Magazine Archive: August 6, 2002

This offseason, like last year, we will be adding old issues of Bernie's Insiders magazine to our growing archives. The first one to be placed in the archives this year is the August 6, 2002 issue, featuring articles on the Browns cornerbacks. Articles from that issue are linked in the table of contents below. Look for more archive additions in the days to come!

This issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine was published in the midst of Butch Davis' second training camp, on August 6, 2002. The Browns were coming off an improved (7-9) season the year before and were still months away from their first post-season game of the expansion era.

This issue featured insights from Bernie, Reggie, and an excellent look at the middle linebacker position from the late Eddie Johnson. In addition, Jeff Schudel and Frank Derry looked at the Browns cornerbacks, and Lane Adkins examined the teams challenges in dealing with veteran contracts.

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Author Article
Cover: Corey Fuller / Anthony Henry /
Lewis Sanders / Daylon McCutcheon
Bernie Kosar Jim Kelly Takes Well-Deserved Spot in Hall
  Current Clips
Carmen Policy Has High Hopes
Looking Good (William Green)
Thanks Bill Belichick
Have a Cigar (Ryan Kuehl)
Original Brown Dies
Green Rusty After Five-Day Holdout
Miller, Johnson Arrive on Time
Jeff Schudel Cover Story
Corner Stones
  - Henry's Picks
  - Corey Fuller is a True "Leader"
Reggie Langhorne Rookies, Vets, Look at Preseason Differently
Chuck Murr Jim Brown Still Looking to Gain Ground
  Poster: Jim Brown
  Camp Diary
Buffalo Scrimmage Proves Much Needs to be Done
Frank Derry Stronger Supporting Cast Should Aid Couch
Lane Adkins What We've Been Told
  Scores and Schedules
  Huge Post of the Month
A Fan's Report from Training Camp
Eddie Johnson Holmes at Home in 4-3 Defense


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