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Wolf Follows Policy Out the Door

According to reports published this evening, personnel consultant Ron Wolf is following Carmen Policy out the door. The Akron Beacon-Journal's Pat McManamon reports that Wolf has elected to leave the Browns in the wake of the Policy exit. <I>A huge WOOF to Gary and Dactar on the <A HREF="http://www.fanmonster.com/public/tipline.asp?site=149">Tipline</A>!</I>

After a lengthy pursuit, the Browns signed ex-Packers GM Ron Wolf in January to serve as a "personnel specialist", assisting Butch Davis and Pete Garcia with player evaluation and selection. Wolf visited Berea several times, and reportedly left with specific evaluation assignments.

In the wake of Carmen Policy's recent departure, Ron Wolf appears to be set to leave as well.

In a story published this evening by the Akron Beacon-Journal, a source tells Pat McManamon that Wolf is "out of there". According to McManamon's source, there was no issues between Wolf and Davis leading to his exit, but Wolf has elected to leave because his direct report, Policy, has decided to leave.

At this point, the story has not been confirmed by any member of the Browns or by Wolf himself.

Click here to read the story on the Beacon-Journal's web site (free registration required). You can click here to read the story on the Mercury News site, which does not require registration.

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