It has been a topsy-turvy week in the land of the Cleveland Browns. Who would have thought that the Cleveland and Pittsburgh police would have been a topic of discussion around the dinner-table.

CLEVELAND, Ohio: Coming off another victory against the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns are in position to make a spirited run for a playoff spot.

Just when all appeared rosy and bright, the Browns today face a new challenge, a challenge that this young team has yet to be faced with.

Sunday night, Monday morning, all is happy as the team won, there were no significant injuries and watching the game tape was a fairly happy event.

Out of the blue, we read in a local newspaper the Ben Gay story. Gay told the newspaper that just a year ago he was selling drugs and involved in his own gun-toting activities.

With Tuesday being an off-day for the players, Monday night is generally the night when players go out and enjoy themselves.

Never a Monday night was more of an obstacle than the events that surround the organization and certain players than this past Monday evening.

H-back/tight-end Mike Sellers and defensive back Lamar Chapman were arrested, detained, and charged with various drug-related issues according to a spokesperson from the Cleveland Police Department.

Rookie defensive tackle Gerard Warren takes a trip to Pittsburgh to attend a party thrown by Pittsburgh wide receiver Plaxico Burress. What does Warren do? He is arrested and charged with possessing an unregistered, unloaded, concealed handgun.

Warren is to appear in a Pittsburgh courtroom at the end of the month on the charges.

Rookie cornerback Anthony Henry, from South Florida is named the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his second three-interception performance, this time against the Baltimore Ravens.

Carmen Policy, President of the Cleveland Browns in a statement released by the team, "We are in the process of trying to gather facts and speak with the individuals involved in a manner that does not interfere with their representation by counsel or the judicial process." Later, Policy says that the players involved must be held accountable for their actions.

Head coach Butch Davis pulls no punches and suspends Warren, Sellers, and Chapman for one-week. In the cases of Sellers and Warren, the suspensions will cause the players to miss the game against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. Chapman is on the injured-reserve list and is out for the season.

The suspensions send a message to the team, based on the facts at this time Davis did the right thing. If the charges against these players stick, expect a harsh reaction from the Browns organization.

Sellers and Chapman plead not guilty to drug charges.

Thanksgiving Day arrives and thankfully there is no new news on the Browns, just a day to be thankful, feasting on turkey and all the fixings, throw in a couple pretty good football games and the day is a success.

Friday comes, Aaron Shea will replace Sellers in the lineup and the starting running back for the game is still an unknown. The Colorado Buffaloes knock the BCS' number one team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers from the ranks of the unbeaten, 62-36.

That loss puts the Miami Hurricanes in the drivers seat for the number-one spot in the country and a trip to the Rose Bowl.

Saturday is normally a quiet day for NFL news, but the college game is the focus today.

Being a huge Buckeyes fan, I have been asking myself, "Can the Buckeyes knock off the hated Wolverines in Ann Arbor." This is the game that Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel looked towards when he was handed the reigns at Ohio State.

Sitting back in a moment of thought, being born in Miami, Florida, I can't help but think about the Hurricanes playing the Washington Huskies at the Orange Bowl. Remembering the loss of last season, in which knocked the Hurricanes out of the national title picture. I can't help but believe deep inside that the Hurricanes will avenge that beating administered by the hands of the Huskies.

Now, at about 4:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon when the final gun sounds, the Browns will walk off the field victors and the next chapter in the Browns rebirth will begin. If not, then they only have themselves to blame.

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