Bietz Offers Up Freebie Mags for New Subs!

Thinking of trying out Bernie's Insiders magazine and web site? If you buy an annual TAP+ subscription now, Art is willing to toss in the first two issues of Bernie's Insiders magazine!

Because I've got some free time on my hands right now, I'm prepared to stupidly offer new Bernie's Insiders subscribers a pretty cool deal. 

If you (yeah, you) order up one of those nifty Annual Total Access Passes, you will get:

  • One year of online access to all of premium articles and Hot News, featuring the wonderful words and thoughts of our Bernie's Insiders writers, presented via my own lovingly hand-crafted HTML.
  • Access to Bernie's Insiders exclusive Ask the Insiders forum, where two additional Browns experts will soon be joining the gang.
  • One year of Bernie's Insiders magazine, starting with the Season Preview issue.
  • The Athlon NFL Preview, with the shaven head of our new Browns quarterback on the cover

So, what's the big deal, you ask?

Well, the big deal is this:

If you order soon, i.e., while my supplies hold out, I will toss in both our recently published Draft Preview and Draft Review issues of the magazine.

Yes. It's true. I will personally slap together an envelope, slam in those two issues, and mail it off to you at a snail mail address of your choosing. (Unlabelled plain-brown-wrapper packaging available for Browns fans "living" near Pittsburgh).

I don't have many copies of our last two issues sitting around, so this is available only to new subscribers.

Jump on this offer quickly! I have limited supplies of both magazines. In addition, I'm also extremely lazy, easily distracted, and may sober up at any moment.

So, snag this offer now while the snaggin's good!

- AB


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