Weekend Browns News and Notes

Every day should be like today. It's a sunny weekend morning here in Cleveland, and it's Father's Day. Plus, the Browns are still undefeated in 2004! Here are some Browns and site news items for your Sunday reading pleasure...

News, opinions, and some site chatter on a bright, sunny Father's Day here in Northern Ohio....

WORKOUT WARRIORS: Some good news comes from Hal Lebovitz this morning, whose Sunday morning column remains a treat but, unfortunately, steadfastly unavailable via the Internet.

Hal reports that a number of Browns vets have remained in Berea past the end of Quarterback School to continue their conditioning. Among the players, according to Hal, are: Ben Taylor, Earl Little, Anthony Henry, Orpheus Roye, Gerard Warren (!), Kelvin Garmon, Jeff Faine, Ryan Tucker, James Jackson, Terrelle Smith, Chaun Thompson, Enoch Demar, Aaron Shea, and Melvin Fowler.

William Green and Courtney Brown continue their rehabbing and, according to Hal, haven't missed a session yet.

CARMEN EYEING THE NINERS? The latest from the west coast has the York family considering a sale of the San Francisco 49ers and ex-Browns President Carmen Policy mentioned as making a run at the team or, potentially, a Los Angeles franchise. Every time I read one of these stories, I'm reminded that Lane Adkins was writing about this a year before Policy left the Browns.

KEEP AN EYE ON...: Last year, there was some chatter about how the Browns struggled to stop the run in pre-season games when special teams demon Mason Unck was at middle linebacker. When the Browns get into this year's exhibition slate, one of the things I'll be watching is whether the team does better against the run with Mason gets to play in the middle. During last weekend's World Bowl, Unck's Frankfurt Galaxy struggled to contain Berlin's running attack, allowing over 200 yards on the ground. I'd love to see Unck win a spot with the club, but need to see the run stuffed first.

The Canton Repository's Steve Doerschuck for mentioning our front page poll on the Browns likely 2004 MVP in his Browns column today. Look for the results and selected comments from this poll on the Vox Populi page in the upcoming Bernie's Insiders Magazine.

SAFETY SCARINESS: After last year's multiple 200-yard running games against the Browns, concern about the safety position is second only to concern about left tackle among dawgs in the forums. The recent acquisition of WR LaTarence Dunbar had many of us pondering his experience at free safety while in college. When the Browns sent out a press release on Dunbar on Friday, though, it talked about him mostly as a returner, and called him a wide receiver. Based on the press release, if Dunbar is going to make the team, it will be as a return guy. Recent experiments with Lee Suggs returning kick-offs shows the Browns are still playing around with how to make kick-off returns as nerve-wracking for opponents as Dennis Northcutt returning punts.

UNIFORM NUMBERS: It appears that the Browns have assigned uniform numbers to players who have returned from NFL Europe, as well as some recent signees. We've captured all of these that we could dig up and have updated our active roster page with the new numbers.

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Over the last week, we've added feeds for NFL.com, Yahoo! Sports, and Pro Sports Daily to the mix. We've also fixed feeds for the Dayton Daily News, Elyria Chronicle, and a couple of others who tweaked their sites recently in ways that effected our robots. More feeds are on the way, including some national sites that I've recently figured out how to track, like ESPN and Sportsline.  Generally speaking, T.R.F gives you something new to click every time you visit BerniesInsiders.com.

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Have a great Father's Day, and I'll catch you on the forums!

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