Transcript: Rob Rang Draft Chat

Old friend Rob Rang of visited us last night and dished the goods during his 90 minute Q-and-A session with Browns fans in the chat room. Get Rob's take on who the Browns might take at #7 - could it be the rapidly rising CB DeAngelo Hall? Plus, get Rob's <B>exclusive</B> list of six potential draft picks who have visited with the Browns in Berea. Great stuff, and thanks again to Rob for hanging out and talking draft with us last night!

ramllov Hey Rob
artbtz Hi Rob!!
RobRang Hello all - thanks Art for the help!
ramllov Rob, are there any SS in this draft?
RobRang ram, a few but not many worth mentioning early
LifetimeDawg Rob do the browns move up to get gallery?
RobRang No, I'd be pretty surprised if they move up for Gallery
LifetimeDawg why is that?
RobRang The Browns have some needs as you well know - it will cost a lot to get to #1 and I'm just not sure they're willing to do it
RobRang I think it is typical Butch smoke
NFLGuy2004 Rob, Do you think #7 is too high for Browns to take D'Angelo Hall...If Roy Williams and Sean Taylor are not there, he seems like a no brainer?
RobRang Hall would be a good choice at #7. Taylor would certainly be a great choice.
superfork2002 What are the chances they move down in the draft?
robdawgie Would they move down for Carey??
RobRang Moving down to get an OL like Carey makes some sense - if you are sure Carey can play OT. I'm not sure he is the LT they want.
bkdog What LT do you think they want?
RobRang Gallery is clearly the guy they want, I just don't think they'll pay the ""price,"" same with Orlando Pace...
vudupimp rob do you think we will take Rogers or Dorsey
superfork2002 what about Rogers?
RobRang Rogers is a solid OT, but is frankly a little bit of a *uss...
vudupimp or Nat Dorsey
RobRang Dorsey is decent too, but they'd have to really move down for him. I see him as a 2nd round guy, though someone might snatch him up in the last of the 1st
professordawg Any chance they fool everyone and take a QB in the first round, Rob?
RobRang I still think there is a strong possibility that Cleveland takes a guy no one is talking about - ala a receiver or defensive linemen. They're quite impressed with Udeze..
RobRang Go QB - they certainly could. I'm not a huge Garcia fan for this offense. I thought it was a questionable move considering the backgrounds of Davis, Robiskie..
artbtz Any thoughts on which WR they like best?
RobRang I spoke to Terry Robiskie at the Washington Pro Day. He likes Reggie Williams a lot...
superfork2002 I like Pickett QB in the 4th
verba Is Ryan Dinwiddie accurate enough to be a good QB?
RobRang Dinwiddie is a late, late round guy or FA. Pickett has some talent, but is so damn inconsistent accuracy-wise.
WhosGotTheJuice how about hefty lefty/pilsbury throw boy?
RobRang J-LO? Juice, Lorenzen is a better football player than people like to give him credit for...
redright Rob who are the day 2 QBs that you like? Who for Cleveland?
WhosGotTheJuice i like J-Lo alot and he would be a great late round pickup
RobRang Day 2 QBs I like are Schaub, Navarre, Harris, Chris Lewis, etc.
NFLGuy2004 Yah but can he play QB in the NFL? He'd have to drop 30 lbs youd think..Im not questioning the kids ability..seen him many times
RobRang I think he can play QB at the NFL level even at 285 pounds...
NFLGuy2004 Rob, is there a Tom Brady type talent (5-6 round) that could surprise people?
RobRang Not sure there is a Tom Brady type. Schaub - very accurate, intelligent, lacks the big arm might be the closest
Gribble114 The draft is incredibly deep at WR, who are some possible second day steals? Drew Carter? Clarence Moore?
RobRang there are a zillion potential steal guys out there, you'd have to pick a position for me
RobRang Clarence Moore is a legit 2nd day steal. Devard Darling, PK Sam, Bernard Berrian, Andrae Thurman...
KatDawg Rob, ignore if you've answered this. Is KWII worth the 'tude and potential hassles and his *ugh* agents?
