latest shocking expose as part of a new feature that we call the Bernie's Insiders Back Page."> latest shocking expose as part of a new feature that we call the Bernie's Insiders Back Page.">

Shocking Expose! More Giants Scandals!

You've probably seen the Internet cartoon where Kellen Winslow negotiates with the Browns. We were so impressed, we asked that cartoon's writer, John Tayman, to join us here at Bernie's Insiders. He has agreed, and presents his <A HREF="">latest shocking expose</A> as part of a new feature that we call the <A HREF="">Bernie's Insiders Back Page</A>.

If the message boards are any indicator, there's been a lot of interest in a recent cartoon about negotiations between the Browns and Kellen Winslow. We saw this recent cartoon, as well as one about the draft, and were really impressed. So impressed, in fact, that we asked the cartoonist, John Tayman of Bang! Cartoons, to join us here at Bernie's Insiders.

John agreed, and now Browns fans can see the latest Flash cartoons from Bang! as soon as they are released, including a shocking expose of the latest infringements of player rights by NY Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin.

The Flash cartoons are part of a new feature we're developing during the off-season called Bernie's Insiders' Back Page.

There's a lot more to Bernie's Insiders than just Browns news. We're also a close-knit community of Browns fans who hang out together, take road trips, and just love being Browns fans. There's a long history behind this web site that really started in the Dark Days of 1995 and 1996.

Our community of online Browns fans is growing all the time. If you're not part of it, join us on the message boards!

Because there's so much news and information that we push out via our home page and articles, sometimes the "fun stuff" gets pushed down. For example, not only did we publish dozens of articles on Draft Day, but we also had a get-together at Bunkers Bar and Grille, as well as a Draft Pick 'em contest. It's probably hard to find that stuff among all the news articles, but the Back Pages will keep photo galleries and contest results available for a long time.

While we'll still publish articles on the front page about events, contests, and so forth, the Back Pages give us a place were we can keep a lot of stuff around that's just for fun. Hopefully, we can use it to help highlight some of the fun and funny things about being a Browns fan that BrownsTNG did with The Ravens Suckzone and the AFC North Truthcenter.

I hope you like it, and feel free to write me with any suggestions you have!

- AB



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