Offensive Line Still a Concern

Worries about the Browns offensive line are legitimate, according to our friends at

The Browns have one new face on the team's offensive line, and that's a source of concern for many fans.

The line last season was the team's weak link.

The Browns did not pass protect well, nor did they run the ball consistently.

A preseason injury to Ross Verba at left tackle started a domino effect that never stopped. Injuries piled up, and the offense never gained rhythm.

This season, the Browns are counting on the return to health of Verba -- who ruptured a biceps tendon -- and the addition of free agent Kelvin Garmon at guard.

Garmon is a big masher in the physical mold of Nate Newton.

He's the kind of player Butch Davis wants up front, but he's also a guy the San Diego Chargers were willing to let walk away from a bad team.

The Browns are not sure who will start at the other guard. No matter who it is -- and Enoch DeMar seems to have the inside track as camp starts -- he will be new and inexperienced.

The Browns also lack depth; one more serious injury could have another negative effect up front.

At best, as camp starts the team's line is a question mark.


Coach Butch Davis admitted that new QB Jeff Garcia would be tested in training camp as he continues to learn the offense. "He's pretty comfortable with the basic part of the package and with some of the intricate things," Davis said, "but we're still not finished."

"I'm very excited about what we will do if we're healthy." -- Coach Butch Davis, on the team's chances this season.

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