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Transcript: Greg Mastin Draft Chat

As draft day creeps nearer, new names such as Kenechi Udeze (pictured) are coming to the fore. The USC defensive end was discussed in Greg Mastin's Draft Chat Friday night with Browns fans. Remember to grab a <A HREF="">Total Access Pass</A> in time for our chat Monday night with draft guru Tony Pauline!

ramllov Who do you see the Browns drafting in the first three rounds Greg?
Lumpy Thanks for coming tonight Greg!
Greg Mastin Well, depends on if they move up obviously. I think they should go after Gallery, but who knows if they can do it.
Greg Mastin If they pass on Gallery and end up with Taylor, or Winslow, or a Williams then they could get Rogers from USC in the second as a LT.
Lumpy Greg, do you see the team using a lot of smoke and mirrors similar to the last 2 drafts and come up with another 1st round surprise pick?
Greg Mastin Lumpy....every team uses a lot of smoke and mirrors :-)
Lumpy Hello Sobo!
Greg Mastin I'm not sure what a surprise pick is for Cleveland. Winslow, Taylor, Roy Williams, DeAngelo Hall, Rivers, Roethlisberger, any of them work for me.
Lumpy Which Williams WR do you rate highest ?
Greg Mastin Roy, but not by much. It depends on what a team is looking for. It's hard to ignore how good Mike Williams is when the ball is in the air. A Michael Irvin type.
teco more burbon need more burbon brb
ramllov Greg, how good is the second round, third round and fourth round of this draft?
Greg Mastin Reggie isn't far off Mike either. He is overlooked and will be a steal for someone in the middle ten picks
DieHardDawg00 Can Andrews climb all the way back up to No. 7?
Greg Mastin I wrote him up in the Bernie's Draft preview as a potential pick, but they need to trade down if they want Andrews.
thoughtgang greg-what can you tell me about etric pruit?
Greg Mastin Pruitt looks the part, but will need a lot of improvement in his overall game skills to start in the NFL.
Greg Mastin on Pruitt I meant if a team wants to project him to CB
Greg Mastin sorry about that
Lumpy Greg-if the Browns miss on Sean Taylor in the 1st, do you see them going after Bob Sanders from Iowa even though he is only 5'8/5'9?
Greg Mastin Sanders can play. I know Marvin Lewis loves Sanders. The toughest call is there are several second round players that some will probably be there in Rd 3
DieHardDawg00 OK, Greg, if Rogers is gone in Round 2, we miss on Gallery in Round 1, do we take Nat Dorsey to play LT?
Greg Mastin I don't think Dorsey would provide any immediate relief at LT
Greg Mastin Rogers is solid, but frankly he is going to go higher than he normally would because demand for LT heavily outweighs supply.
donodawg anybody have a feel for whats going on in Washington? Is Samuels our next left tackle?
Greg Mastin Interesting the thought that the Redskins could go after Gallery and trade Samuels
Guest12 Greg - what do you think of Samuels?
Greg Mastin Chris Samuels? I think he hasn't been the player the Redskins thought they were getting, but Spurrier's system certainly didn't help. He would need a month or two to get back to form, but would be a great pickup if the Redskins would part with him for a second, or even a couple of picks. He certainly is better than anyone outside of Gallery in this draft as long as his contract and cap hit can be absorbed.
ramllov I thought I read Samuels would not sign an extended contract. It makes sense to deal him and sign Gallery
Greg Mastin Samuels just refuses to renegotiate for the third straight year to lower his cap value.
SOBOdawg Greg there are a couple things I've been wondering about local products
SOBOdawg I've worked with the University of Akron for this past season and this upcoming season, what about Matt Cherry as a prospect for any NFL team?
SOBOdawg Cherry was damn near uncoverable in the MAC this past season and has good measurables
Greg Mastin The problem for Cherry is this is such a great year for recievers. Cherry may be a late day selection, but receivers just keep getting bigger and faster. He better learn to play special teams if he wants to play early more than likely.
