Northcutt Stays in the Headlines

Dennis Northcutt, tripped up by his agent's error, continues to manage to stay in the papers as he looks to make up for the mistake. In today's episode, Carmen Policy gets off a zinger and a Browns great gets involved. If Al Davis shows up in the next week, I'm going to go pop some popcorn and just kick back and watch...

The Dennis Northcutt situation continues to provide some idle distraction for Browns fans as we await the NFL draft later this month.

The Browns are continuing to angle for draft picks in exchange for Northcutt and Tim Couch, which could make the upcoming draft very productive for the team.

The latest news on the Northcutt front is that the noxious Ravens have upgraded their offer for Northcutt to a fourth and seventh round selection, which is still not nearly enough to convince the Browns to give up an "impact player" to a hated rival.

Apparently, the Ravens continue to exist in some sort of fantasy world where mid and late-round draft picks are enough to pry a needed component away from a team whose fanbase loathes them with near-unanimity. Maybe they've forgotten how much most Browns fans, including your humble webmaster, despises their misbegotten franchise.

Carmen Policy gets off some nifty shots in this morning's story from the Plain Dealer. Policy told the PD exactly what the Ravens offered the team in trade, and then added "Normally, I would never discuss what a team is offering, but all protocol seems to have gone out the window in this situation." Zing!

While zapping Northcutt and the Rats, Policy also continued to express his hope that Northcutt returns to the team and provided excuses for why Northcutt's calls to his office and attempts to contact Butch Davis have been met mostly with silence. Cabot's story is essential reading for anyone tracking this soap opera.

Also of possible interest is Steve Doerschuck's story about Jim Brown's potential involvement in the Northcutt conflict. Brown helps to mediate disputes as part of his work with youth in the Los Angeles area. Northcutt has contacted Brown, who is contemplating a call to Randy Lerner.

Personally, I'm not sure if Dennis Northcutt wants the obvious associations that would be drawn to the Maurice Clarett mess at Ohio State if Brown gets involved. Still, involving the Browns Hall-of-Famer would keep the conflict in the headlines, which is undoubtedly where Northcutt wants it to dwell.

With few headlines available to NFL writers for the next couple of weeks, I'm sure the media will be happy to oblige.

- AB

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