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Tony Pauline joined Browns fans last night to take draft and snicker at AB's internet connection problems. Lots of great questions from the dawgs in the chat room as Tony discussed the Browns first right selection (perhaps Sean Taylor, pictured) and drilled down into the later rounds to discuss players the Browns are circling...

dunedindawg Welcome Tony.
DieHardDawg hiya Tony
gonuts howdy tony
Tony Pauline I'm in I think....
ramllov Tony, how do you like the Browns and what they are doing?
Tony Pauline ramllov...I thought doing Brown's contract was the right move and wish they had tried to do the same thing with Couch
dunedindawg Tony what is the value of a Qb Like Matt Shaub? is he better value then Losman or Pickett?
Tony Pauline dune...No; he's a big, immobile pocket passer best in the short game (lacks the big arm). Not really effective for a cold weather team.
dunedindawg Sean Jones vs. Sean Taylor? Differences?
Tony Pauline dunedawg...Jones is a little better in coverage and can play over a slot receiver...Taylor is bigger, more physical and brings the wood.
redright Tony, what are your three best picks for the Browns at #7? In the 2nd?
Tony Pauline redright...maybe a corner like Derrick Strait or Will Poole if's he's around. Possibly a DL. Jacob Rogers also has to be a consideration assuming they don't get Gallery.
Lukedawg112 Tony, we all know butch loves the defensive line don't think we'll draft udeze do you?
Tony Pauline but only because I think Winslow or Taylor could be available to them. Also; the Browns have expended a lot of early picks on the D-line and eventually you have to stop the bleeding.
voodoochile1 Any real interest in Udeze?
Tony Pauline vodoochile...Yes...I think there is interest but the question is will he be the BPA at #7? I don't think so as of now.
voodoochile1 what about wilfork?
Tony Pauline voodo...Wilfork is a mid-first round pick; the Browns would be best off trading down if they really want him. He has severly slipped after a very mediocre junior campaign.
Lukedawg112 Tony, in your opinion and from anything you may have heard, do you think the Browns are truly serious in trying to make a trade to move up to get Gallery? Or is it just smokescreening?
Tony Pauline Lukedawg...they want Gallery but two things have to happen. First the Giants have to deal with SD, move up then take Manning, then the Raider have to pass on Gallery...if that two things fall into place the Browns can then swap with SD who wants to move down and take Philip Rivers.
NFLGuy2004 Tony, What players are moving up/down in the recent weeks?
Tony Pauline NFLGuy...up D. Hall, D. Robinson, T. Harris, W. Smith. Down...Wilfork, DJ Williams, Derrick Strait, , Karlos Dansby
Juice how will the top 7 fall?
Tony Pauline Juice...tough call but baring any trades right now it would be Manning, Gallery, Fitzgerald, Roethlisberger, Taylor, Jackson and Winslow Jr.
Guest227 Tony, how early and what prospects at QB are the Browns really taking into consideration?
Tony Pauline Guest 227...definitely in the first day; Roethlisberger in one, Losman in two. A guy like Lorenzen in the 4th would be a good pick-up for them.
dunedindawg Any validity in the Redskins trade with the Raiders for Samuels and #5 for #2 to get Gallery?
Tony Pauline Dunedawg....The skins are looking to move up then trade Samuels...from what I hear they have to get some takers for Samuels before they consummate anything. Where the Browns draft in round three is where Sanders projects...will they take him? Obviously a lot depends on what they do in the first two round but I would bet against it now.
redright Might the Browns trade DOWN? with whom? under what circumstances will they trade down? Who would they look for?
Tony Pauline Redright? Right now the Bronco's and Kansas City really want to move up but may not have the ammo to offer the Browns.
dunedindawg Tony could Max Starks fall to round 3?
Tony Pauline dunedawg...Starks could fall a lot further than that. He's a big immobile RT who many, including myself, feel is best at guard.
voodoochile1 Any chance the Browns look for a GM on day two?....I'm sorry!
Tony Pauline
brando413 are the chances good that the Browns will trade down w/ Jacksonville and if so what type of compensation would we get
Tony Pauline won't get much for sliding down two slots.
redright Tony, most of the draft guesses have the Brown looking to get a TE, an OLT , a G , and a Safety before getting a QB on day 2, what are your thoughts?