RobRang Winslow is worth the hassle and any team needing a TE and not looking at him is nuts. The Browns love him.
verba could mike boulware play saftey?
RobRang I am not a big fan of Boulware's potential at safety. He has good straight line speed and can turn and run well for a OLB, but not necessarily for a S. The days of SS just covering TEs is over. He'll need to cover WRs too - and he'll get killed.
WhosGotTheJuice Besides Gallery, who should the Browns take withe first if any of the top players were available
RobRang Juice - I could see the team taking Hall, Udeze, or any of the elite receivers there...
Guest119 Rob, whats the latest on a trade involving the Giants trading up?
RobRang giants trade. they'd be sending their 1st and multiple other picks for #1 overall for Manning. But there is talk behind the scenes that they'd actually be moving up for Gallery...
Guest hey's 11QB...any new Charger rumors?
RobRang No new Charger rumors right now. Lots of talk of them trading down with NYG, but the best source I have with them still maintains they're taking Manning at #1
Guest119 Rob, any rumors on the Vikings trading up or down?
RobRang Lots of Viking rumors up and down. If one of the top DEs (Udeze or Smith) started to fall, they'd consider moving up. Might take a top CB if there, but don't really need it and they know it. Will look at OL and WR too.
verba Rob, do you think North Calolina state OG Sean Locklear can be a good player?
RobRang Verba, I'm a big, big Locklear fan.
SGdawg Would the Browns move up for anyone other than Gallery?
RobRang I don't see the Browns moving up for anyone other than Gallery or potentially Winslow if they got a great offer
Gribble114 Is Mike Williams falling like has been reported?
RobRang he will certainly fall if (when?) he runs poorly.
RobRang Mike williams
futuredawg what will he run
futuredawg a 4.7?
RobRang 4.6 or so
howldawg Rob you think the Browns need to move up to get Winslow?
RobRang They might need to move up for Winslow. Both Washington and Detroit are looking at him hard and are both exploring trades
bosshogg84 Which of the 1-AA corners is the best: Thomas, Keith Smith, or Cocolough
RobRang Keith Smith, Joey Thomas, Colclough in that order. All are top 50 picks. It would surprise me if Smith doesn't make the 1st round. I love his game.
Gribble114 Will Winslow's choice of agents possible cause him to fall?
RobRang Possibly - poor choices of agents is a rising concern.
Guest40 Who do you have the Browns taking in your mock draft?
RobRang guest40 - deangelo hall right now
SGdawg Who is the highest rated player that will play at a different position in the NFL?
RobRang good Q SGDawg - might be Vilma. Played mike at Miami, lots see him at WLB
Guest119 Rob, after San Diego and the Giants, what teams are looking at quarterbacks (Rivers, Losman)
RobRang 119 - Packers, Dolphins, Rams, Raiders, etc.
RobRang gimme a second. I have some Privatew Workouts stuff for you guys (and gals)...
Bhamfan Rob, is Oakland the "" wild card"" team whose pick could set the order for the top half of the draft?
RobRang No doubt - Oakland will determine a lot... Only one private workout for the Raiders right now, BYU CB Jernaro Gilford a latter round guy
RobRang Got 6 guys Cleveland has had in for private workouts or will have soon. I assume you are interested?
KatDawg yes, yes, yes
robdawgie yep
Guest40 please please please
RobRang 1. DeAngelo Hall
RobRang 2. Kenechi Udeze
RobRang 3. Sean Taylor
RobRang 4. Luke McCown
RobRang 5. Matt Schaub
RobRang 6.
RobRang ...
RobRang ...
RobRang Kelly Butler the OT who all might be getting very familiar with...
ramllov I thought Butler was a RT?
robdawgie Dude from Purdue?
RobRang Dude from Purdue. Has played RT a lot, but is athletic and has upside.
Guest553 What round for Butler?
RobRang Butler probably RD 2-3
redright What do you like/don't like about Shaub and McCown?
RobRang Neither Schaub or McCown have great arms. Both are smart, good leaders, good height, accurate..
