2004 Watch List: Bowl Games & Combines

Here is the first part of our listing of Browns scouting activities during the 2004 off-season. The attached list is what has been verified through direct reports from our TI experts or through other reports in the media.

What we knew. When we knew it.

The Browns have checked out hundreds of players in their preparation for the NFL draft. Head Coach Butch Davis made reference to interviewing nearly 100 players prior to the NFL Pro Days. With the secrecy the team displays about their interests, the notion that any media site can predict their specific targets for the draft is laughable.

We feel, however, that listing the players that we know that the team has looked at gives an indication of the team's strategy prior to the draft and is something of interest to fans.

Here is a catalog of everything we know about the Browns scouting activities prior to the 2004 draft, from reports within TheInsiders network and elsewhere on the Internet. These are listed in chronological order, starting with last football season and continuing through current Pro Days. The notation "No reports of Browns attendance or interests", simply means that we have been unable to find anything about the team's activities on a specific Pro Day. It does not mean that the team wasn't there.

A similar list from last year would have had both the first and second round draft choices listed, since TheInsiders network reported that the team scouted both Jeff Faine and Chaun Thompson.

This is part one of the list, focusing on activity during last season and up through the NFL combine.

Timeframe Event   Player College Notes
11/2003 Bye week P B.J. Sander Ohio
"Cleveland scouts traveled to Columbus during the team's bye weekend last season to watch Sander kick." - Cincinnati Enquirer
1/9/2004 Cactus
OT Ben Olsen North
"Browns seemed to be shadowing him all day" - TFY Draft
1/20/2004 Senior
QB J.P. Losman Tulane "(Browns scouts) watched intensely, then spoke with…" - TFY Draft
DT Chad Lavalais LSU "Late in the afternoon, the Browns spoke with defensive tackle Chad Lavalais" - TFY Draft
QB Ben
"several Brown's scouts made a beeline towards him and purposely made his acquaintance." - TFY Draft
OG Sean Locklear NC State "The Browns had a group of scouts over by the offensive linemen and it was tough not to notice their attraction to Sean Locklear." - TFY
1/29/2004 Gridiron
      Browns have one of the largest contingents of scouts at the game. There are no specific reports of interests.
2/2004 Scouting
WR Roy Williams Texas "Seven teams have already spoken with Williams at the combine, including representatives from the Dallas Cowboys, Green Packers, Cleveland Browns" - Lane Adkins
TE Keith Willis Virginia
"Has met with Cincinnati, Denver, Kansas City, Washington, Cleveland, and Indianapolis, and Green Bay." - TFY
DE Jason Babin Western
"Met with the Bears, Browns, Patriots, and Buccaneers, and Seahawks."
DT Corey Williams Arkansas
Interviewed with Browns at combine - TFY
WR Lee Evans Wisconsin Browns expressed a desire to speak to him at the combine - TFY
DT Tim Anderson Ohio
"Anderson met with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns…" - TFY
WR Derek Abney Kentucky Interviewed with the Browns & Butch Davis, who had a psychiatrist in the room - SI.com

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