Browns Trade Up, Nab Sean Jones

Less than an hour after Kellen Winslow was selected, we reported in <I>Ask the Insiders</I> that the Browns were confident that they would be able to trade back up into the second round. That proved true, as the team moved up to land another player they wanted badly: S Sean Jones of Georgia.

The Browns dealt their third-round pick, fifth-round pick, and one of their sixth round picks to move up and get Jones, a highly-regarded safety who may be able to step into the Browns starting line-up.

As the Browns draft continues, it is clear that the team is interested in focusing on filling some of their percieved holes: tight end and safety have been addressed. What will dominate discussions, however, is the team's offensive line. While the team is enthused about some of the up-and-coming players, such as Chad Beasley and Enoch Demar, observers have been relentless about their hopes that the team would improve the offensive line. It hasn't happened yet.

The team, however, has added a player that many felt was a potential first-round choice in Jones. With gigantic running games by Jamal Lewis and LaDanian Tomlinson still fresh in memory, the Browns have gotten stronger up the middle and addressed another need.

- AB

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