The Mysterious Case of Ebenezer's Knee

We try to get to the bottom of recent stories about Ebenezer Ekuban's reported "knee problems". Here's the story, from the Browns lineman himself.

In recent weeks, we've been discussing the merit of concerns about the health of Ebenezer Ekuban's knees in the Ask the Insiders forum. There have been a couple of reports on the topic, and we've been striving to learn more to answer questions about the health of the Browns recently signed defensive tackle.

The first report, coming through an Internet rumor sheet, talked about the Browns' supposed "buyer's remorse" after discovering that Ekuban had a knee injury that would require surgery.

Checking up on the rumor, we spoke with Ekuban's agent, who said that she hadn't heard of any knee injury or need for any  surgery.

This last weekend, the Cleveland Plain Dealer followed up with another note about Ekuban, accurately reporting that the defensive lineman would miss quarterback school sessions as a result of a scope on his knee. The column later referred to Ekuban's "knee problems" in reference to the stellar NFL Europe performance of defensive lineman Corey Jackson.

Hoping to get some more detail, the next step was to talk to the man himself. Our discussion with Ekuban's agent had blossomed into a full-blown interview for the upcoming edition of Bernie's Insiders Magazine, and Bernie's Insiders contributor Rich Swerbinsky spoke to Ekuban about the recent stories.

"(The knee) is coming along perfectly fine, and I'm not hiding any problems with my knee.", Ekuban told Swerb, "It was nothing more than just seven years of grinding on the knee.  All I had was a minor scope to clean some things up.  I don't consider it a surgery.  I was walking fine that day.

Ekuban's account ties with that of Butch Davis, who today referenced the scope that was performed on Ekuban's knee.

The Browns new defensive tackle feels that the situation has been exaggerated and dismisses concern about the problem. "It was nothing more than a minor scope. I was in and out in less than 45 minutes  Certain people blew it way out of proportion"

Ekuban told us that he doesn't feel that the scope will impact his ability to participate in training camp, and expects to be "full-go in four weeks".

Look for more from Swerb and Ebeneezer Ekuban in the Season Preview issue of Bernie's Insiders Magazine, which is scheduled for publication prior to the start of the 2004 training camp.


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