Browns scheme and anticipate a relentless attack from the hard-charging, physical Pittsburgh Steelers.

CLEVELAND, Ohio: The Browns have modified some blocking assignments in anticipation of the Steelers 'assault-style' defensive scheme. O.J. Santiago and Mike Sellers could play vital roles in run and pass protection.

Indications are that the Browns will attempt to utilize a 'catch'em coming in' offensive theory. The hard-charging Steelers have beaten the opposition with speed, timing, and sending more players at the quarterback than the opposition offenses have players in pass protection. The draw play and quick slants could be in the making.

With the disappointing defeat to the Bears behind them, the Browns appear to be a hungrier unit, knowing that they missed an opportunity.

The Browns expect to have 5-to-7 legitimate opportunities to strike downfield against the Steelers secondary.

A new wrinkle may be exposed by the Browns to have James Jackson on the field with either Jamel White or Ben Gay.

Expect defensive end Courtney Brown to see playing time at both defensive end positions.

A tight-end and/or running back will be utilized to occupy space, in the flat or 5-to-7 yards into the Steelers defensive scheme. The ploy is to attempt to negate some of the Steelers consistent pressure at the line of scrimmage.

Expected to play and start, cornerback Corey Fuller could end up being the nickel coverage cornerback as the game goes on.

Much thought and anticipation this past week has been focused on field-position. The Browns expect this to be a field-position type of game, which spotlights the extremely high focus on the running game, both offensively and defensively.

Coaching staff and players believe that they matchup well with the Steelers. Focus on turnovers and penalties have been spotlighted this past week.

The Browns defensive scheme is not expected to change much, the game plan is to stop Jerome Bettis, forcing quarterback Kordell Stewart to beat them.

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