Tremors in the Front Office

There is a lot that remains wrapped in mystery as executives have left Berea in recent months. One thing is for sure, however: the changes <i>will</I> effect the team as it gets ready for the 2004 season. TheInsiders provide their look at the recent exit of Ron Wolf...

The Browns had Ron Wolf for three months. Well, almost three months.

Wolf decided that was enough.

Publicly citing Carmen Policy's departure as the reason, Wolf severed ties with the Browns and ended his time as the team's "personnel specialist."

The reasons are not clear, but Wolf clearly did not feel strong enough about Butch Davis to stay with the Browns after Policy announced he was leaving.

Reports and sources said Wolf was not pleased with his role, nor was he thrilled with comments Davis made about Wolf during the NFL's annual meetings.

In a breakfast session with reporters, Davis said Wolf was one of seven voices involved in evaluating players and did not have a direct effect on the team's decision to change quarterbacks from Tim Couch to Jeff Garcia.

Though Davis didn't intend it -- Davis also spoke of Wolf's role being valuable and of bringing him in for the draft, minicamp and a week of training camp -- the remarks clearly were seen as disparaging. Worse, Wolf probably saw them as disparaging.
Wolf is one of the best talent evaluators in the league, and one of the most respected people in the league.

But apparently he felt the Browns were giving him busy work, and he barely communicated with Davis.

That the Browns could have Wolf at their disposal and not use him enough to keep him happy and interested clearly says much about the state of the organization.

Wolf did not want to work full-time, no. But his input could have been sought and desired a lot more than it was.

The fallout from Wolf's departure went directly to Davis, who despite the pleas of owner Randy Lerner and Policy is clearly seen as the team's most powerful figure, and the guy who pulls all the strings in the team's football operations.

In one week the Browns lost Policy and Wolf.

Those are major tremors in a front office not easily ignored.

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