Guest48 Greg do you think that The Giants would really take Manning #1, i think there Gallery all the way
Greg Mastin As far as Gallery #1, I would do it. If I were SD I would do it. Would you take Ogden, Pace, Boselli #1 if you were building a team? Certainly. He has this type of potential and is a tremendous guy to boot.
SOBOdawg So you think Gallery is on that level? I've been arguing the same thing for awhile now, but many are not ready to accept it
Greg Mastin I think Gallery can be on that level in time.
ramllov I see many free safeties in this draft. Greg, can any of these free safeties become SS?
Greg Mastin ram I think Jones from Ga can make the transition in time.
Greg Mastin Although so many teams are going to a flex safety role where both guys need to cover and hit that the line is blurry in a lot of cases
ramllov Sean Jones is a second or third round choice?
Greg Mastin second round in my opinion, but as I said a lot of second round safeties so third round may be where the value is
ramllov Could you see D. Hall as the Browns choice at 7? Is he a lock down corner?
Greg Mastin I haven't projected Hall to the Browns yet, but I have put him at 8 to Atlanta, so it wouldn't shock me at all. I think Hall is a very good player, not at the level of Woodson or even Newman last year. But he has good speed and skills yes.
SOBOdawg side question on Hall, I've recently done some research on him and found he was the top tackler of all the top corner prospects. Is he more physical than Strait who is known as a valuable run stopper?
Greg Mastin He isn't as physical, tackles is a tough stat to measure a corner. But he can tackle.
ramllov Would you take him greg?
Greg Mastin Would I take Hall at #7? Probably not because I can think of at least seven better players. Taylor, Ben, Eli, Winslow, Gallery, Udezi, Fitzgerald, Williams thats 8. Corner is deep this year.
Guest12 Who would you take - Hall or Udeze?
Greg Mastin I would take Udezi personally, DE is not a deep position at all. Corner you can get better prospects than DE for at least the first day after the top two DE's in Smith and Udezi.
ramllov Greg what is your opinion on the Ohio State WR Michael Jenkings? He has size, speed and can catch.
Greg Mastin Jenkins certainly has potential, although he didn't post the big numbers with Ohio State. There are so many good receivers this year. Haven't even mentioned Lee Evans, Rashaun Woods and Michael Clayton yet.
donodawg In fact I see the Hall pick as just another Big East pick. If he played at USC, no chance the Browns would pick him
Greg Mastin Butch has been out of the loop for long enough that he shouldn't 'know' the Big East any better than he knows another conference.
cmhdawg Greg, how far down could we go and still get Andrews?
Greg Mastin Andrew can probably be had in the late teens
tdd336 i'm thinking the browns are going for michael boulware in the second rd.
tdd336 Greg, do you think boulware could make the transition to safety?
Greg Mastin Boulware is interesting. His situation reminds me of Boss Bailey. Everyone had Bailey projecting to safety, too light, etc. ended up in the second round and had a pretty good rookie year at linebacker. He just needs to be used correctly.
redright Greg, What position for the first day will the Browns go for? Players?
Greg Mastin First day I would expect a LT if one is available, Secondary (S and/or CB), OL, WR simply because the odds are a good one will be on the board each time they pick.
Greg Mastin TE also could go and not only Winslow, Troupe and Watson are both intriguing players too and won't be as pricey.
ramllov Greg how do you like what the Browns have done in Free agency this year?
Greg Mastin Garcia was an interesting move, at least they got a guy who can move around back there if the line play isn't upgraded. They picked up some solid players otherwise, they improved their depth and didn't break the bank. Workmanlike FA period, but not spectacular.
redright GReg, How likely are the Browns going to be to find a partner to trade down? Could they get a first and two seconds? who? Where?
Greg Mastin Not sure who wants to move up into the top seven, most of the action has been in the top five. I think teams will want to see how that top five shakes down before moving up. Buffalo if they want a DE or QB could be interested, to get ahead of JAX and PIT respectively.
* thoughtgang greg-any feelings on derrick hamilton? i think he could be an excellent slot/#3 receiver in the third round for the brows
Greg Mastin Hamilton would be an interesting pick in the third round, decent size, good speed. I can't argue with your thinking thoughtgang
Lumpy Greg-how are teams looking a K2...with this agent and dad causing a stir?
