridge or Coleman? I have always been a big Claridge fan since his days at USC. He is a mean, aggressive, nasty OG that can play tackle as well.

Dobie7: Forget both of them. Garmon has blocked for LT who has ran for over 1500 yards the last two seasons. I would say he would be the best fit for what the Browns want to do.

Lane: Right now, we are hearing the Browns would like to sign two offensive guards...... Garmon and Coleman are the names we hear may be offered or have been offered deals or at the least parameters have been thrown towards the agents.

Southbeach: Lane, if the Browns are successful in signing these two how much of an upgrade are they over the guard play from last year and will the Browns consider drafting a guard in round 2 or 3 this year?

Lane: Garmon (pictured in this article) is a physically imposing player, much better run blocker than pass blocker (Coming from Marty's staff in SD), but adequate in pass protection.

Coleman is a more rounded player and some believe he can slide outside to LT. ( I am skeptical) TB signed Derrick Deese to play LT is a telling sign of thoughts coming from the organization he played for.

Both are upgrades from the 2003 roster though. Both players are not the versatile types we have grown accustomed to here.

Gruden in TB would have liked to resign Coleman, but he will come at a price that Bucs are unwilling or unable to pay.

This Browns organization needs to address the OL, not only for the immediate, but for the future. I would be disappointed if they do not look at linemen throughout the upcoming draft.

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