Ask the Insiders forum. This week, the gang answered questions about front office changes and the potential of players such as WR Frisman Jackson (pictured)..."> Ask the Insiders forum. This week, the gang answered questions about front office changes and the potential of players such as WR Frisman Jackson (pictured)...">

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Mike McLain and Barry McBride were both at the Browns recent mini-camp, and answer questions from fans in our exclusive <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum. This week, the gang answered questions about front office changes and the potential of players such as WR Frisman Jackson (pictured)...

Section349: Insiders, I've been really looking forward to seeing more of him and am wondering how he is looking, and how the Browns are seeing him fitting in? Any chance of him pushing/stepping into a starting role this year? From the outside, he looks like a big, (our biggest) fast guy that can stretch the field, block well downfield and from what I've seen and read has really good hands, and I'm curious to know why he is still in the shadows, especially with how inconsistent Morgan was last year. What do expect his role to be this year and is there any chance he could be pushing to get more playing time? Is it only lack of experience keeping him back, or are there some other things we don't know about because he hasn't had much exposure. Are we looking at him competing for that 3rd receiver slot with CJ Jones and King? If we manage to retain Northcutt......what gives? What does Morgan have over him?

Mike McLain: Frisman Jackson could be a key player in the offensive mix. I know that Butch is high on Jackson and thinks that he can be a major contributor.

The foot injury Jackson suffered during the offseason last year really set him back. In essense, 2003 was a lost season for Jackson.

I thought Jackson was one of the best rookies on the field during training camp two years ago. Had he not had the injury last season, he might be in line to compete for a starting role this year.

As of now, I see him being in the mix among the top four receivers. If he plays well in training camp, I could see him opening the season as the third receiver.

The only thing Quincy Morgan has over Jackson is experience and the fact he was a second-round draft pick. Butch still has confidence in Morgan., For now, Quincy remains a starter.

Donagandawg: I recall when he was hired. He was called a salary cap guru. At the time I thought the browns would be very creative with contracts and never be in salary cap hell. Then they started the signings and they didn't even negotiate. They just threw stupid money at average players. No fancy cap moves. Within 4 years, guess what, salary cap hell.

My question to the insiders... What's all this hoopla about chaos in Cleveland just because they fired a guy who didn't live up to his guru label? Why is he so "respected" around the NFL and why was he "the only thing Cleveland had going for it"? Am I missing something?

Barry McBride: I wouldn't put the salary cap problems on Heneghan's back. Fingers would be more appropriately pointed at Dwight Clark and Carmen Policy, who drove the early draft selections and acknowledged early on in the expansion era that they were overpaying for free agents.

Heneghan was well-respected and liked around the NFL because he had a deep working knowledge of the CBA and how the cap works, having helped negotiate the agreement. He knew his stuff. Heneghan was also considered to have a minimal ego and to have a greater concern about his team's success than his personal notoriety.

About a year ago, we were saying here that Heneghan appeared to be Policy's heir apparent. That has changed quickly, and no clear reason has been given as to why, which is what the hoopla is about, I guess.

JDawgy: Why have the Browns not re-signed Tyrone Rogers to at least a one year deal? No one else has signed him to my knowledge. Did he have a falling out with Butch?

He could compete for a back-up job. Butch likes his defensive lineman. They have four defensive ends well five counting Corey Jackson and maybe I just answered my own question. Courtney Brown who is injury prone so they should carry 5 defensive ends anyway. Then Lang, Ekuban, and the Word. So I guess Jackson would be five. But still they have 7 defensive tackles counting John Nix. Warren, Roye, McKinley, Meyers, Garay, and Gordon.Brownies will cut some good players this year. Maybe trade one, but after they didn't trade KJ I don't count on trades.

Mike: I've always been a Tyrone Rogers fan, mainly because he was one of the nicest guys in the locker room. I also thought that he played fairly well when given the opportunity.

Rogers was caught up in a numbers game he couldn't win. Lang, Ekuban, Brown, Word, Corey Jackson, not to mention Antonio Garay. The problem with this group is that Garay and Brown are injury-prone, and Ekuban is coming off minor knee surgery.

Rogers was fairly dependable as far as being healthy. You like to have guys like that around.

Nutz75: Insiders, while you were at camp (or this offseason), did you see anything that would indicate that the team's attitude is different going into this season? Are we looking at a group of players that are scared they are next to be cut or a group of players on a mission to prove themselves on the field? I think the fans are looking forward to seeing the team get their swagger back like they had in Butch's first year. Your thoughts please.

Barry: It's a mix between the youngsters (who I tend to talk to more because of the nature of the site) who are "just trying to make the team" and trying to say the right things, and the vets who seem confident.

I think the general sense is that the team has something to prove and is confident about being able to prove it. I didn't get a sense of anyone looking over their shoulder among the vets - which makes sense, because only a few of them are really threatened right now. Robert Griffith was dawging Sean Jones about his musical taste, for instance. Things seemed pretty loose during mini-camp.

That will change as we get into August, I suspect.

Mike: Having been to many minicamps over the last 17 or so years, one thing never changes: everyone is always optimistic in May.

That was the case during the Browns' recent minicamp. The mood probably was better than in recent seasons because there wasn't a big departure of key players in free agency, as was the case the previous year when Corey Fuller, Earl Holmes and company departed. It also helps that William Green seems to have turned his lfie around and Lee Suggs is healthy and raring to go.

I don't have feel yet as to how the players are taking to Jeff Garcia. That will take awhile to play out.

I don't think you can underestimate the impact of having Kellen Winslow in the locker room. Once this guy establishes himself, he'll give the Browns that swagger on offense that hasn't been here in the new era.

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