Tony Pauline redright...I would put LT at the top of that list dating back to 2000. I might also add a DL in there. I think the Browns need to draft BAP. No one single rookie is going to throw them over the top.
ramllov What would SD want from Cleveland to move to the 4th pick in the first round if they trade with the Giants?
Tony Pauline ramlov...a third and it would be worth it for Gallery.
redright Other than Gallery are there any offensive tackles that can be drafted with confidence that they would be on the field the first year and then develop into players?
Tony Pauline redright...Jacob Rogers could start as a rookie as can Kelly Butler. The sleeper is Adrian Jones of Kansas, a player many are underrating.
redright Tell us about Jones
Tony Pauline redright...tremendous athlete and former TE that bulked up to 290 and looked terrific at LT this season. Needs repitition but will be very good in time (second season) and can start as a rookie.
NFLGuy2004 Tony....Butch Davis talks about needing playmakers...Who are your top 4 playmakers in the draft? Mine are 1.) Fitzgerald 2.) Roy Williams 3.) Sean Taylor 4.) De'Angelo Hall do you agree with those?
Tony Pauline NFLGuy2004...good question! Roy Williams (at the top of his game), Kellen Winslow, Fitzgerald and DeAngelo Hall because of his punt return skills.
redright What draft round for Jnes?
Tony Pauline redright...third round.
Lukedawg112 Tony I dont know if i missed it up there but are the talks of the Browns moving up to 2 (to get Gallery) really realistic? Wouldn't they have to wait to make sure someone doesn't get Gallery at 1 before doing so?
Tony Pauline Luke...yes, they are not going to trade up unless they are assured the player they want is available...
Guest209 What is the most likely scenario for the Browns moving up? Is it to #1, #2 or #5?
Tony Pauline Guest 209...#4 if the Chargers swap with the Giants or #2
NFLGuy2004 Tony, given the Browns situation with Northcutt, and question marks with Quincy Morgan, wouldnt you think Butch Davis should be salivating to get Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald?
Tony Pauline NFLGuy...the Browns have used enough early round picks on WR's in the past. In this draft you'll be able to get good wide outs during the second day!
redright Lot of rumors for months that the pats wanted to trade up to 6, 7, 8, or 9 and were willing to give up their two firsts and later considerations, do you have any opinion on that? Which pick? who would they want? Taylor? WR?
Tony Pauline redright...the Pats have such depth they are in a position to do that. Couple in the fact that none of the OLB's really stood out in '03 and the Pats could make that trade with the Lions, take Steven Jackson then get an OL and LB later in the first day and really improve their club...makes a lot of sense for them.
Guest227 What are the given circumstances under which we would end up with D'Angelo Hall??
Tony Pauline Guest227...#7 is early for Hall; he's fast as hell but needs work on his cover skills. The earliest I see him going is #9 to Jax
voodoochile1 Tony, where do you see the big TE from Arkansas (Peterson?) going?
Tony Pauline voodo...Peters is going to fall because he's lazy and teams are not sure whether he is going to be a LT or TE at the next level. Right now I see him being selected in the opening round(s) of day two.
NFLGuy2004 I like the kid from Marshall...Big body, nice speed, great hands
Tony Pauline NFLGuy 2004...the kid from Marshall, Darius Watts could be a steal if he stays healthy and plays to his potential.
redright Tony why wasn't Taylor invited to the NFL in NY for the draft? Why take a DB to NY?
Tony Pauline redright...don't read too much into that.
Lukedawg112 Tony, regarding Hall...I read about a month ago on the Cowboys insider page that Hall would be a viable pick for them at 22? Now there is all this talk of Hall being worth of 7. Besides his blazing speed, what is great about this guy that makes him a top 10 pick? And if so, wouldn't the Cowboys want to trade up to get him considering they just lost Edwards? Has there been any talk of these two teams trading (not pertaining [msg continues in 22 secs]
Tony Pauline Lukedawg...Hall is one of those late risers based on his athletic numbers. He is not a sure thing as a corner and I expect him to get burnt a lot as a rookie. His added value is as a punt returner. He's a great pick for Dallas but he won't be available to them.
Breechman What about the Browns-Packers trade and can we really package enough to end up with #25. I think this may happen becasue of the rumblings about Clevelands love for Ben Watson.
Tony Pauline Breechman....the Pack does not have enough ammo to move up that far unless they want to give away next year's number one which I doubt they do.
redright good ? Breech, what about the TEs, Tony?
Tony Pauline redright...a lot of good pass catching TE's in this draft and guys that will produce as rookies. Not too many complete TE's.
redright Are there two safties that we can get on day 2?