RedDawg Isn't DeAngelo Hall a cover corner? How does that fit into Campo's Cover 2 philosophy? Would that signify a shift to more 8 man fronts and blitzing, Rob?
RobRang Very much could lead to a more aggressive scheme, RedDawg... good point.
cmhdawg I'm convinced Schaub or McCown are the project QB pick for us
Guest never know...that's why he would be a Brady...if they knoew that...he wouldn't be a late round pick
RobRang The next Brady might not come for another decade or so. Not many guys come in that late and develop into superstars
robdawgie Hey Rob, any interst in Ben Watson in round 2?
RobRang I'm personally not real high on Watson. Cleveland is reportedly. He is a spectacular athlete, but hasn't improved much over the past 2 years. Would be an instant upgrade at TE though...
Guest where will Dillon end up when all is said and done
RobRang Dillon will probably end up with the Raiders, but the Bengals won't get much for him
DieHardDawg00 Rob, your thoughts on Nat Dorsey at LT
RobRang Diehard
RobRang dorsey is a solid collegiate OT with good - not great feet. He would never be a great LT, but I think he could hold the fort down. I'm not sure he would be a great upgrade over your current starter
Guest553 Is it just me or does Jackson have bust wrote on him?
RobRang Steven Jackson bust? 553
ramllov Rob what would be your first four picks for the Browns considering they do not make any trades?
Guest553 yes, the back from oregon
RobRang Oregon State and if he is a bust then I need to find a new profession.
DieHardDawg00 or would we be better off taking Jason Peters in round 3 or 4 and shifting him to LT
DieHardDawg00 Can you compare him to Travell Wharton or Adrian Jones
DieHardDawg00 although I know Jone will need at least a year in the weight room
DieHardDawg00 BTW, that's my sleeper, Jason Peters in Round 3
RobRang Wharton is athletic, but is a little soft and might be better suited inside at OG. Jones has a nice upside, but is real raw and needs time in the weight room as you said...
RobRang Peters might not last that long. Some think he goes early 2nd round... Some are real, real high on him. I'm a little more lukewarm...
howldawg Rob who is the best overall safety and when will he be selected?
RobRang Sean Taylor is by far the best safety and he won't get past #6
RedDawg Rob, does Taylor last till #5?
RobRang He may not get past #5, but if he does either Detroit will take him or they'll hold a 15 minute auction.
Guest42 sounds like gallery only left tackle worth it in whole draft we cant hope for potential or upside right now at left tackle
RobRang Gallery is the only future All-Pro LT. rogers can come in and do a solid job.
Bhamfan Rob, Does OT Jacobs make it to the Browns pick in 2nd RD?
RobRang He might, Bhamfan...
superfork2002 Would Rogers be better than Verba?
RobRang Rogers could be as good as Verba, allowing Verba to move back inside.
verba Rob, you said Rogers was soft, though, I assume you're not high on him
RobRang He is a little soft, but he is still a good player. He'd be a solid value choice in RD 2
rabidbrown If Gallery is gone, should the browns wait till next years draft to get a LT and address other needs this year?
RobRang When Gallery is gone, they might look to address OG and keep Verba where he is. Carey, Locklear, etc. make a lot of sense especially since there are some slid OGs in the rds 2-4
howldawg Rob is Gallery on a level with a Pace or Boselli?
RobRang Damn close
DieHardDawg00 Hey Rob, Snee or Smiley?
RobRang Personally, Snee. Smiley is athletic and has a higher upside. Snee is a nasty SOB of a football player who just gets the job done
redright Who are the solid guards in Rounds 2 -- 4 ?
RobRang Carey, Snee, Smiley, Locklear, Bell, etc...
Gribble114 If Gallery is that good why not pay the price and move up to get him?
RobRang Gribble - I understand your point. I think some team just might try to do that. I just don't anticipate it being Cleveland, with a front office having some troubles, a coach getting close to the hotseat, plenty of other holes in a draft blessed with great talent throughout Day 1, etc.
