Butch speaks from the heart

Butch Davis put the Browns' situation after the first half of the season into perspective at his Monday press conference.

Davis compared the Browns at this time to a young child learning to take steps. He didn't come out and say it, but his message to fans was that they should be patient.

"Remember when your children were ages one, two and three? Think about this (rebuilding plan) in context of when you taught your children to walk," Davis said. "How many times did your kid fall down trying to walk? Thousands! If you never said, ‘Try again,' then they never would have learned to walk.

"When you talk about all the things we're trying to do, that's kind of where we are. It's a young team in its third year. More positives have occurred in the first eight games of this season than negatives. If we were losing like 42-10, and we weren't competitive, and they weren't putting in the time, I would be disappointed. The resilience we have will give us a chance to be good this year, but it will give us a chance to be great in years to come."

WHAT'S UP?: Times have been tough of late for second-year receiver JaJuan Dawson. Dawson wasn't included among the 45 active players for Sunday's game against Pittsburgh.

"There are only so many guys they can put out there," Dawson said. "They had to make a decision who they wanted to put out, and I wasn't one of them. I had an idea throughout the week that it might happen."

Davis is trying to work a rotation that features Kevin Johnson, rookie Quincy Morgan and Dennis Northcutt. Jammi German has moved in as the fourth receiver in the mix, which has made Dawson the forgotten man.

"Basically, you can say that," Dawson said. "I guess right now other guys are playing better."

KEEPING MUM: Davis wasn't about to get involved in the war of words that developed between cornerback Corey Fuller and Steelers coach Bill Cowher. Fuller said that Cowher swore at him twice after Earl Little was stretched out on the field with a concussion. The two exchanged words after the game.

Asked if a coach should use the "f" word to an opposing player, Davis said, "I wouldn't think so."

INJURY REPORT: Medical tests on Little are promising, and he might be ready for Sunday's game in Baltimore. Middle linebacker Wali Rainer still has a protective boot on his injured right ankle. Davis said that Rainer could be ready by Sunday.

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