Tony Pauline Dexter Reid of UNC, Erik Coleman of Wazzu is very underrated, . A lot of good run defending safety's from the fourth round on.
newdawg how good of a receiver is watson?
Tony Pauline newdawg...Watson is terrific in all aspects and fluid catching the ball in the short or deep speed. Problem is he looks and worksout better than he plays/produces on the field.
Juice do you think Hartsock would be a good pick as he is a pretty good blocker (late round)
Tony Pauline Juice...Hartsock is rising up boards and could go in the early part of round four, maybe late three. He's a solid prospect but not as good as people are talking him up to be. Two ""sleeper"" tight ends people are undervaluing are Tim Euhus of Oregon State and Sean Ryan of BC
redright Brown, Lloyd, Csonka and Davis went to the same school and all wore #44,
Tony Pauline redright...outstanding blocker and good short yardage pass catcher.
Greg guys, please save the discussion for after the chat... keep pumping Tony for info while we got him... thanks..
Guest227 Tony, what do you see as the most believable trade for us on draft day?
Tony Pauline Guest227....right now I think the Browns stand pat at seven.
redright Ryan is a blocker, Can he catch? Run?
redright Compares to Bavaro?
Tony Pauline redright...Bavaro type but would not be drawing comparisions just yet.
redright Tony how do you see the tp 10 ?
Tony Pauline redright...well, we did the top seven before so after that Atl-Tommie Harris, Jax- Udeze, Texans- Hall with the surprise pick there being Will Smith
GDdawg who is this year's suggs? who is most likely to fall?
Tony Pauline GDawg...Cedric Cobbs
GDdawg Tony - where do you see Drew Carter, WR OSU being drafted?
Tony Pauline GDawg....round four. He was heading into the top 75 maybe top sixty before he hurt his knee against Indiana.
redright Tony, what would be you list of players that should be available in the 2nd and 3rd for the Browns to select. players of value and of a position of interest.
Tony Pauline redright 2- Jacob Rogers, Ben Watson, JP Losman, Justin smiley. .3rd; Chris Snee, , Kris Wilson, Etric Pruitt.
Guest227 Tony, What happens in the scenario that the Browns have a choice between Winslow or Taylor?
Tony Pauline Guest227...They go Taylor
Lukedawg112 Tony, do the Browns try to take a guy like Snee or Carey for sure if they fail to get Gallery in round 1?
Tony Pauline Lukedawg...beat me to it. Snee is a round three guy. Assuming they don't get Gallery (which I don't think will happen) and Carey is available to them in the second (ditto) he is a good value pick for Cleveland.
newdawg where do you see adrian jones going?
Tony Pauline newdawg...he could slide into the late third.
ramllov Tony did you like the pick up of Garcia QB for the Browns
Tony Pauline ramlov...yes, if you take his car keys away!!
Lukedawg112 Tony, the Browns have two punters on the roster as it stands today. BJ Sander however is considered a great punter by many. Is there any chance the Browns would use say, a round 7 pick on a guy like Sander? If he's there?
Tony Pauline Luke...I would not consider Sander a great punter and with the other needs they have I think the Browns look at other positions.
newdawg tony, there seems to be a problem as to where to play carey. mosty sees him as a guard. he see himself as a tackle. your website says he didn't play too well at gurad. why then does most people look at him as a guard?
Tony Pauline newdawg...because they did not watch a lot of film on Carey in 2002. As a junior Carey was a dominant RT and first round pick had he entered the draft. He looked to restricted to me at guard this season and I've gone to several Miami games to scout them live the past four years. Factor in a tackle is more valuable and I think that is where Carey ends up (remember; Jon Ogden played guard his first year in the league).
dunedindawg Great insight on Carey. He's the type of player that can be as good as he wants tobe at either position.
Tony Pauline Okay fella..I've got to groove. Thanks for having me and thanks to Greg and Art.
redright Tony thanks a lot. I like the chance of us getting a OT and Safeties in the later rounds.
Guest227 later Tony....
newdawg great having you tony.
artbtz Thanks Tony
Tony Pauline We'll have a bunch of stuff in the coming weeks so come over and visit and you subscribers make the most of the premium info.....we've posted over 1000 stories/reports since January!
Greg Thanks Tony
artbtz Thanks for watching over the chat, Greg. Much appreciated.
Greg no prob, AB

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