WhosGotTheJuice let's get another LS
newdawg we need a holder.
RobRang The best long snapper for the NFL is Idaho State's Jared Allen becuase he is a serviceable DE too.
himelick What about Returnmen?
RobRang A sleeper KR is a kid - I'm forgetting his name - but plays for Montana State. Returned 4-5 for scores tihs year... Dammit, I should remember his name...
RobRang Corey Smith, that's the one. Thanks. boss and himelick nailed it earlier too...
glousterbrown Rob is there any chance of us getting Watson (te) in round 2?
RobRang If you want Ben Watson in Round Two, he'll be there.
verba Rob, will Locklear be around top of the third?
RobRang Locklear at the top of the 3rd is a gamble. He might because OGs drop, but he deserves to be drafted in the 2nd
newdawg I mean, will troupe be there in the 2nd round?
RobRang No, Troupe won't make it out of the 1st
DieHardDawg00 You mean Troupe won't make it past Denver, right Rob?
RobRang Troupe may not make it past Denver, or St. Louis, or Philly, etc....
jags7 rob, what are the names your hearing that the jags have targeted?
RobRang 5 guys the jags have brought in
RobRang Kenechi Udeze, Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Junior Siavii, Kendrick Starling
DieHardDawg00 Rob, what about a local kid, Jacob Bell, any upside?
RobRang Absolutely, Bell has upside. I meant to mention him as a 2nd-4th round guard. I thought I did. Solid player
Guest553 who do you think pitt takes at 11?
RobRang Pitt has some choices to make. Oakland determines top of the 1st. Pitt controls the middle. Might go QB, RB, CB or even WR...
jags7 in your conversations with udeze, has he indicated that if hes available that he'll be the jags pick?
RobRang He has not indicated that (to Jags) but said he felt real good about his time with them...
wideright Could Andrews be moved to LT?
RobRang Andrews could be moved to LT, but I question how effective he'll be. He will get a QB killed
Foggy What is your view on Matt Ware
RobRang Ware - a solid CB/FS athlete who spent too much time at 2 positions and not enough time at 1. A little raw, but a very good athlete with plenty of upside a little overrated
jags7 is udeze clearly their preference over will smith? there has been some smoke recently regarding there interest in smith
RobRang not necessaarily. teams are going back and forth on those two. both are getting legit top 10- grades
Foggy Any possibility of Winston Justice filing for Supplemental Draft if Claret ruling holds up
RobRang would be surprised to see justice file early, but anything is possible in today's draft rulings..
joeturkeyj sorry if this has been covered already but...Browns supposidly looking QB in 4th or 5th round. Any thoughts who?
RobRang Probably Schaub, McCown, Pickett
Guest553 Who's the Bengals bringing in?
browns28 rob do you see the browns taking david rivers
RobRang David Rivers? Do you mean Philip?
Guest40 ESPN reports NYGs have contacted SD about trading up for Manning
RobRang they have(Giants), but there is some talk it is that the player is Gallery, not Manning
WhosGotTheJuice what kinda shnapps?
RobRang Probably not. It is pretty hard for safeties to take ROY...
RobRang Rookie Of the YEAR = ROy
glousterbrown glousterbrown Rob how much do you think the FO is willing to give up to get Gallery?
RobRang 1st, 3rd, maybe Northcutt.
DieHardDawg Rob, can you conceivably see us taking Udeze at 7?
RobRang Yes, I think there is a good chance Cleveland takes Udeze.
jags7 who are you hearing that the jags are targeting in rd. 2? word is they covet boulware
RobRang Boulware would be a nice fit for Jax.
himelick Rob, where do you see DJ Hackett of Colorado going (round)?
RobRang Hackett? 5th-7th
wideright what is your top seven picks in order, sorry if i missed it earlier?
RobRang top 7 picks
RobRang 1. manning - SD
RobRang 2. oakland - roethlisberger
RobRang 3. ari - fitzgerald
RobRang 4. nyg - gallery
RobRang 5. wa - sean taylor
RobRang 6. detroit - KW II
RobRang 7. cleveland - DeAngelo Hall
Guest175 HALL over TAYLOR?
