William Green Interview Transcript

William Green met with the press Sunday. Here's what was said.

Q: How are you doing William?

A: Doing good... Good to be back, back in action

Q: (barely audible).. What would you say... what's the sound bite... ?

A: First of all, a lot of learning from mistakes. First and foremost. And then building off that, you know, a lot of hard work, putting things behind me and moving forward, then realizing that I have a bright future and that I owe a lot of people a lot, starting with the Browns, they stayed by my side the whole time. My teammates, my family, all the fans. So, I've got a lot of hard work to do but I'm looking forward to doing it. Like I said, it's good to be back in the swing of things.

Q: William,  talk about all the support and loyalty your teammates have shown you...

A: A tremendous amount of support from phone calls to just one-on-one talking, to just accepting me back with open arms, you know, not making me feel like a stranger and understanding and accepting my apology, first and foremost. Some great, great group of guys... we've all got some years together now, it's not like when I first came in. We all got a few years in there together and looking forward to playing together and just making things work. We're a good group and we've been together for a while and I'm glad that they supported me. I'm looking forward to making it up to them... feel like I can do a good job with that.

Q: William, is there a way to describe how good it feels to put on the helmet and play football?

A: Man (smiles, chuckles) it is just good to be back in the locker room. It was a time last year when I didn't know if I would even be back, so, it's good to be back in the locker room and I'm grateful to Coach Davis and Mr. Lerner, Mr. Policy allowed me to come back, and I'm glad that the team allowed me back. Like I said, I'm looking forward to making it up to everybody.

Q: What kind of confidence do you have that you can stay on the path that you need to follow?

A: A tremendous amount of confidence. I had a few rocky slopes there, but for the most part I learned from it. Nothing was intentionally... but things happen, and for the most part I learned from it, though. That's the biggest thing, but to answer that question, the most important part is that I know that I can do it. I got a family, I've got two beautiful little girls at home, and I owe to them and I owe to my teammates and all the people that supported me.

Q: It's easy right now, but there's no games, there's no pressure... you're not getting hit, there are no pains right now, but when we get to that point, say week 6 or week 7 when the bodies start knocking real good, do you have a plan in place to kind of keep you on track?

A: The game was not ever the thing that got me off track. Like I said, it was stupid mistakes, there wasn't really intentional, but things happen. The game... I love the game that what's keeps me going, that's what makes me prosper, that's the thing that will keep me straight. The hits and all that stuff, that will keep me straight more than anything. So, I'm prepared for that and like I said I'm looking forward to doing what's...

Q: Do you have outside support that you can...

A: Definitely. The Browns gave me all kinds of support, outside, inside, teammates, mentors... and that, you know, I'm lucky to be here. Anywhere else it may have been different, but like I said, I'm lucky to be here and I'm surrounded by a lot of good people now on and off the field, and my biggest thing is to take advantage of that and use all my resources.

Q: William, during suspension you're not allowed to have any contact with the team. Does that make it much more difficult?

A: Yeah, it was difficult, because they're my teammates. When you're down you naturally want to be around your teammates, the guys go and bleed with every Sunday, but that's a situation I put myself in, and sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to... but I'm just happy to be back and I'll never put myself in that position again.

Q: Do you feel like a new man?

A: Definitely (laughs) definitely feel like a new man. I feel good, I'm very confident about my game, looking forward to getting back out there, and feel like I got a new life and I'm going to take full advantage of it.

Q: What did you learn above all else?

A: What did I learn above all else? Not to take anything for granted. Not to p*** away all you work hard for your whole life. The biggest thing is just to put it behind me, and not dwell on it, and not let it drag me back down. That's what I've been learning, and feel personally like I'm doing a good job at it, and my mind is right and ready to go.

Q: Can explain to us what caused you to stumble in the first place, when it did seem like you already had everything a man could want in your life?

A: What caused me to stumble exactly, I really don't know. Just silly mistakes that led into other things, and that's kind of what happened. Like I said, nothing was intentionally... it wasn't something I really saw coming, but it was a mistake and my biggest thing is that I got a hold of it now and I know how to control it, and like I said I'm using all my resources to help me with that and I feel like the sky's the limit for me. I'm looking forward to starting my career...

Q: What about competition with Lee Suggs, it looks like it could be a pretty good one...

A: (Laughs)... Yeah, Lee's a good runner. Either way, I think the team will be prosperous. There's two of us here, they can use both of us, whatever way the coach wants to do it, but I'm a competitor, I feel like there's no one out there that's better than me, and I'm sure he probably feels the same way. Either way, I'll be happy playing side-by-side with him or behind him or in front of him. So, I'm looking forward to it.




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