Dave talks about how the Browns are starting to make their mark, and makes a brave comparison on the defensive side of the ball.

The Browns whipped the Bengals without Gerard Warren and Mike Sellers.

The top brass correctly determined the team can get along just fine without Sellers, either on, or off the field, on its trek towards the playoffs.

Mike Sellers was not nearly productive enough on the field of play to warrant the team consider keeping him around. A player making too much money for minimal value who indulges in the use of street drugs is not needed.

The Browns are winners on the field as well as off.

As the team prepares for a critical home game against Tennessee, Warren and the rest of the team have been put on notice by Butch Davis. Davis is beginning to revive the memory of Don Shula, the great former Miami Dolphins coach.

Not every player loved Don Shula.

Players who want to "play" too much off the field, aren't likely to love a coach like Shula or Davis. And while Davis has a long way to go to match the success of someone like Shula, it's becoming more and more apparent that the Browns found the perfect man for the job in this new era of the NFL.

As for the upcoming game against the Titans, the Browns suddenly have a golden opportunity to solidify their place in the playoff race. The Titans are hurting and vulnerable, and can be had more easily than in years past.

Of course, folks like Steve Mc Nair, Eddie George, Frank Wychek and the fleet duo of Mason and Dyson, will have plenty to say about that. However, Tennessee is not the same team on defense.

Do the Browns recall the incredulous looks on the faces of Wychek and Mc Nair as the Browns led them during last years encounter in Tennessee ?

One thing for certain is that the Titans will not be overconfident coming into this key fray. In fact, therein lies the danger for Cleveland  from here on out.

How well will the team handle success ?

A reminder of how the Bears game ended should help keep them in tow. And the fact that the offense knows it hasn't been doing its part.

The defense on the other hand, is increasingly in the right place at the right time, as intercepting passes and forcing fumbles has become contagious.

Matthews and Banks. Miller and Rudd. The old Browns and now the new.

To be mentioned in the same breath with Matthews and Banks is a supreme compliment, as Clay Matthews one day is likely to take his place in the Hall of Fame.

These new Browns are beginning to make their mark.

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