RobRang Hall is a similar prospect to Phillip Buchanon. Great athlete, could be a special player. At worst a solid starter, spectacular return man
Guest40 Hall over Udeze?
RobRang That would be my ? (Hall or Udeze)
KatDawg then how do we address ol? FA or later rounds?
RobRang OL probably through both FA, draft, potential trade for PAce, etc.
ramllov Rob hall in the first, LT from USC in the second, who is the third round choice?
RobRang ramllov - Watson
Guest553 The QB's you mentioned are they likely 4th rders? schaub , Mckown etc?
RobRang yes, 553
wideright What is Garcia's reputation as a talent evaluator around the league?
RobRang Solid rep.
ramllov So, the first four choices are CB, LT, TE and QB, does that sound right? Rob?
RobRang Obviously the whole thing changes if something unexpected happens early, but that sounds about right with what I'm hearing/seeing
himelick Rob, other than the CB trio and Allen the LS, are there any other small school picks for this years draft
RobRang Plenty of small school picks. Check out my ""Diamonds in the Rough"" 100%% free
bigbonedawg rob if our need is cb for the first round what do u think about not taking hall and moving down and picking up gamble
RobRang I'm not a big Gamble fan, but some teams are...
jags7 rob, any thoughts on teams moving up into 5-7 range?
RobRang New England is really looking to move up to get Sean Taylor, so might Houston/.
Guest435 Do you like Kevin Jones?
RobRang I like Kevin Jones a lot
newdawg rob, why would ne want taylor when they have a top safety?\
RobRang eugene wilson is more of a CB, would be moved back.
jags7 rob, would junior siavii fit as a third round pick for the jags, and can you see that happening?
RobRang Siavii won't last until the 3rd unless his trial goes bad
himelick Who is the best small school RB prospect? The guy from Northern Colorado?
RobRang Meadows is a good small school guy to keep in mind... good call
jags7 what are your thoughts on starling and where does he fit in this draft?
RobRang latter rounds. has some problems with his eyes and light. legitimate size and speed though.
BrownsNOW Rob, what is your assesment of Darrion Scott and Tim Anderson...I think both could be good picks in middle rounds
RobRang I agree 100%%. REally, really like Anderson. Not flashy, jus tthe kid kiind of guy every D needs
himelick Will Terrance Cooper from ECU be a good WR pick in the late rounds
RobRang Copper nice pick in latter rounds. Good upside. Joey Thomas late 1st to mid 2nd. anderson=krumrie. Not as good, but similar tenacity...
Guest553 Rob IF big if, taylor made it to 7 would you take him or trade with NE for their 2 first?
RobRang Ooooh. Tough question 553.
RobRang I'd probably take the trade just because I really like a lot of guys in this draft, but it would be hard, real hard to pass on Taylor.
DPG Rob great effort keeping up. Where will Bob Sanders S Iowa go 2-3 rd?
RobRang Sanders 2nd-3rd.
newdawg Rob, does Larry Allen have anything left?
RobRang Larry allen probably has something left, but I'm not sure he wants it bad enough
himelick I think that Joey Thomas will be a great CB in a year or two
RobRang I agree himelick
DPG Is Roy Williams a ""worthy"" #7
jags7 if roy williams and udeze are both on the board at 9, who do you see the jags taking?
RobRang I'm not a big roy Williams fan. I see him as a much better athlete than WR and would take a couple of different WRs over him. But most would consider Roy at #7 a steal
himelick Thanks for your Time Rob!
cmhdawg Thanks Rob
RobRang One last thing for everyone - I'm holding a Premium Only reader mock draft and am embarrassed to say that no one has taken Cleveland yet. For $14.95, you aren't going to find better draft coverage anywhere, plus you get the right to pick for your Browns
RobRang Thanks everyone...!!!
BrownsNOW Rob, which 2 positions do you feel are the deepest in this draft and why?
RobRang 2 deepest - WR, CB.
RobRang Okay, thanks for everything! I always love coming here!

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