Greg Mastin Well it depends on each team and their own personal relationship with the Postons. I don't think an agent should prevent you from taking a player because picks get paid what they are slotted, and in the 6 years since you pick them who knows what that player is going to be, the agent, etc.
cmhdawg Greg, How about you give us your top 7 picks?
Greg Mastin Top 7 players or mock the top seven teams
Greg Mastin making the monumental assumption there will be no trades
Greg Mastin Manning, Gallery, Fitzgerald, Roethlisberger, Winslow, Taylor,
Greg Mastin I know I left one out....because that is the hardest one
Greg Mastin I think Roy Williams would be a great pick. But so would Hall. So would Udezi or Smith.
Lumpy Thanks Greg, Sobo's question on K2's blocking ability is a good one.
SOBOdawg Side question on Winslow, and I've argued this UP and down; but how good a blocker do you think he is. Comparison between Troupe and Watson?
Greg Mastin Winslow is not a great technical blocker, but he does make the effort. So he can be a good enough blocker in time if he proves willing to learn it.
SOBOdawg lots of talk about Browns and Raiders swapping, Roy williams is their boy and could very likely be on the board. Is this a win/win for both teams?
Greg Mastin It is if Gallery doesn't go first.
tdd336 greg, who do you have rated higher, Wilfork or Harris? Do you think one could slip into the top 10?
Greg Mastin They are such different players. If you want a penetrating DT, who uses quickness to get to the edges then Harris is your guy. If you want a plugger who can still penetrate and make plays but with less range then Wilfork is your guy. Depends on the scheme and I think teams draft boards would reflect that.
redright Greg, No Guards? I don't see you selecting guards for the Browns and the draft seems deep for guards, rds 2 and 3. Seems the Browns need guards and safeties. Any you like? where?
Greg Mastin I said OL, or meant to - if I didn't it was an oversight. I think Chris Snee or Justin Smiley would be great second round picks.
SOBOdawg Greg who do you have rated higher? Smiley or Snee
Greg Mastin Smiley, but not by a whole lot.
NFLGuy2004 Greg, here is a question that I cannot get a clear answer on..Why restructure Courtney Brown again, and ask Griffith to restructure? It appears they arent going to do anything with the $$, and they are in good shape to sign the rookies...Anything your hearing FA wise?
Greg Mastin There isn't much out there FA-wise. Ian Gold maybe if his knee is sound. The rest are almost guys who are going to fill a role and June 1st is overrated. They may be saving for guys they want to extend soon.
cmhdawg Greg, Where will Jason Peters be drafted?
Greg Mastin Peters my guess would be late second and into the third round. As a TE although with so few LT's out there so it only takes one team to fall in love and try him out at tackle, but it would take a couple of years probably.
redright Greg, are next years OLTs going to be better than this year?
Greg Mastin I haven't taken a hard look at next year yet, but it would hard to imagine next years draft not being at least deeper. Heck it only takes two first round LT prospects to improve things. So without much of a look ahead I would say it is likely to be better next year, but no guarantees there will be a prospect as good as Gallery.
phelix17 What about the LT from so cal? Can he start immediately?
Greg Mastin Rogers starting depends on who is there now. Can he start for the Browns? He could, but that doesn't mean he is going to be a wall over there right away.
Foose Anyone that might surprise at the pro level?
Greg Mastin A guy I like not getting much pub is Brandon Kennedy from N Texas State. Short as heck, only 5'10 on low gravity days but a human bowling ball. The guy is a madman on the field and I think he is going to give someone a lot for their fourth round pick.
SOBOdawg Greg, seriously, what is draft day like for you?
Greg Mastin For me? Actually pretty low key. I have one friend, we get together at each others house, he puts up with me droning on and on, we eat bad food and good beer. Good times.
Greg Mastin I need to run guys, I have a super-busy weekend ahead. I thank you for having me, and for the excellent questions. If I have time I will try to stop by again on a less formal basis before the draft.
* Foose (Plays Sound: applause.wav) Thanks, Greg

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