Browns Fans Split on "Fallback" Choice

If Robert Gallery is not available, Browns fans are pretty much evenly split between TE Kellen Winslow and S Sean Taylor of Miami...

If the Browns can't land Robert Gallery, fans are essentially evenly split on who they would like the "fall-back choice" to be, according to our first Voting Booth poll:

Kellen Winslow (TE, Miami-Fl)
Sean Taylor (S, Miami-Fl)
Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Miami-Oh)
Shawn Andrews (OL, Ark)
Roy Williams (WR, Texas)
Other (Write in below)
Mike Williams (WR, USC)
Tommie Harris (DT, Okla)

The polls was set up so that it was difficult for anyone to vote more than once. From over 1700 Browns fans who cast their votes, Winslow narrowly edged his teammate, safety Sean Taylor, by less than one percent of the total. Miami (Ohio) quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and offensive lineman Shawn Andrews were a distant third and fourth.

The most popular write-in choices were "Trade down", quarterback Phillip Rivers, and cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who has scheduled a visit to the Browns facility.

Here are selected comments from the poll. All of the comments were made anonymously:

Taylor because he can help the browns right now!
We have not had a great TE since Ozzie, time to get one, they only come along once every 10 to 15 years
The only reason I would pick Winslow over Mike Williams is because I doubt Mike Williams will be there at #7. I think Winslow is a stud, but I have seen Mike Williams play a lot, and forget the 40-times and all the numbers figured out in drills, this guy is the best receiver in the draft other than Fitzgerald and Id have a hard time choosing between those two. Williams makes catches that most NFL receivers can't make.
Philip Rivers. Best QB in draft, would be perfect understudy to Garcia
We should take Winslow, and then trade up to get Shawn Andrews before he is taken. We get a solid tight end & offensive lineman out of this draft!
Deion Sanders. A retired PRIME TIME is better then all of the above.
Must have Taylor! Little & Griffith suck... Please draft Taylor please
Our safeties are as poor as they get in this league. In the past, we have analyzed our run defense weakness to be interior d-line and linebackers. The true problem lies in our safeties and tackling.
I think Ben is going to be special, just a "gut" feeling. Having a hometown guy starting at QB in a couple of years would be pretty neat. Taylor would be good. One of the WRs would be ok too. I can't help it, I'm just not Winslow JR fan. I'd rather wait until RD 2 and hope Troupe or Watson are there at TE.
Sean Taylor PERIOD. He is THE playmaker this team needs and will set the tone for the defense.
Testing my theory that nobody reads these comments. 5:37pm 4/5/04 (Editors note: Oh ye of little faith!)
No QB and please...please not Tommie Harris!
Wouldn't mind Winslow either, but I think Troupe can be had in the 2nd round. Griffith is on his way out and Taylor would help shore up our run D as much as a good defensive linemen. Not to mention, he'd scare the crap out of every receiver trying to stretch our defense vertically.
We need to upgrade the run defense badly. A stud SS would solve that problem. We can live with the TEs and WRs we have or take one in the second round.
Sean Taylor can take our defense to the status of the elite immediately. He will be a ballhawk, a devastating presence over the middle of the field, and he will be able to stop fool Jamal Lewis.
This is a hard choice period but even though I like Winslow more. I think a player like Taylor would have a huge impact not only for the shoring up run defense and strengthening pass defense but increase SCORING defense.
KW2 is HALL OF FAME bound
I think we still need to look long term at our quarterback situation. It appears with the signing of Garcia, Couch's tenure is over. Holcomb seems like a solid backup, but I think has reached his potential, especially with the recent surgery. Garcia is good, but is up there in age. With younger receivers we should still look at bringing up a protégé under Jeff.
I picked Roethlisburger because Don Rogers, Frank Minnefield, and Hanford Dixon weren't available.
The Cleveland Browns need a play maker; and they have a chance to get get possibly the biggest playmaker to come out of college early in the last five years. Of course they need a offensive line, but if we don't draft Sean Taylor (someone who can change a game), we need to consider about the front office.
I'd really like to see us have a player that can punish a teams linebackers when they try to cover him. That, to me, is how you open up the running game.
Deangelo Hall
Will Smith
Gallery not being available is not an option.
The Browns offense would be upgraded greatly with a TE who can run block and open up the entire middle of the field in the passing game. He is no soldier, but is a can't miss Pro Bowl TE.
