The.Raw.Feed Inspires Childish Mocking

I admit it. All this article really contains is childish and immature mocking of big corporate web sites. I figure this time of the year is the best time to get this stuff off my chest, as well as to hack around techno-gizmos and otherwise try to be useful. If so inspired, read on...

I think that visitors to this site have realized how much we've changed over the past six years or so. We've matured in many ways, and progressed from the frequent silliness of BrownsTNG and the sites that preceded it to a more mature view of professional football, and a healthy respect for our esteemed peers in the crazy and turbulent world of sports journalism.

So, with that in mind, I'd like to offer some thoughts about some other sites with subscription areas, namely our friends at the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) and CBS NFL Sportsline, LLC, LLP, Manufacturing, Inc. After much consideration, I would like to state, for the record:

"Kiss my pasty pale rump you cash-grubbing dorks! Pfffft! Neener! Neener! Neener!. "

Now, I understand that some of you may be surprised and alarmed by that brief breakdown in my ever-professional veneer, but I assure you it is not without reason.

Recently, I was shocked - shocked! - to discover that both ESPN and Sportsline are now offering "local" links to team content as part of their "Insider" subscription packages. Well, to be honest, I wasn't all that shocked, since ESPN has been doing it for a year.

That, my friends, is a bunch of hooey.

We've been offering more links to local content than these corporate behemoths provide, we've been doing it since February 1999, and we've been doing it for free. And we will continue to do it for free.

Each morning for the past five years or so, yours truly or a Browns fan volunteering their time has hand-picked our Daily Newswire and Browns fans all over the planet have helped point each other to cool stuff via the BTNG Tipline. Every day, Browns fans surfing the web take a moment to drop in cool links because they want other dawgs to see it.

You know what else we do that the big corporate sites - and even smaller fantasy football sites like KFFL - don't do? We link just about everybody and everything that we think is worthy of a link.

Do you ever think you'll see a Fox Sports link on ESPN? Or an ESPN link on Sportsline? Or a Bernie's Insiders link on either?

Don't hold your breath.

Even popular news blurb service KFFL won't link to stories outside of big local papers because they - for reasons which baffle us - think that sites like our are competitors. So, items like Bryan Hickman getting dropped just fly right by them, because they aren't reported by anyone but Bernie's Insiders. Blech.

Anyhow, I've got something else to talk about, which is why I started on this rant.

You probably know that we have a subscription-based linking service as well, but it's a step beyond what ESPN and Sportsline provide. In addition to the Newswire and the Tipline, we have something called The.Raw.Feed which we introduced last year. During this slow news time, we've been scrambling about making improvements to it and....

As of this morning, The.Raw.Feed includes around-the-clock monitoring of THIRTY web sites with Browns news, and has been expanded to included national sites like, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, and Fox Sports. This feature provides a place where Browns fans can check out what's new on just about any site that offers Browns news without hopping all over the Internet.

This monitoring is automated, checks sites for Browns news constantly, and updates on our web pages every ten minutes.

Not only that, but earlier this year, we've also made the five most recent links found by The Raw Feed available for free on our front page.

I would argue that The.Raw.Feed kicks the tail of the two or three links from the Plain Dealer or Canton Rep that you get from ESPN and CBS Sportsline. Actually, I think the Daily Newswire and other stuff we offer for free is better, but you can all judge for yourselves. I don't claim to be objective about all this.

If you've decided to subscribe to Bernie's Insiders and surf all of The.Raw.Feed as well as everything else we provide, thank you. If you are one of thousands of Browns fans who drop by the site every day to check our free stuff, be assured that we will continue to offer lots of hopefully interesting free articles and links to Browns news.

Thanks again, to all of our subscribers and everyone who has helped spread the word about Without you, and Bernie, this would have all disappeared three years ago.

- AB

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