QB School: Winslow Amazes Once More

The Browns opened Quarterback School to the press today, and the media was rewarded with the sight of a much different offense (including Lee Suggs, pictured). Kellen Winslow again demonstrated, almost casually, why he may be that "impact player" that Butch Davis so badly desires. Here are our first set of notes from today's quarterback school...

Every time the press gets to see Kellen Winslow Jr., it becomes clearer what a gifted athlete he is.

Today, Browns head coach Butch Davis opened up one of the team's fourteen QB school sessions to the media, allowing reporters to see the team in action once more prior to the beginning of training camp. During the morning session, Winslow made an amazing - yet seemingly effortless - grab of a pass an inch or two off the ground, then stood back up and tore off down the field.

The play drew an audible reaction from onlookers.

"I want to be a playmaker", Winslow said afterward, surrounded by reporters. "I want to do great things for the team".

Unfortunately, it may be the last time that Winslow demonstrates that attitude and his skills for journalists until August.

While Winslow is hopeful of reporting to camp on time, the Miami rookie attempted to push away questions on his contract negotiations and the team's upcoming training camp.

Stating that he and his father chose the Poston brothers to represent him because they were "real strong" agents who demonstrated capable negotiating skills, Winslow said in the team's locker room that he will let his agents handle negotiations, and not discuss them. "As long as (the Browns) make a fair deal, I should be here", Winslow said.

The Poston brothers are infamous for contentious negotiations and training camp holdouts. Winslow admitted that he laughed at the recent Internet parody satirizing Winslow and the Postons' upcoming negotiations with the Browns.

* * *

Head Coach Butch Davis spent fifteen minutes talking with reporters after the team's practice.

Eschewing an opportunity to stand on a stool that would elevate him over the assembled journalists, Davis expressed his usual optimism about the team's QB school practices to date.

Davis began his remarks by offering that the team has already shown dramatic improvement over the team's recent mini-camps, as the tempo and understanding of the team's strategies has filtered down to the team's rookies and second-year players. Singled out for praise were the second-year defensive backs (e.g., Leigh Bodden, Michael Lehan, Chris Crocker), young offensive linemen (e.g., Enoch Demar, Jeff Faine, Chad Beasley), and quarterback Jeff Garcia.

While Davis is enthusiastic about talking about the on-field product, he was clearly tired of answering questions about the recent dismissal of front office cap guru Lal Heneghan. After responding to three questions about Heneghan's removal, Davis became impatient with a reporter who wanted to revisit the subject a few minutes later.

"Randy, although he has the same last name as his father, he is a different man, a different guy", Davis said in response to one of the initial questions, "He has a vision for this organization and how he would like it to be set up... from the moment Carmen resigned and stepped down as Team President, there's been a period of transition and re-organization".

BerniesInsiders.com will be presenting much more from Davis' remarks throughout the rest of today and tomorrow in the form of Hot News and audio clips.

* * *

With rookie quarterback Luke McCown not available, the team was limited to two quarterbacks who could throw the ball during practice. While Kelly Holcomb practiced with the club, he was limited to handing off the ball. After Jeff Garcia and Todd Husak had taken turns throwing, the Browns went to their next option: quarterback-turned-wide receiver Frisman Jackson.

Jackson, who has gained some measure of notoriety for his ability to throw the ball long distances, was in for three plays under center.

The results were not a confidence-builder in the team's emergency quarterback, however. Jackson's first pass was knocked away, and his second was picked off by undrafted rookie Kentrell Curry. On his third play, Jackson handed the ball off.

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