We need a force at safety and Sean Taylor would provide that for us. Down with Earl Little and Robert Griffith!
Winslow by a whisker over Taylor as I like later rnd. safeties better than TE possibilities and Winslow is such a weapon. I also appreciate KW2''s desire to win. Walldog
Pro-Bowl TE''s are harder to find than Pro-Bowl Safeties. But I wouldn't be upset with Taylor. Big Ben is intriguing but much more risky.
Vince Wilfork, if Gallery, Taylor not available!
Trade down, do whatever we have to do to get a Tackle. Joe Montana couldn't help us without a good line.
If Mike Williams is still there the Browns have to take him he is the best player in the draft .
Robert Gallery!! Robert Gallery!!! Robert Gallery!!!!! Robert Gallery!!!!!!!! Robert Gallery!!!!!!!
I doubt Big Ben is available at #7, but he would definitely be the QB of the future. Shawn Andrews would be a good pick ONLY if we trade down and then pick him.. #7 is way to early for him.
Unlike 1999, we have a proven QB (Garcia) that will allow for the proper development of a rookie signal caller. This is a deep enough draft to obtain quality OL help in the 2nd and/or 3rd round. We have a chance to do it right this time, select Big Ben if Gallery is gone.
We need to help the offense dramatically. If we can't get Gallery then we need to get Winslow. Remember the defense didn't show up 4 out of 16 games. That means we had a good chance to win 12.
Browns have not had a GREAT QB since Otto Graham but Ben has the potential to be truly GREAT!!!
O-linemen should be the focus of this draft, but Shawn Andrews is not worth the seventh pick. Both Taylor and Winslow are impact players who could start right away. Taylor doesn't have the baggage, and I fear that Campo might decide to leave Griffith back there.
Winslow would be a great asset to our offense and would help us score more on goal line situations. Winslow and Taylor would both help us extremely but we need offense more than defense right now.
Trade down with buffalo #13 , acquire another first day pick this year
Mike or Roy would be nice. Whoever is available.
Big Ben - Arm as strong as Brett Favre's! You can't pass on him IF HE'S AVAILABLE!
You know Butch will pick either a wide receiver or a defensive line. I guess he has not failed enough with his past drafts at those two positions.
Winslow will be All Pro and create a new standard for the position. The only "sure thing" on the board.
Taylor will be gone by the no. 7 pick, and Harris is the second best defensive player available. The defense needs the most help.
This is a difficult draft for the Browns as they have needs where there are significant impact players this year. Taylor, Gallery, Winslow and Big Ben. How could the Browns go wrong with anyone of these picks? Err don''t remind me.
Rework deal with Northcutt, make Morgan third Receiver, make Suggs starter, give Little a warm cup of "shut the hell up"!
The Browns really could use a future Pro Bowl Tight End. However, I still would rather have Robert Gallery.
We could really use a great offensive threat like KWII, but I think Sean Taylor is just too extraordinary a talent to pass up.
What can you say... The kid is rock solid and he has his Dad''s name. He is going to dominate the NFL like Shannon Sharpe did for so many years.
We could pick up a good guard in the second round and leave Verba at tackle another year. Kellen Winslow would open up the field and then maybe Quincy Morgan could get open more than twice a game
It doesn't matter. I'm sure Butch and Carmen will screw it up like they always do.
The browns have not drafted a single impact play since they have been back! Of the players listed above, Winslow is the most unique talent and someone that could potentially have an instant impact. Without an impact player in the first round, the browns will sadly win no more than 6 games.
Please no Winslow
Safety is a definite area of need and Sean Taylor is the best.
There is no substitute for Gallery - we MUST get him if we don't land Pace.
Maybe even better than Gallery! Big strong young tackle that has all the potential in the world. If he stays out of trouble, could be a steal! EifelDawg!
To have a TE that can block and be a downfield threat would make a huge impact on the offense. I'm still hoping somehow we end up with Gallery.
They should trade down with Buffalo, and get Andrews at 13
Philip Rivers. This kid is unreal, and we haven't had a QB like him since Bernie.
This pick must be able to make an impact in the upcoming season. I'd like to see this in the TE or S position, meaning Winslow or Taylor would be the ideal pick.
Trade down, draft TE Ben Troupe, who has better stats and attitude than Winslow, round 2 draft LT Butler or Jacobs, then focus on a safety. QB really is not an issue for this draft.


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