Bernie's Insiders Magazine: Pre-Draft Issue

Here are some more details on the upcoming edition of Bernie's Insiders magazine. Included are the table of contents for this issue, as well as some answers to questions which have hit the e-mailbox in the last week or so...

I'm getting a lot of questions about the April draft magazine in the Official Bernie's Insiders Webmangler Mailbox™, so I figured I would drop out the answers here. I'll also attach the Table of Contents so you can see what's headed your way.

Here are the most commonly asked questions, with the typically evasive and barely-informed answers from yours truly.

Q: Hey HTML-boy! When's the magazine getting here?

A: Bernie's Insiders pre-draft issue and TI's Draft Guide are being readied for printing as we speak. Well, as I write this, it's a Sunday morning, and around 7AM on the West Coast where the printing facilities are, so I'm not sure if the layout staff is doing that right now, but you get the idea.

Q: You didn't answer my question.

A: Alright, alright. It will probably arrive during the first week or two in April. Once the magazines are printed, addressed and bundled up, they're then put in the hands of something called the "US Postal Service". When yours shows up is hard to say, exactly, because it's dependent on your location, weather, random factors, how much you tipped the mailman last Christmas, and the level of surliness in the canine population in your neighborhood. But the first week or two of April is when you should expect things to arrive.

Q: I bought a subscription last year. Do I still get the Draft Preview, or is that just for the new people?

A: Yes, you will get the draft guide as well.  Everyone who has TAP-PLUS - the annual subscription that includes the magazine - gets the draft guide.

Q: I bought an online subscription back in 2001 called "Bernie's Insiders Club" which costs less than you're charging folks now. Do I get the magazine?

A: Nope. It's just for the folks with the $79.95 annual sub with the magazine. To be honest, TAP+ costs more than what you have but it's a better deal. I've been telling everyone who will listen to upgrade to the Annual TAP+ because you get more stuff with it.

Q: I don't get the magazine, but would like to check it out. Will it be available on the newstand?

A: Yes, it will, but it won't be distributed widely as, say, TV Guide or something like that. Generally, stores which have carried Bernie's Insiders in the past will carry this one. We're working on getting details on stores which will be getting copies.

Q: You've been hinting about changes in the magazine. What's that about?

A: There are lots of changes, which we hope will make the magazine even better. There are new writers added to the team, the magazine is twice as long, has a different schedule, lots more color photographs, and all kinds of stuff. You'll find the details about the changes, and why we made them, on the first page of the magazine when it arrives.

Q: Website manglers are boring to listen to. Can you just let us look at the Table of Contents like you promised?

A: No, I'm going to natter on for a while. Oh, alright.

Bernie's Insiders April Issue

Page Contents
2 Letter from the Editor
Barry McBride
Some guy claiming to be the new managing editor talks about changes to the magazine
NOTE: This will be the spot for Bernie's column in future issues
4 A Crucial Decision
Barry McBride
With the jury still out on Butch Davis' drafts, the 2004 off-season needs to demonstrate a clear step forward
6 The Magnificent Seven
Greg Mastin
Draft Guru Greg Mastin provides a look at seven potential top draft choices for the Browns
10 The Fast Lane: Back from the Future and Beyond?
Lane Adkins
Lane offers his view on why the Browns have struggled to emerge as a top team since their return in 1999
12 The Test Before the Draft
Jeff Schudel
Jeff walks through the NFL Combine with TE prospect Ben Hartsock to view the experience through his eyes
16 Bernie's Insiders Top Ten
Roger Gordon
New feature! This week Roger offers his take on the Top Ten Browns draft "finds" of all time.
19 Flashback: Browns 23, Jets 20
John Keim
New feature! A look back a memorable game in Browns history, starting John's excellent recap of the Browns-Jets playoff game.
22 Nick Maddox Gets His Shot
Rich Swerbinsky
Swerb interviews Nick Maddox, a promising running back / kick returner who hopes to make the team in 2004
26 Where Are They Now? Steve Holden
Chuck Murr
Chuck takes a look at a high draft choice who didn't live up to the Browns high hopes as his popular feature continues in the new magazine.
28 Frankly Speaking: An Off-Season of Change
Frank Derry
Frank's popular column continues with this look at the urgent needs of the team during the 2004 off-season
30 2003: A Sobering Season
Barry McBride
A thorough look back at the season just past, with comments and details on each game.
36 2004 NFL Draft Order
37 Unit-by-Unit Team Analysis
Bernie's Insiders
Each unit of the current Browns team is examined, with potential draft selections and some thoughts on the team's personnel strategy.
46 Dot Commentary: The Ravens Are Rivals - Admit It!
Barry McBride
An insightful discussion of the inability of the Baltimore Ravens to simply go away and cease to exist.
47 The Dreamer
Brian Tarcy
He told you "What's Gonna Happen". Now he bares his soul, still scarred by Mad Dogs and Meat Markets.

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